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"Faith and Hope can make the sunshine ..."

March the 8th

4 pm, Sunday afternoon. Just received some uplifting words from my friend E... in Banska Bystrica, commenting on the last bridging words in our new book of blogs. Everyday brings certain signs to each of us that will later connect to our personal circumstances, if we can use our intuition and go with our feelings. Early on the radio around 6.00am Friday, I heard the most ludicrous question put forward to someone who was an authority on Coronavirus. The question was,”How many doctors and beds would we need if six million contacted Coronavirus.”Then five minutes later I heard someone say,“ If you are over sixty years old and you have had the virus, they were actually saying it is your “goodbye”. Over seven billion people are living on the Earth, and it is believed through the power of social media there are 3.5 billion people, who one way or another hear news bulletins. Today, social media is amplifying bad news or any news in the most unprecedented way ever. There are many pluses as well as negatives with the internet, as the figure today sees 2.4 billion are connected to Facebook, or Instagram and more. While at the gym on Friday one lady told me, her daughter worked at a large chain store and within one hour of receiving 300 hand sanitisers they were all sold out. With my last comments about our main BBC radio news programme in the U.K. and they are not alone, it’s clear to hear and see how they are creating panic and fear to many listeners with a faint heart, or who are very gullible. The virus is serious, but it is more serious if firms are having to close down, if they cannot get imported parts to make their products. Just this very minute my son sent me a link, where two woman had their supermarket trolley loaded with toilet rolls. Another customer argued for them to just let her have one pack of toilet rolls, and they refused, a fight followed between the three women which saw other products being knocked everywhere. This shows how crazy and how more harm is being done by spreading panic and fear. The news media programmes love pushing bad news that brings such fears, which makes me feel, especially in the U.K. with the BBC, they have their own agenda to see the spirit of our country broken. In my opinion the blame goes right to the top of any government leadership.

Later in the day, I was walking home through the park, the sun was behind me and I was looking and following my shadow. I distinctly felt as I walked carrying heavy shopping bags, as though I was going to see the shadow of a cross by my side. That feeling stayed with me for five minutes or more. I thought no more until later events unfolded close to midnight that day. I’ve spoke before of thoughts, believing when you send out thoughts to someone they can be received, as thoughts are powerful sparks of energy within you. If you are sending thoughts out to someone don’t believe they haven’t reached their destination, it maybe that person finds it difficult to respond or they believe it’s their imagination. Later on that Friday afternoon my thoughts began to think of my youngest daughter, where I’ve mentioned before is living on the edge of a dark zone of being addicted to drugs and drink. I’d not spoken or heard from her for many weeks and none of my family knew where she lives or what her present circumstances are. That thought made me to try and text her, then I saw she had been trying to reach me by text in the morning. I got a message back from her, with no direct answers to any of my questions.

It was later still not hearing anything, that I then knew what that feeling of a cross being with me in the morning meant. I then felt that was a sign Jesus was with me. Towards midnight I received a call from my youngest daughter, and her story again was harrowing to hear. Paramedics had been called to give help earlier in the day, telling her that her life is threatened if she does not go to the hospital. She did not go, and unbeknown to me my eldest daughter had heard of her worsening situation earlier in the week and successfully applied for my young daughter to be accepted in a rehabilitation centre in Scotland. She did not go, and with my calls to the police later that night, they too could do nothing if help is refused. My story shows of this day, that thoughts do and can connect, as many of us know. But your doubts can push aside thoughts you don’t fully understand, fortunately I did understand that feeling of a cross being with me later that night. My blog is not finished where my niece has just rung me bringing further bad news about my youngest daughter, but my faith and belief has not deserted me, as I believe a miracle will come to save my daughter. A minute ago a large van from a Supermarket chain brought a delivery of food. The delivery man was telling today at their store a large forty ton wagon came bringing just toilet rolls. Before 4.00pm, all but six of the toilet rolls had been purchased and the rest given to staff.

We are living in uncertain times, but just believe this virus has brought together all nations cooperating and helping each other, where the U.S.A. are trying to bring a vaccine out as quick as possible. The human spirit when pulling together can climb the most impossible mountain, and yes, miracles can reach and touch us all.

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