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"Don’t forsake the children ..."

Wednesday February the 12th.

My day at 4.00 am didn’t start in a good way. I also would not wish it on anyone else either. I had a dream my youngest daughter had died, then I saw a small white candle burning. My youngest daughter I’ve spoken of before has been caught in a whirlpool of drugs for years, and we have heard nothing about where she is for two months now. The last we heard police were looking for her. Further details I cannot go into. Seeing this dream, and then seeing the 4.00 am clock sign I have to believe spiritual help is at hand. When in such circumstances as a parent you can only pray repeatedly that such terrible news is not true. I contacted my niece early this morning as it was hard to focus my mind at the gym. Later that day through a series of contacts my family does not have, my niece replied she had heard from someone she was still alive. No contact personally was made. I then thankfully believe my prayers were answered. Prayers I’ve been giving for years, believing my daughter has been protected by my spirit guides. In the previous year she was involved with three suicide attempts. At 8.30 am this morning I contacted my friend Elena to continue editing some of the blogs into a book form. She recalled watching on Netflix a story of a dog in war torn Syria. I said I feel there is a thread there to weave Syria into my blog today. I could not get the story on the UK Netflix, but I was right with my feelings. Watching question time at midday in the UK Parliament, the Scottish leader of the House of Commons Ian Blackford put this question to the Prime Minister Boris Johnson. “What are you going to do about the 45,000 children that are starving and freezing to death in Syria?”

It was the answer the Prime Minister gave that disturbed me. He said this country had already given three billion in helping this situation which was the highest of any other country. Right, but not the right answer in my view. The question was put to the Prime Minister twice and it was the same reply. Where children are concerned in my view we should not forsake any children that are suffering, as all children are sacred. We must not believe we cannot do more although other countries fail to give help. Turkey house three and a half million refugees, aided with European money, but they are taking most of the responsibly in that war zone being Syria as it is on their border. This war has been going on for nine years and the United Nations seem to have no powers to intervene and bring it to an end. I read a report of this impending disaster today saying on January the 12th, that thousands of child refugees with their families are facing freezing temperatures with no shelter after torrential rain swept across Syria. Aid workers reported then there is a real risk of people freezing to death. There are about 2.9 million displaced people now living in IDLIB in SYRIA, where war rages between two opposing sides. One backed by Turkey and the other with Russia backing the Assad regime. We are now February the 12th one month later and this horrendous humanitarian problem has not improved at all.

The day before when with Elena my friend editing one blog, I read out the story of Chief Joseph who in 1877 at Bear Paw mountain was trying to make their escape just 42 miles (68 km) to Canadian border. They found theirselves surrounded by U.S. government troops and for five days a siege battle began. Snow began to fall, it was early October. Out of 800 in the Nez Perce tribe, 200 were warriors, and most were women and children. They had fought a rearguard action for the last four months travelling 1700 miles to reach freedom in Canada, hoping to join Sitting Bull and the Lakota Sioux. While reading this story with Elena about children freezing to death and many lost in blizzards as the battled raged, I had to stop the reading as I found this a very emotional feeling about the children in such dire conditions. I made myself a drink and returned to my iPad, and Elena said, “You feel like that, because you was there.” I understood, and with my belief of reincarnation I did believe that to be so. Having been to where Chief Joseph was born, and died and to that very spot of Bear Paw Mountain it is etched within my soul. Chief Joseph agonised with seeing his people and especially the children suffering as they did. Joseph surrendered on October the 5 th. During that time of the battle Joseph’s daughter went missing and as a parent and human being he must have been in a frantic position of worry.

My painting of Chief Joseph called "Escape to Freedom"

Today, hearing of that question in parliament about children freezing to death in severe weather in Syria, I have to think I’ve been involved in such horrors before. It is my belief I’ve returned to the earth plane and been given to paint a scene of five hundred called Children are the future. I’m motivated to paint and I have had great help from ladies in Banska Bystrica and two good friends in England to help children through our charity Kompas.

Joseph’s daughter was later found, as she had escaped in a blizzard with others from their tribe to Canada. Joseph had that chance too, but he could not leave the injured, elderly and many lost and killed children in the snow. Today I heard my daughter is still alive, where I don’t know. Today I hear of children in their thousands facing death in the middle of a war zone in starving and freezing weather. I hope and pray my prayers are answered that IDLIB IN SYRIA does not become infamous for the tragedy unfolding. We are in 2020, and the stories that are untold or unknown are horrendous with refugees trying to escape across the Mediterranean. The doors for sanctuary in Europe remain shut, as it appears it is the same in the UK.

Hope and belief connected with love, are the only answers to correct so many wrongs in this world today.

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