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"Feelings ... "

January 17th

Sunday 3.15pm. Who could have predicted life as it presently is? Today it’s grey and silent, as solitary figures walk their dog in solemn silence, probably because of hearing the news. Government Ministers continue by never answering questions. I wish I was the interviewer they would be metaphorically nailed in their own box. I would say I have a few questions to ask, then if they avoided the first question, I would say, “I’m sorry I cannot go to the next question until you have truthfully answered the first. Each time I didn’t get the correct answer it would be another nail in their own box, as I would persist until I heard the question answered. This avoiding questions just continues as it’s done for years. One question, a woman Minister tried to duck and dived from, was when someone from the TV Question time audience asked, “Is it correct, Doctors giving vaccine jabs are on a bonus pay? No answer, the subject was changed. I’ve just put this question on Google and it’s £12.58 a jab. In my world of morals it stinks, as a doctor carries a Hippocratic Oath to help save lives, or if someone asked you for a drink of water would you say no or charge them.

I said from day one, we should have made it clear to the nation, we are at war with a silent enemy, that could take many lives and bring near bankruptcy to the country. Which then in my opinion would see a situation get worse than the virus. The U.K. politicians just have no credibility left. I seem to be releasing steam after continuing ineptness from this government who have no strategy of any kind.

Another fiasco which is highly embarrassing is when Marcus Rashford a footballer from Manchester United football club can tell the Prime Minister, the packed meals going to children who are in deprived circumstances are not adequate and worth the money. All hell was let loose with the media, and pounced on the company delivering this contract. Again, complete incompetence by the government. No official from government checked what food would be provided for the children, which has resulted in millions of pounds being given in contracts. Anyone be it woman or man who does the shopping would know, if value was being given. This is another clear incident where the government is being ripped off. If anyone feels positive at present that we will get through this virus and the beginning of Brexit with this leadership, is sadly delusional.

Another action that should been imposed ten months ago was checking everyone who flew into the U.K. at the airports. Now at long last people can only land if they are quarantined for ten days or have negative coronavirus tests. It’s pointed out people can then get a taxi and in between travel if they have no test can release a virus. Now they are thinking like it’s done in other countries, they can be put in a airport hotel at their own expense. The main story in most countries today is about hope and an beacon of light where everyone is soon to have a chance to be vaccinated. The government in the U.K is predicting that their can reach a 15 million people by the middle of February. Questions are now being asked by many backbench M.P.s., if this target is reached will the lockdown now to be opened up as the fear of more redundancies and some businesses will never open again. At last leadership is being shown by Conservative M.P. Steve Baker, telling Boris his leadership is on the table, if a strategy is not put forward when this figure of 15 million vaccines is reached. This man, I predicted before Theresa May was unfortunately pulled out of the hat, should have been the new appointed leader.

Conservative M.P. Steve Baker

Before I go forward with another story where in my world I see a different direction. On Friday morning at the same time as the previous Friday, Elena said she had created another image from a painting of mine to attach to another poem I had wrote. This time she said, she was in seventh heaven when creating it. I joked and said, take me to your seventh heaven. This was an experience when she showed her latest creation to me, which we are showing below with a before and after painting. I studied as I’ve said before some of the greatest artists who had genius. Raphael stands out for me with his sheer beauty with his Madonna paintings. At this moment I wish I could have heard his comments about the beauty Elena had created, with this new beautiful Madonna figure of a young lady I first met in Banska Bystrica. She was a young professional catalogue model and I said then, if ever prints were created later, I would not forget her, allowing me to use her photographs as I went on to do five paintings of her. With Elena, she had sent me to the seventh heaven with the sublime beauty she had created, and another image to go in her poem gallery on our Kompas website.

One of the visions I have is seeing Elena showing all her images she is creating, to have a separate gallery, included in the same art gallery as mine. From here, we would sell those images on prints and with hundreds of other items to help disadvantaged children with our Kompas charity. In my world of thinking, I believe this higher spiritual force I talk of, which I have had all my life, is fully connected to Elena. This makes me further believe, something almost magical will occur soon, to progress our good intentions. I’ve had a life time with such experiences, and Elena’s experiences have been happening since I first met her. It tells me, we just need patience and carry on believing.

The world famous Vladimir Tretchikoff, I met in 1972, had made millions from selling his prints. He told me never to sell my paintings unless I had to, but put them into prints. Well, I’ve taken his advice and I took his help on other occasions, when he came into my life. Then in August of 2006 I felt I needed to write to him as he lived in South Africa. I wrote him a beautiful letter as I still had a large book of his prints where some were signed, which I still have today. I always loved his beautiful colours and images of all what he painted. Many of his subjects were of people and children in South Africa. I received a letter back from his daughter, saying she wished her father had seen my letter, because he had died two days earlier. Again, this illustrates the gift I have, as my feelings and belief are never wrong.

On of Vladimir Tretchikoff´s paintings

If I have belief in a young person’s talent, I will always try to encourange them more, as I believe they will go very far in their future. My feelings with the in coming Presidency Joe Biden is, he is a good honest man at the right time, but it’s going to prove more than difficult to unite their country. Trump will never quit, that’s been his nature of his life time, and one has to hope his impeachment prevents him from ever taking Office again. But if he is still determined to bring down the Democrats and he will be, he only has to nominate one of his crazy family. This is an on going story, with not a happy ending.

There will be a young man come forward, who will eventually unite America and who is already greatly involved with climate change and many other issues, that need to be resolved. Watch the path, he is already walking, with an army of fans. This man is Leonardo DiCaprio. His beliefs and thinking as he does with climate changes, shows in the film he made called Ice fire. Today’s young society need someone of Leonardo’s character who has his vision and empathy with so many situations that are occuring in the world today. My belief is, that better times will come, as I’ve mentioned so many big changes have to appear.

Leonardo DiCaprio

We will see in each country, a universal income appear, with decent housing for everyone, but nothing can be freely given. Everyone has something to give with their abilities and talent, no matter how insignificant it may appear. We have to help and encourage young innovative entrepreneurs as we have to export goods of every description. We have to make profits to afford and continue trying to have a better standing of living for everyone. More importantly attached to these thoughts, we don’t want to just survive but each and everyone have a happier life. A new way of teaching children will appear, which I can not explain in just a message blog. But a new direction with how we look at life is paramount, and this new young generation Ive mentioned before, will appear with new enlightened ideas.

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Justin Brockway
Justin Brockway
19 янв. 2021 г.

A message full of hope....thank you. I feel the change coming. The media propoganda is like having your mother force you to eat something you detest. I can't and won't eat anymore..I was sick after the first mouth full. Please now lets all move onto our favourite pudding and enjoy sweeter news. God Bless.........

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