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"Feelings from the past align with the present day too ..."

October the 23rd. At midday, I had a phone call saying my grandson would be staying with his father’s mother tonight. She had just arrived back from Naples in Italy, as she had been for the third time to the ancient site of Pompeii. Hearing this, I was fascinated to ask her son more about her visit, as I had once met his mother a couple of years ago. She had said then, how she loved to keep going back to Rome and visiting the Roman colosseum and Rome itself. Pompeii was rediscovered in the sixteenth century and in 1749 the first phase of exploration began. Mount Vesuvius near the bay of Naples erupted in 79 AD and only recently found an inscription on a wall dated in mid October when previously it was thought it was on August 24 when Vesuvius erupted. In my way of thinking it’s strange it’s mid October now, and stranger still what I will say in a minute. The ancient Roman city had a population of between 15 and 20 thousand inhabitants. It’s believed two thousand people died, and today over a thousand bodies have been discovered. The site covers approximately 135 acres and three quarters has been excavated. It is claimed it’s the most dangerous volcano in the world because there are three million people living directly below it today. The prosperous seaside town then of Herculaneum, which is about a 26 minute drive (12.7 km) from Mount Vesuvius when its citizens witnessed in horror seeing a ten mile high column of gas. Wind brought a deadly cloud of ash descending with volcanic debris, plus a gassy pyroclastic which with the heat vaporised all flesh. This was the most tortuous of deaths that the citizens of Herculaneum suffered, killing all in the most gruesome way. Herculaneum was covered in 75 feet( 22 metres of ash) while Pompeii was under 9 feet (2.7 metres). WHY WAS I CURIOUS ABOUT POMPEII? Well, those who have followed my journey know I believe I have had many previous lives, and I am conscious of many. With the grandmother to my grandson son, I have to believe why she is so interested in this era is, that she may have lived in such times and your inner spirit is drawn back to places where you have lived or visited before. The Roman Empire covered a period of 500 hundred years. She also has a great interest in Egypt having been there a number of times and reads a great deal on Egyptology. It’s my belief, when for an unexplained reasons you are drawn to a particular period in history, which makes you feel more interested in such times, it can be this strong feeling that is pulling your soul and spirit to where it once belonged.


So when the name Pompeii was mentioned on the phone, I was immediately drawn to think about each time when I go on my routine trips to the local gym. One of the exercises is a rowing machine, and I’m always rowing at a frantic speed for the length of the period I’m on that machine. Why? Because I always carry a feeling, I’m rowing for my life with the then love of my life, trying to escape from the ever closer falling volcanic ash from Mount Vesuvius. It may seem crazy, for I sometimes think, maybe the next person on the rowing machine is actually thinking, does he believe he’s rowing for his life, or think where does he get his strength and energy from? How do you tell anyone next to you these theories. I can list many situations in history, where I know quite clearly the period of where I’ve once lived before. With Rome, I know I’ve been in the Roman army and been in a high command position. I’ve met people in my present life, who I have been with me in such times before. One of the Romans I feel closely drawn to is Marcus Aurelius born on April 26th 121 AD, who became the greatest Roman Emperor to have lived. His book called MEDITATIONS, which is always in the New York best book selling list is acclaimed as one of the world’s most famous and influential books ever written. Marcus Aurelius was a philosopher of Stoicism, who believed they don’t control the world around them. It was only how they respond, and that they must always respond with courage, temperance, wisdom, and justice. He was a man of great spiritual understanding and was Emperor of Rome for nineteen years.

Marcus Aurelius

Another period I’m close to and believe I’ve lived many lives is Egypt and I’ve made reference to this in previous blogs. Again, having followed my journey, the Native American Indian period has seen me being incarnated in those times as my spirit is still so very close to that era today. My book MY JOURNEY WITH JOSEPH reflects a lot of this period with one of my previous lives. I will end the days thoughts that makes me believe, my feelings from the past align with the present day too.

The path we each walk can be chosen by a higher divine power, BUT more importantly it’s the path you chose yourself. Each life, I’m given to believe, we try to take one step better, but I also firmly believe you return to your present life carrying many of the same characteristics you have previously had. With this life I believe I’ve been fortunate to still know and meet many, who I’ve shared their company with before, and with some my love in previous past times.

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