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"Easter Monday message ..."

April 13th

A special day in the Calendar for those who celebrate the crucifixion of Jesus, and the day when his spirit returned to his followers, trying to defuse their fears that they too will follow in his footsteps and experience eternal life.

Today fears are with many especially if they are losing one of their loved ones to this pandemic Coronavirus as this contagion grows around the world. In all countries Doctors, nurses, and associated staff are fighting to save lives, and again most of the people are adhering to rules imposed, but in the U.K the politicians have failed abysmally from day one to do the right thing. In the bigger picture as I’ve mentioned before it’s a deja-vu moment with the first world war situation when poor leadership lost many lives. I know in the U.K. people have a great fighting spirit that will defy logic as history has shown, but when feeble unacceptable leadership appears I can only hope a great many changes will occur. With the present society we have built, in my opinion, wrongly, it’s the same as building a house on poor ground and not placing good solid foundations. What will happen, eventually we will see cracks emerge, then as night follows day the house will fall down. Sometimes just like in a relationship when we’ve all heard someone say, “That will never work out,” so you start again. This in my opinion is where we are now, hopefully seeing the end of injustice for everyone. I believe capitalism can be turned into a better economic animal that doesn’t use people as numbers and a means to increase someone’s wealth. Let’s hope, these dark days of capitalism will be something this new young generation will look back on and say, WHY DID THEY TOLERATE SUCH ABUSE TO THE HUMAN SPIRIT. I’ve mentioned before when I’ve been given visions, messages, and predictions. They can be given in symbols, words and even to hearing and almost taking part in a certain action.

As I’ve spoken of before one night in 2005 while conducting a meditation circle there was already a spiritual energy building up between the eight ladies and one man in my group. I saw myself standing between two great pillars when I heard the name of Samson called. I physically felt this enormous strength within me, then began to push these two great pillars down. I was given to believe these pillars symbolised the collapse of the banking system. This became true as we saw the corrupt banking system collapse the economies of the world in 2008. Today, I believe through this present crisis we will, at last, see big changes in the present banking system that has been in place for thousands of years. We see daily the banks take advantage of the vulnerable, weak and well-intentioned working man who tries to grow and prosper his hard-earned business. I will quote from my weekly magazine the heading, THE BANKS ARE NO HELP. The article started with the words ... I am a business adviser with clients across the North West. Four of my clients - well run businesses and financially sound businesses until the Coronavirus attack struck - they have approached their banks for support under initiatives recently announced by the government. Without exception, they were turned down, but the banks offered alternative products, which in some cases involved 22 percent interest rates, exorbitant arranging fees, and personal guarantees. The banks are not there to help, they are only there to profit from a situation by tying desperate business owners into punitive deals that will create hardship and in some cases bankruptcy.

There are hundreds of these obnoxious factual stories showing broken spirits and broken homes, and many suicides taking place. This rot has got to stop. Following the Samson scene all those years ago, I was given the answers to what will be. The government will have full control over banks, and all those poisonous and insidious loan shark companies will disappear for good. There will be a business bank run by those who’ve been successful in business and suffered at the hands of grasping banks. They will help larger companies to finance and grow to reach a higher potential and also help with a vision to show their next step when their present building model only has a certain time left to run. There will a business bank for smaller companies helping them up the ladder to progress their ambitions, and giving greater support from already existing entrepreneurs who’ve made previous mistakes themselves but now far wiser. There will be a mortgage bank to help people to buy a home that fits their salary at that moment in time and there will not be profits made by banks that last a lifetime, wearing body and soul out. Banks of the people will be for the people being a servant to help them in their dream to have their own home. Forget the crazy high prices a home presently costs, in my next blog I will tell of the big changes to occur in building new homes. Another bank to emerge will be a government investment bank to back companies that show prospects of future growth, many companies that belong to our own country but also around the world too. Today investment fund companies create billions of profit with their expertise. Soon that will be the prerogative of a government bank casting new rules across this present trade. Last, a saving bank, encouraging people to save, and to those who want to invest, but realising all investments cannot always be ring-fenced if they chose to follow their own feelings towards investment. Those companies that produce a product that sell abroad will benefit by having greater tax rewards, and manufacturing will be encouraged and rewarded if it helps our economy to grow. These are the bones of the banking system that will show change and put further flesh on in a given time.

My time over the last few weeks between everything else I do brings messages and inspiration to paint certain topics, and they don’t come from my thoughts. It starts as a path and a journey, where first this inception begins by someone else. I’ve mentioned before a young photographer I know and met in 2011, her name is Lucia still below the age of thirty, a young woman of great talent from Banska Bystrica, Slovakia. She took a beautiful photograph of a young woman friend wearing a veil, looking from my eyes just like a Madonna figure. Her beauty and pose Lucia had struck and touched my soul. It gave me a feeling of an image from the great Dutch genius Vermeer. From seeing the photo and getting permission off Lucia, I then somehow had my friend Ivor take a copy although the image he received was difficult for him to produce a good copy. After painting just her portrait I was already seeing and getting a feeling of a Mary Magdalene figure, and being told by spirit to place her on the seashore of Galilee. There was a bigger reason for this, for I had to show eleven ladies standing and watching Jesus walk on water, Mary Magdalene is the twelfth. Most of the eleven ladies I met came from Banska Bystrica. I then painted this beautiful young woman known as Maťka with her long biblical looking clothing. Then I showed it to my friend Elena, and she felt there should be a full moon in the painting. She had sent me a picture on the full moon. She did not know of the colouring I was using for this lady Maťka, but through the power of synchronicity and spirit, the image of the moon in mauve and pink colours matched my painting perfectly. I finished this painting today on Easter Monday. With the scene showing Jesus walking on the water, it gave me a feeling that Jesus has never left the Earth plane and his physical presence will soon be seen again.

My "Mary Magdalena" painting

At this moment in time, his spiritual energy was engulfing me to send a message for two very beautiful souls, ladies who will play a big part soon in this journey with our Kompas charity. After doing this, I was guided I believe to watch and listen to the story of Jesus of Nazareth while still painting, but something happened where I saw a title I’d not heard of before. I was just on google and it showed the name THE CHOSEN. I began to watch this film and it was the story of where Jesus was in Galilee showing Simon to cast his net again. My painting shows as I’ve said Jesus on the water with two fishing boats to the left of him in Galilee. This experience now felt extraordinary.

When I paint many times I know my hand is guided by a master artist from the past. A few days earlier I was drawn to an image on Facebook of a painting by the genius Caravaggio. It was a floral scene painted in great detail. I looked closely at his brushwork, and it reminded me of the times when I was a freelance designer of pottery designs.

A part of the Caravaggio´s painting

His brushstrokes seemed almost exactly like my own I used in creating such intricate and small beautiful floral designs. What am I saying? What I’ve known since I was fifteen years of age, I’ve always had great help from master artists. In my book called My Journey with Joseph, in 2004 I tell of an incredible story with Caravaggio when I spent eight months locked in a large barn I had as a studio. Today, during the last seven hours the brush strokes and detail were that of Caravaggio, as I could not even stop for any break until the painting was finished. Only I know when this power is with me. I have to believe we are in a time equivalent to what has occurred before in the bible.

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