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"Following my feelings ..."

April 11th

12.00pm. I may have said before I don’t look forward to writing these message blogs because there are many times I don’t have a clue what to write. It can take me three to four hours getting such thoughts out of my head, but with the help of Elena having then editing it I get great satisfaction out of reading them later on. This Sunday morning I woke up too early. Suddenly I heard the message saying, “FOLLOW YOUR FEELINGS. Then I felt as though someone is dictating me many items I must write about, so no chance of having an extra hour in bed occurred.

One of these dictated messages spoke of the ecological system that is on our planet. It mentioned a comment of the now late Duke of Edinburgh, who said some forty years ago that if the ecological system will dissappear so will human kind too. On Facebook, there is a man called Steve Owen with a beautiful gift. He has a soul that must get him out of bed just as the moon finishes it’s night shift. He takes photographs of wildlife, and all birds great and small, and he has the eye of an artist who knows what beauty is. He also captures very early morning mystical scenes of the local country side, and I believe he has a power of love working within him, which drives him to create such a beautigul photographs. I have a future feeling, that his beautiful photographs could be used for educational purposes to help young children.

A few facts children need to know now. The biomass of wild mammals has fallen 82%, natural ecosystems have lost about half their area and a million species are at risk of extermination, all largely the result of human actions. The U.N.sent a message saying, there is a threat from loss of natural life from the Earth. Coral reefs are showing signs of disappearing forever. Nature is being destroyed at an alarming rate, a hundred times greater than ever before. All this and more came from the U.N. global report. Is it not time now for such people like Steve, the photographer where he should be given a teaching vocation of explaining to the young how important nature and its life is?

Another short story to add about nature and wildlife. It’s been seen as an unprecedented display of altruistic behaviour by Bonobo Chimps who has been observed adopting orphaned infants from outside their own group. Until now no apes excepts humans have been seen taking care of unrelated infants. What does this say when you see the behaviour of some humans who don’t always offer love like a Bonobo Chimp. We witness children and their families risking their lives, trying to cross dangerous seas, escaping from war zones and tyranny for safety. Many countries are not willing to give any sort of help to save these people.

Now in the U.K., we are being offered two tests a week, if we so wish, to be administered at home as another safety measure. How many people like me, having had two jabs of the vaccine are going down this route? This measure suggests, you are not alright with your first jabs, but I’m not jumping into the government’s boat of doubt and fear.

It’s been suggested, in the U.S., certain individuals have died although inoculated twice, but they don’t have sufficient data to say anything yet. Over 66 million in the U.S. have been vaccinated, but their top official says on this situation, there are people with very poor immune systems, and it’s not the vaccine that’s underperforming.

I was given early this morning by way of my messages to mention a story that’s escaping the main news in the U.K., and probably around Europe too. President Putin has pulled thousands of troops from Siberia some 2,000 miles away to the Ukrainian border, and now have a massed over 85,000 troops, with tanks and missiles to invade the Ukraine, if talks don’t stabilise this wafer thin line of common sense. Russia does not want the Ukraine to join NATO, just as the U.S. in 1962 did not want missiles in Cuba, which they called their back yard. I’ve spoken before in 2011, it was clearly shown to me, the dangerous outcome that would happen. It was this scenario that triggered me while in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia, to try and meet with President Putin and propose a solution to avert this inevitable crisis. I was given the same plan, and obviously I could not go into more detail here. Angela Merkel I’ve mentioned before, that I tried to meet. Now, in the last four months of her being in power, this problem has landed at her door again. These messages I’m given, always show a better way forward, and no one can’t say I’ve not tried.

In this coming week, I will put a letter together for President Xi Jinping sending a previous message blog of how he could become the most revered, and powerful leader in the world. Another way forward there is. Again, with a prophecy in 2012, I’ve tried twice before with Beijing, and their ambassador in London. I have to believe, it’s never too late with any major decision to stop wars, and instability occurring.

I was told to follow my feelings with this message blog, but are they my personal feelings. I’ve always been following my feelings, to do what I feel is right. Come what may, I won’t have regrets later in life saying, I should have done this or that.

In a few weeks, there are local elections, and for any of them to have my vote they would find it easier to land on the moon. Near me, it’s taken a life time to place a few swings and proper play facilities for the young children of my town. If an Orangutan stood for election, I would probably campaign for him. In the bigger picture of U.K. politics, a stench grows daily with the former Prime Minister David Cameron’s involvement on anunsubstantiated charges of tax payers money been thrown onto a bonfire with all the handouts the present government has made. More flames will appear about this situation. Shops open in the U.K. on Monday, and everyone hopes oxygen is given to the high streets, and other small business who have been walking on thin ice. Many not being seen again. Another space to watch in Germany is the emergence of their Green Party that will supersede Angel Merkel when she leaves Office in September. Big changes have to occur in many countries as like time, it waits for no one.

A few words for the Duke of Edinburgh, a man I admired in many ways as his life began on a kitchen table in Greece. He was evacuated in a orange box at the age of one on a British war ship. His mother had a nervous break down, and was wrongly called insane and locked in an asylum, but later took to religion and hid a Jewish friends family at her home during the war years only a short distance from the German Gestapo. Fate and destiny along with providence belonged to Philip throughout his life and accepted to be a consort to his wife the Queen, who had the final word with everything. He stayed true to his character, and to his humour. You either liked him or not. The Duke of Edinburgh would have said these words, where my youngest daughter said them to me a few months ago, NEVER STOP BEING YOU.

An interesting programme to watch on Netflix is the Code, that tries and does not have the answer to the cubes and hexagonal shapes, that built all natural life. Everything is symmetrical. In Northern Island, there is a large group of stones called, The Giants Cause Way, all in hexagonal shapes. No one has the real answer, why they are there. Maybe our minds and way of thinking is not yet advanced enough to know why and who created these building blocks of life. Such answers will probably unlock the secret spiritual world I talk of. I’m writing my incredible association with Marilyn Monroe and I’m discovering, most things you have done in life are connected to each other. I wrote in my book called, My Journey with Joseph, in 2004, I found with this journey everything was like a jigsaw that was unexplainable, but came together at the right time. I’m now finding the inexplicable explainable. My message to everyone, follow your feelings.

In 2004 a young woman joined another eight women and one man who were in a circle I ran to know more of the other life which is divided by a thin veil. Within two weeks she brought a message she had been given while at her home in meditation with a candle lit. The message read, HARNESS THE ENERGY IT’S THE LIFE BLOOD TO YOUR SOUL, THEN YOU BECOME WHO YOU ARE TRULY MEANT TO BE. She didn’t understand it, nor did I, until I completed the journey, I was meant to go on.

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