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"Facing the Truth ..."

June 21st

2.54 pm. Changeable weather, changeable times. Many people will be questioning their own feelings as to what will happen next. There is talk now of shortening the two metre social distancing rules that may end in the next couple of days in the U.K. The government will continue to prevaricate for days, being vague about the truth, before they bumble along making further indecisive decisions. It’s now being said that key scientific data won’t be published about the Coronavirus until the end of the pandemic, as now this could be years because without a vaccine some scientists suggest it could be a minimum of two years or more before the virus tapers out. This is provoking questions to be asked by certain professors, who then say “WHAT IS THE GOVERNMENT HIDING AND WHO IS IT PROTECTING?” They go on to say, “Many of these scientists are publicly funded and accountable to the taxpayer.” I’ve mentioned in my previous message blogs from day one with this Coronavirus, I’ve had this distinct feeling the politicians have not been telling the full truth. On some days it was blatantly obvious, they took the public for fools when they could not be honest and suggest masks would be of help, especially in overcrowded enclosed spaces like the tube, train transport, or other situations where large groups of people are congregating. The truth was we did not have adequate masks in the country for everyone, just as we never had adequate stocks of Personal Protective Equipment for hospitals, care home staff nor for many other front line staff. Forget the general public the government said, meaning we had no options to go and purchase masks because we were being told they were of no use although most other countries in the world did exactly the opposite.

We were being lied to in this crisis because our government was at a total loss to comprehend the extreme crisis we were facing with this pandemic. In the next few days when we’ve been constantly told anything less than two metres being apart was not safe, and now the reverse is true. Who was wrong then? We never adhered to anything other countries had been doing. Questions abound, and the gravity in my eyes that when we know great changes are needed in society. These changes are not going to occur throughout the world, if as we in the U.K., who are being governed by those who are daily telling lie after lie. People can face adversity if we are given the full truth with honesty and sincerity and can adapt to whatever is necessary. Lies in any category, if be in a relationship or anything, no good foundations can be ever built. The following illustrates the degree of duplicity that is taking place with our government and the present position of being in a crisis. Sir David King a former government Chief Scientific Adviser has spoken of the number of deaths during April as the government attempted to play down the adversity the country then faced. Britain’s worst day during the crisis came on April 8th just before Easter when a record 1,445 people died within 24 hours. On April 9th Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab revealed figures from the previous day had risen by 881-meaning the true tally was some 64 percent greater than the nation was told at the time. Similarly, just three days earlier Mr Raab described the increase in fatalities in the previous 24 hours as 439 deaths, but official figures now show that almost three times as many people actually died from the virus. BETWEEN APRIL 2nd AND APRIL 23rd MORE THAN 1,000 PEOPLE FELL VICTIM TO THE VIRUS EACH DAY, BUT NONE OF THE DOWNING ST BRIEFINGS IN THAT TIME SUGGESTED THE NUMBER OF DAILY DEATHS HAD REACHED FOUR FIGURES. It was obvious at that time nothing tallied with what common sense was asking. Most people knew they were speaking untruths when all data of deaths was not being told. The media and general public were asking constantly for such data as health bosses were insisting this was time-consuming and technically challenging. Sir David King has said. “THIS IS THE MOST DISASTROUS HANDLING OF ANY SERIOUS CHALLENGE TO A GOVERNMENT FOR 100 YEARS.

