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"Consequences, we should learn from ..."

February 17th

A cloudy day and the sun continues to breakthrough. Those words breakthrough goes to my inner feelings at this moment in time. Now one can ask, why? Well, first in my simpler reading of signs as I decipher and follow, this morning I went to my local high street to post a letter. Not now the Siberian weather we have recently experienced, but relatively warmer. Still not many people wandering around, giving the feeling those still standing are all that’s left in life. Down the Main Street, I was surprised to see a larger market stand with a weather proof top and sides, selling a large array of fruit and vegetables. Well, if you survived on seeing signs, you would instinctively think, this guy must be wise, or he believes this is when the tide starts turning and the sight of lockdown is coming to an end. This is exactly how I thought for more reasons than just being intuitive, and I really wished, I’d gone over to the chap saying, I wish you well because you are venturing where others dare not presently.

Now so many journalists, and media pundits are pontificating that we have reached the rubicon, which in history told of Julius Caesar who crossed the river Rubicon to be dictator of Rome. Today it’s clear, this analogy is correct as we, the U.K. country, cannot continue to be in lockdown unless we see, we are to witness the economy collapse. I saw consequences years ago, that could start a ripple that would form into a wave, which could and would engulf everyone. Such a crisis would not be accepted by those struggling financially, meaning those who have lost a job, also those unable to pay rent or mortgages or unable as this much used phrase is now mentioned, Putting Food on The Table. Such thoughts are not desired, but if lockdown continues in its present form, metaphorically the Earth’s lithosphere tectonic plates in the U.K. would begin to uncomfortably move.

Already in Dutch Cities rioting has occurred taking place for three continuous nights against curfews introduced. A Dutch Court though has ordered an end to Covid curfews, and this will ripple inevitably around Europe. France has been in curfew from 6 pm each evening so that can’t last much longer. It is being said, in Europe they cannot maintain food supplies as regular as they would like with borders being closed, and further continuing lockdowns are not helping either.

It shows the U.K. is not alone with problems. A bizarre phrase has been used today saying, how many deaths are acceptable if we are to live with this virus? Crazy question with little empathy attached. This message was being given by the B.B.C. It later took a doctor to say, no death is acceptable, but regrettably, there are many deaths that occur on our roads. The questioned was posed because now this threat of lockdown will begin to slowly end, and the reality will hopefully get better. Many people each month will have a better defence against the virus, as eventually all will have had their vaccine twice. But as I’ve said, and gave figures months ago, there are terribly high death rates with many related illnesses to greater age groups. Such thoughts don’t make it easy, but the alternative is a total crash with the economic scenario, which would soon out way further virus occurring. Many U.K. M.P.s. are asking and banging the table, quite rightly to know about data, which could open a better strategy to go forward with. Again, it’s all about leadership, and Boris is not a leader, but one who listens to scientists that can be often wrong. More vaccines are being made available and this must give people a better hope, which was not there last year. Everyone will be having boosters at the end of this big vaccine programme, which could be an annual event just like having flu jabs if you wanted. Again, if one desired. I have to say, I’ve always refused a flu jab on the grounds, I felt I never would need one. Touch wood, I won’t. Many institutions in the U.K. have not yet been offered vaccines, like prisons, where prisoners are locked up 23 out 24 hour a day. Institutions that look after children with learning disabilities, and those who need extra mental care. The list is long, so this is going to be a long year, with no certainty other than the government can say hopefully, everyone has been vaccinated.

News come from all quarters, some you don’t want to hear, but changes are occurring in many ways that is called metaphorically, the river of life. A big change is occurring now with Donald Trump being removed from the world stage, for when he was in power he issued an order that all U.S troops will be out of Afghanistan by May of this year. Great Generals of the past would have judged him as a fool. When he gave that order, he knew peace negotiations were on going with the Afghan government, and the U.S.A. by their side, as this war with the Taliban had been going on these past 18 yrs. The message Trump gave the Taliban, that come what may, the Americans were leaving, pulling way any leverage the Afghan government had left. Hearing this news the Talibans hand of negotiation was strengthen straight away. Now President Biden’s new government is getting an agreement with the British, Canadians and United nation forces, together creating a lasting peace deal by not just walking away. The Americans lost 2,372 deaths, 20,320 wounded, 1,720 American civilian contractors, and 65 journalists and media professionals. So they won’t walk away like Donald Trump proposed as he was just trying to gain popular support. Now hopefully all those lives, the British lost 635 troops and thousands of afghan civilians have lost their lives in the brutal way which will not be lost in vain. So this alone, with a new American President, new thinking will bring change, and shine a light in the many dark corners of this world. American democracy has given thousands of American lives and vast amount of money reaching trillions to bring peace to where war and dark energy survives.

So many problems face so many countries, and our children of the world must have a platform, where with their thinking more enlightened thoughts will bring more light and sunshine for everyone. My feelings, I believe, we are moving into a better light, but I cannot bring confidence to the U.K. to believe those who’ve made such a mess of navigating our great ship will metaphorically steer us successfully to where we should and could be. I will not be negative, as I believe so many times when our flame as burnt so low that a hidden power steps in to inspire that there will be no defeat. Divine energy is with us all, but such times someone will create a spark that can grow into a flame, then that’s an entirely new game. We must never accept that we can not do something, when we know, we can do better. Our children and grandchildren will bring this new flame of hope, and enlightened ideas for the next big battle, after defeating the virus is facing the battle of battles. CLIMATE CHANGE was brought about by man’s greed for making many things we don’t need. When we see children with sad faces we must make them laugh, if we see families struggling to cope with life as it is, we must give further help. Many individuals can create wealth as certain countries can do too. But learning to give is the next great step enabling the world to progress. So let’s believe this is the key for everyone to find happiness and having dreams that will enrich the world.

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