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"Dr. Strangelove times ..."

March 10th.

3.40pm. I can see from my window a willow tree in the garden, it still looks very naked having no leaves on yet. It is usually a play centre for the many small birds, and a squirrel who continues his activities of collecting dead leaves for his comfortable resting place. Today no such activity, as it’s poured with rain all day. Let’s hope change and sunshine weather can occur soon, as most people still suffer the effects of the continuing lockdown and the virus. Hearing stories how this virus has left some people with on going side effects is troubling, then such news makes you feel how lucky you are, as your health is your wealth. I assume each of us have experiences when the unexpected can happen, but I’ve seen most of my life such moments then ask how or even why.

I found myself in a supermarket this morning, and having the first experience of seeing my food items going through the till process, then realising I have not brought enough money with, to pay for items. I was about three pounds short, but I had told the till girl to stop before they all went through. After explaining my circumstances, I heard a voice from behind me saying, “I will pay.” I was astonished to hear this from nowhere, then seeing a lady I did not know say this. At first, I could not except this kind gesture, twice saying, thank you for your kindness. Then she gave money to the till girl. As the lady was sorting her shopping out, I went to her and I said, I have to give you something. Then I gave her a date of July 1st saying, On this day you will receive something nice. I added, I was psychic, and many people later make contact amazed by what happens on such a date. When I gave this message to the lady, she said, she had just gone through chemotherapy with cancer and had just been cleared. I said, I know the trauma you have gone through, as my daughter was diagnosed with cancer at 25 yrs of age. The lady said she, was 41 yrs old. I asked, if she came from my home town of Leek, she said, Yes. I said, I could only see your eyes. She then dropped her mask for a few seconds, I still didn’t know the lady. I borrowed a pen from one of the staff, and I wrote on a till receipt lying there. I said, Look on my website. Then I said, You are going to be alright. When I left the store, she was still sorting her food out with her trolley. I said, You touched me today.

This story tells me, that unexpected moment can occur and I believe such situation will arrive soon for the world we presently live in.

This metaphorical U.K. ship still has no commander with no direction, as further reports are making waves where hopefully the crew of this ship will finally mutiny. The public accounts committee has reported a devastating verdict on the BILLIONS spent on TEST AND TRACE which was created only on ideological reasons, meaning only private companies can complete this task. I said twelve months ago, the test and trace should have been given to all local authorities, which would have acted far faster, knowing their area. Everyone is now advocating this view, which has been taken by both political parties. Our situation in the U.K. still needs change of leadership as our ship is heading for the rocks. The report shows, we are paying consultants £6,600 a day, and this venture has never met any of its targets. It has also pointed out, there has been no clear impact that test and trace as made any worth while benefit, when their words say, staggering amounts of taxpayers money are being spent with no measurable contribution. They go onto say, another 37 billion has been planned to be spent in the next two years on test and trace. The wind up monkey Ministers have all been pushed out today, defending this test and trace. The questions are then asked, Why are you only paying one percent increase to hospital staff? Defending such decisions is only made by saying, they have run out of money, just like I said in my previous message blog. If Lewis Carrol the author of Alice in Wonderland was sitting here now, he would say this present government is like the surreal MAD HATTERS TEA PARTY, Alice was once invited to.

This line of thoughts cannot be dismissed, because Boris today defended a surreal plan of his, at question time in Parliament today. This fantastical mind boggling plan to build a bridge from Scotland to Northern Ireland at a cost of this reoccurring seemly accepted figure of 37 billion pounds. At a time when the country is near bankrupt, he defended it by telling an MP not to be negative. It’s said they would be building over an ammunition dump from the war years, and this bridge could be about 12 miles long. Both in Scotland and Northern Ireland neither side wants it, as each are desperate for better rail links in their own areas. An architect who is involved in such thoughts, kept repeating on the radio today when asked about its benefits he said, “It’s a cultural idea.” He said these words several times as there are no other good reasons. The reality suggests the country is desperate to progress and invest with a strategy for boosting business and providing much needed affordable homes.

Anyone one who once saw the film DR STRANGE LOVE, and the assortment of mad characters, would see a parallel with Boris, and his dysfunctional government. We are now in a critical moment with the U.K., when reality will send a van to remove Boris, as I believe, most of his colleagues need some Tesla electric treatment. It’s now not about if but WHEN Boris must go. Steps to see children back at school, one can only believe we will see daylight, and better times appear for all children as they will only catch up by reducing school holidays. Students have suffered greatly with the cost of university fees staying presently the same, as their accommodation fees have also been warranted unacceptable with the conditions, they are having to face. This devastation covers the whole economic, and lives of so many which leaves the U.K. in a position of being in a war zone. There is no plan or even implication of where things are improving or going forward to. These are all seeds that if not nourished in a better way, the children’s future will be shown more difficult.

I have to believe as my first story told of the unexpected to happen. I’m an optimist when the right kite of ideas are flown. These greater powers I talk of must and will intervene not just for the U.K. but for the world at large, for to continue with same thinking does not provide much hope when we all know, we can create a far better day than we did yesterday.

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