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"Divine Intervention ... "

January 10th

3.15pm 2021. Chaos and crisis rages around the world. It would be good to start with hope and better news. Well, with vaccines now being administered to those first in need that’s good news. The news that another vaccine will be attainable by Spring in the UK is uplifting that further help is in sight as reports suggest light is appearing at the end of this long dark tunnel.

The crisis with politics continues to ferment in the U.S.A., while Donald Trump is still in power for another ten days and has access to that nuclear button. Twitter his favourite oxygen mask is now curtailed, but he himself will not go away unless legally they can get him made responsible for what was an insurrection and those five deaths that occurred. Now, impeachment is promised to start the ball rolling which would stop him holding power again. But with protesters being incited by Trump to march towards Capital Hill the seat to the U.S. government and home to the Senate and House of Representatives, plus the neoclassical Supreme Court, it came as no surprise. I place full responsibly of this action not on the protesters, but on the Republicans themselves who have all endorsed and supported Trump policies with his abhorrent rhetoric these last four years. Many Senators were held by fear that if they crossed swords with Trump, their Senate seat would soon be vulnerable to them, being forced out of office. This fear was very reminiscent to German politics in the early years of another mad man, we all know of. The U.S.A. the beacon of democracy around the world suffered a heavy blow with its reputation as countries who have previously faced criticism now can point a finger at the American government. This place is a difficult future for the new President Joe Biden, besides their further surging virus crisis and their great numbers of deaths. Joe Biden now faces a long time in trying to unite America which will not be possible, while Trump and his family still aspire to be politicians and begin to make their brand name of highjacking the Republican Party. Those states who are part of the large former industrial areas known as the rust belt will still feel left out of society, and as they see wrongly affluence every where but not with theirselves. Seventy five million voters do not sit down and accept the status quo that now presents itself, so its easy to predict another Trump beast could emerge with their same ideology to divide a nation on the same principles of old in winning a battle. Historians talk of a spark or a first shot that was fired before with the first US civil war, and to try match or align this present situation is not even good to imagine.

Where the world is harvesting problems they have sown, one must believe a better future lies ahead, and with a life time of what I believe, I’ve been given, I feel more positive than ever. With such visions, messages, predictions and more, I’ve said many times, it’s about the right time and place for important things to occur in everybody’s life.

Belief comes not in a instant, but with experiences you face with life, and for myself and friend Elena another powerful moment occurred on Friday morning January 8th. We meet five days a week at 8am U.K. time 9am European time. This Friday like many other days we don’t always have a specific agenda or programme other than to extend further ideas that eventually will progress our Kompas Charity. I’ve mentioned over the last several weeks, Elena has been enhancing and beautifying some of my paintings which she attaches to my poems for her poem gallery on our website, which are viewed on Facebook and other social media sites. I’ve mentioned too, the sheer beauty Elena creates with these images which more than lifts my spirit with what she is doing. First, I would like to show a painting I did a couple of years ago, placing by its side with what Elena has created with her imagination and gift, where Elena has transformed the top part of the painting by creating an Hawaiian beach scene. Then, I’m blown away with the many beautiful reflections of colours which she has created in the sea making a far better painting than the original.

I’ve said before, put any great master artist seeing the same thing to happen with his art and he too would be mesmerised. Now back to that Friday morning I talk of. I said a while ago, I had placed E.S. Elena’s initials on the three paintings of Jesus, as she had contributed to all the ideas that were to appear on the sea shore. Plus, giving advise with colours and background where she has had a big influence on what I’ve created. I had a feeling Elena and with many of her lady friends I met in Banska Bystrica, they too in a previous life had walked along the shore of Galilee. I mentioned to Elena just before Christmas, what will happen when I’ve finished what I’ve been given to do with the three paintings of Jesus. Meaning? What is Elena being given to do if her initials are on the original paintings? Well the holiday period had passed by January 8th, as there was much again we were aspiring to do. We were talking, then from no where Elena said, Would you like to see what I had done to a couple of the Jesus paintings? Surprised I was, as I’d forgotten what I said to Elena about what she would do with the Jesus paintings. First, she showed the Jesus painting where I felt strongly the spirit of Leonardo was with me. Certain stars had appeared in this scene which illuminated the sky.

