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"Following a Divine plan ..."

Saturday, October the 19th. I spent all day on a painting of Ocean life, then at one moment in the day I thought of my second daughter’s French husband. He had unsuccessfully applied for quite a few jobs over so many months, as his present job restricted his abilities to go a lot further in his career. After each failure, I told him, “Don’t worry there’s a better door to open if the present one keeps closing. ” This is what I’d say also to my four daughters, “Don’t be broken hearted if your love relationship is finished, because there is a King already making his way towards you. ” I would mention the Kevin Costner story to my son-law of how many times Kevin knocked on so many doors trying to get studios and finance to back his film the story of “Dances With Wolves.” For Kevin would not accept by studios expecting a film no longer than two hours thirty minutes, as this reply was continually suggested to him. He also stuck to his belief that he wanted to have the Native American Indian language spoken and shown with subtitles. He would say his film would be three hours twenty minutes long and no less, but he was told no one would sit interested that long. His answer would be, “I’m sorry I believe I’ve knocked at the wrong door.” He did find the finance he wanted eventually and all his conditions were met, and we now know his film became a seven Oscar Award Winning Film, with five Nominee awards made too. The moral to this story is, STICK TO YOUR BELIEFS and by not giving up, shows eventually the right door opens.

Back to my son-in-laws last interview. He told me this particular company had several offices one being in New York, but he didn’t tell me he had two interviews on that day. I told him my thoughts would be with him, but don’t be down hearted if the door didn’t open. I did ring him later and he said this firm said he was too experienced, and I hit the roof to this crazy reply, which suggested this company did not want the best or they were trying to fob him off. Being me, I said write to the CEO and tell him, is this their policy of not recruiting the best. The story wasn’t over because this first interview was not the one he really preferred, which confused me, because later he told me, the next company he saw in the afternoon said, “ Yes, and they couldn’t wait to start working with him. Of course after signing a contract he presented his months notice and was told by his present firm, they were selling out to another company. This timing proved to be correct and exactly at the right time and place, because the actions of a takeover today can result in many job cuts meaning losing your job. So after having so many rejections my son-in-law had found the right door to open. In my thoughts everything is timed and perhaps planned before these events occur. One could say with Kevin Costner, if his friend Michael Blake, who wrote the novel had not persisted with his idea, as at times he could only afford to sleep in his car and wash dishes to get by. Michael though believed passionately with the story he wrote, but he knew Kevin and Jim Wilson, where Jim eventually allowed Michael his home sleeping below his stairs to finish his novel. But this was no ordinary story nor film, because it gave a powerful message to not only the Native American Indians, but to millions that now saw how brutally the Indians were treated by the white man. It showed too, how their lives were eventually destroyed, which today can be classed as a genocide. So does the right door open for each of us at the right time and place?

General Dwight Eisenhower said, when preparing for battle he had always found plans to be useless, but planning is indispensable. In other words, events change every second and you may follow your plan, BUT in my experiences there is already a plan being carried out, you are not aware of. This is poignant to see if anyone follows the antics of our parliament, as this circus of events could never have been planned, as it is seen at this moment in time. In 2004, I made a detailed plan of where I believed I was travelling with a friend to the Wallowa Valley in Oregon, what size car we would need and how many miles we we would travel. On arrival at the airport we had to transfer three hours later to another plane, and fly to Utah another state, where eventually I hired a bigger car and travelled 3,000 more miles than my originally plan. My book, My JOURNEY WITH JOSEPH was a consequence to this other plan I believe was made by an higher power. It’s my belief everyone’s life can take another turning that was never planned at a certain time in life. Tony Blair would not have found himself to be Prime Minister if it wasn’t for the tragedy and death of JOHN SMITH who would have been Prime Minister for years if he had not had an early death. The nomination for the Labour leadership of Jeremy Corbyn was randomly chosen by a former labour minister Margaret Beckett, who was called a moron for doing so, and she later regretted and agreed to this moron description. This again was not planned, which throws my question. Is there a higher power working at so many times in our own lives? Is there a divine plan that covers everything on our earth plane? I was given once a message saying, there is a planet in our never ending universe a thousand times bigger than our earth.

I’ve also found in life if something is meant to be your whole life style can be turned upside down, to put you on the right path. So do not stress or worry if your job is lost, as something will occur to tell you later it was all meant to be, as you could find yourself with a new partner or new career and home and a happier life. A further prediction I will make, and I’ve made it to friends before. The firm Uber Cabs started in 2011 and with revenues for the first quarter of 2019 should be over three billion dolars and still it is not yet making a profit. See a dash with investors pulling their money out soon before it crashes. This follows my previous prediction I made a few weeks back of the WE WORK company. This future model of making no profit and sitting years for it to prosper is waiting to see, if pigs will fly. Millions have been invested in such companies, and it is now clearly seen the bubble will soon burst. Another investment that is coming down the line to dramatically drop which I’ve mentioned before in one of my blogs, is the crazy valuations of hundreds of millions placed on art. Times are changing and now the greater population will be proved right about their belief in what is called art. The following story of Hans Christian Andersen says it all. A story told of an Emperor who pays a lot of money for some new magical clothes which can only be seen by wise people. Of course the clothes do not exist, but the emperor does admit he cannot see them, because he does not want to be seen as stupid. This is the art market and its exactly the same. Watch the valuations fall as we enter a new world of change and a new renascence of enlightened thinking.

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