With my thoughts of what I’m concerned of today is that our history too regarding the slave trade as been built on untruths and never told in our school history lessons, and the same situation still prevails for today’s children. I saw a programme this weekend clearly showing so much of our countries wealth was a consequence of two hundred years of the barbaric brutality of slavery. I’ve previously mentioned the Dutch, Portuguese, and Spanish also cannot be absolved from this abomination of cruel inhumanity towards other fellow human beings. We have a ledger in London that recorded every person who owned slaves in 1832 which amounted to 46,000 names. The British government then raised 20 million pounds the equivalent today of 17 billion pounds for each slave to be purchased for their freedom. Some of the plantation owners received the equivalent of 80 million pounds in today’s money and many reinvested this money into building new infrastructure in Britain. Many of the prominent buildings are still here today came from slavery. Scotland too owned many slaves some in numbers for household duties, some who inherited slaves from plantations, and everyone tried to maximise their payments to get the biggest return from Britain. Stories of the heinous crimes cannot describe the horrors committed against slaves throughout these years, but with this ledger, they show family names of today showing how their wealth and mansions came from. There are many actual letters which report daily life as they accepted barbaric behaviour as being normal, but today it’s sickening to think we had no moral values then and churches were part of the crime for excepting this inhuman activity. One such letter described an incident when a slave was regarded to have been impudent to his master. He was hung up the night before and covered in molasses so mosquitoes and flies could swarm over his body throughout that night before he was whipped the following day. Following the whipping he suffered what was being called pickled by having salt put on his wounds with pepper and lime juice, then a member of his family was forced to defecate in his mouth. Now, I know why in one of my previous lives I rebelled and had a fleet of ships to assault wherever possible a slave ship passed. This letter I mention spoke of this cruelty as though it was nothing, as it was told to a friend as a daily passing consequence. Another offence saw the mother and father hung, then their children had their noses slit, and ears cut off, and to have a hand or foot severed was common place if a child stole a piece of bread or fruit.

The British history should be taught to our children of today not letting it remain hidden or disguised but should be told exactly how our country once behaved revealing the truth of our dark past. How can we or any country progress if we have to deceive the new generations and not show them that any sort of racism is not accepted or tolerated against any minority or culture in any part of our world? These are steps where we are now seeing protests against any race subjected to such inhuman acts. We have to learn how to live in harmony with everyone on this earth, and until we can live with and face the truth we can never learn or go forward. I’ve never known of the full information and implications of atrocities that our country committed in building colonial empires and being part of this enormous slave trade. Such crimes against humanity must see the truth prevail and not continue with deception with our teaching of history. Lies are not the building blocks to see a better world is built. Today and throughout history the church does not have an open mind of the true meaning of life, and this is why they are part of the fabric that must see the change. Few doors of the church today offer refuge on any night if someone is homeless, in winter or summer. You do not see the church speak out loud to decry their government when injustices occur so frequently. They don’t visibly stand or walk in protest against the abuse of children or mothers to violent husbands, or the hardships so many people face today with life’s present problems. The list is endless, and the church should be a thorn in all aspects of injustice, inner quality in the U.K. and throughout the world.

Today in the U.K. we see over 4,000 young people daily finding themselves unemployed which brings further hardships and uncertain times, and there is a long road ahead for everyone, governments, and churches too to turn and change their ways. I’m given to see a new direction that will give people hope, a new direction where everyone will feel they belong to a metaphorical ship that has a new map that can allow everyone to have a dream that can come true. We have to believe this higher power I talk of, can REMOVE those with dark shadows who place their importance of power above others to allow more benefits to everyone on this planet. A young woman once came to me in a class I held about the teaching of the real-life we can all have, and she said one night in her meditation at home she received this message. IF YOU CAN HARNESS THE ENERGY, IT´S THE LIFEBLOOD TO YOUR SOUL, ONLY THEN YOU CAN BECOME WHO YOU ARE TRULY MEANT TO BE. This young woman didn’t fully know what it meant, and at that time nor did I. But in 2004 a couple of weeks later in March I told this circle of nine women that I saw myself driving down a long straight road in the U.S.A saying, I could see signs showing my Indian guide Chief Joseph. I guess this prophecy occurred in October of that year, for I had no plan to go to America when circumstances occurred that equalled the magic of going to the moon. With a friend, I found myself travelling down the exact road I had previously visualised heading towards an Indian reservation of the former great Chief Joseph from the Nez Perce tribe. I said to my friend, we are driving down the exact road I spoke of to the ladies, who were in our circle. As I was driving I put my hand in a denim jacket I wore for some reason and found I’d written on a small piece of paper the same message this young woman had given me. I said to my friend after he’d read that message, Wow! this is the answer to where we are now because we have harnessed this energy which gives you the belief you can follow a path of your dreams and become who you really are. That was the first day of an extraordinary and ill-logical journey that resulted in the following year of me writing a book called MY JOURNEY WITH JOSEPH.

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