Jesus painting No.1

The second painting Elena showed of Jesus, who I believed, the spirit of the famous Italian artist Giotto helped me create the halo feeling, now showed shards of light coming from the head of Jesus. This took me aback a bit, because any artist knows you can have an idea, but you are always careful not to spoil all the work you have put in, by adding at the last minute further touches to your paintings. These shards of light, I felt empowered the image of Jesus far greater than I portrayed him, and I said to Elena, where time again I felt I should make the thorns on Jesus’s head larger. But I refrained, now I knew why, seeing what Elena had done with this image it was not to be.

Jesus painting No.3

I was talking as I do, when all the time unbeknown to me, Elena was creating something unbelievable to the centre painting of Jesus, which was the first painting I have created, I believe is it to be the focal point for the viewer. I then found out that Elena had created the first two Jesus scenes that very morning and had not been pondering on ideas the previous day. Now, in less than four minutes she had achieved, in my eyes, something amazing to the centre painting of Jesus. To see these incredible, beautiful colours that touched the hair of the head with Jesus and with his crown, plus the many reflections of colour in the halo and the outer sky was beyond finding the right words.

Jesus painting No.2

I’ve said before with some of the other paintings Elena has been touched “IT’S THE HAND OF GOD WORKING WITH YOU ELENA.” Now, my expression and feeling said without hesitation, this is A DIVINE INTERVENTION. I immediately said, you have been given to show Jesus as we would all see him in the next life with exactly the same beautiful colours. I have known Elena these past eight years and now realise she has had the spirit of Jesus working with her throughout.

The words Divine Intervention are not knew to me, as I’ve experienced so many events and happenings which have warranted what I believe to be four miracles of healing and with so many more impossible situations that have occurred throughout my life. I attach now a greater importance of asking, WHY NOW this intervention? Just think, where the world is presently at, teetering on the edge of a cliff. We have nuclear weapons to reduce our beautiful planet to dust in minutes. We see biblical proportions of people mass migrating to escape wars and poverty. We have greater nation powers who all wrongly fear of each other, unable to go forward together. We have two of the big Christian Churches which are scared and still corrupt with the centuries of abusing children. They are unable to accept responsibility for the truth to be told, and will not allow the message of John Paul to be heard where he proclaims great changes have to be made in reforming these churches. We all see the virus like a plague that Moses once brought the Egyptians to bring greater change about.

It was a Divine Intervention too, when I was given to paint the vision that took me to Banska Bystrica, a few years ago. Then I was filmed on many days by those friends who accompanied me to Banska, placing the film on U TUBE, where we used those words DIVINE INTERVENTION for its title. I used to see some people who came to pray at the painting and this made me think that something magical was actually happening. I’ve had a divine intervention with me all the years of my life to reach this place of BEING, which is now. But without help from friends in the U.K. and many with the ladies and other friends in Banska Bystrica it proves this journey can not be done on my own. With Elena’s help over the last five years, it’s been obvious, with her actions and thoughts in trying to help children. That has empowered and channelled Elena to help our metaphorical canoe go further forward. The other ladies in Banska Bystrica, with certain other people I met there, will later be empowered to help our Kompas charity to be formed in many other countries too.

Those who cannot believe in what I’ve said throughout these 183 Message Blogs must look more carefully where we are in the world to today and say, CAN WE GO ON IN THE SAME OLD WAY WITHOUT GREAT CHANGES OCCURRING? This is not the end, but a new beginning where new beautiful chapters can be written and read by future generations who will see their children unite with all other children as this can be a beautiful world for everyone.

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1 Comment

Justin Brockway
Justin Brockway
Jan 12, 2021

Extremely inspiring and heart felt. It is proof of how passion, clarity and commitment from those in tune and on similar paths can bring light into a cloudy world. Providence is an ally which will help these wonderful changes happen at the right time and in the right place. It is inevitable that the lost souls in power and the divided will be moved by Spirit into the right direction as we are spirit and the human petty, power struggle is a mere illusion........Shining the smallest of lights into a canyon still breaks through the darkness.

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