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January the 12th. I can’t believe we are in the year of 2020, already time is flying again, and we are nearly half way through another month. I’ve just had my friend Ivor ring a few minutes ago to say he is calling on me early on Monday morning. He and Annette, I’ve spoke of before are rare special friends and spiritual souls, who have helped me so many times in the past ten years to see this journey of mine continue. He lives 17 miles (27.3 kilometres) away. He is bringing what l believe to be very important copies of four letters he’s printed out, which contain my last prophecy blog. Curiously it was only a few days earlier, I read that the government were looking for people, that don’t think in straights lines, these are my words, but they were equally referring to individuals like artists and others who think differently. It said they were even thinking of a chap who gained fame in the 70s for bending spoons. I guess when reading this it was spirit then pushing me to reveal, what I’ve kept hidden for years, hidden though only because so many doors are closed to such thoughts. Only a few months earlier I tried to get on two main radio stations, but they couldn’t even reply. This though fits in with my philosophy I’ve been given, as everything of importance happens at the right time and place. On Monday the 6th while with Elena checking and editing the blog for the following day, I instantly received the message in my belief from above, telling me to respond to this invitation to write to the government. That very day I spent four hours drafting out a letter, then I sent it to Ivor to print and post it back. By special delivery it would go to the one with inspired thinking in government by 1pm Thursday. I only wished the following blog prophecy we sent out on that Thursday the 9th could have been included, although in the letter I’d mentioned to read my blogs. I’ve said before with a life time of experience, I’m not in control of all my actions. On Saturday morning the 11 th at 9am, I heard on the radio that Iran now after days of denial, admitted unintentionally shooting down the Ukrainian airliner and profusely apologising for this terrible human tragedy. President Trump later said, this could have happened by a big mistake, for the USA knew in 1988 one of their battleships by mistake destroyed an Iranian aircraft by missiles killing all 290 people on board. Hearing this on the radio I’m now instantly receiving another message to send four important letters to four important places, I cannot disclose. I can only say again, when such powerful messages I’m immediately given, I straight away have to act. Six hours later after drafting these letters out, I have to hope and believe I can contact Elena on a Saturday afternoon. This, I’ve never had to do before and I thought surely she will be out. Synchronicity showed she was in, and free to give me an hour to double check these letters. Another hour later I happen to get hold of Ivor, and these letters were not a simple task as their were over thirty separate pages to be collated and divide to these four letters. As each respondent would receive each other’s. Why? Because I did not want either to think I was saying one thing to one, and not to another. I believe as I’ve said previously in such situations as this I’m not in control. Strangely while speaking on the phone Friday to Annette who is psychic, she said then I must not keep the previous important message on the laptop, as it has to go a lot further. Annette would not know that the following day, I would hear the news about Iran and the Ukrainian plane where I was being told basically the same message.

I always remember once being in a small church I attended when a medium gave a message to the congregation asking about a certain person. I knew who this person was who had a very bad character while on the Earth plane. I didn’t respond because the medium was asking if anyone knew him as he was asking for his wife. I did not know personally his family and I said nothing. I had bad memories of him in my earlier life. The next morning, I just happened to meet his brother, who I rarely saw, who was the complete opposite in his character to his brother. I now felt I had to stop him and tell him of this message his brother gave, as I felt I was being compelled to pass this message on. I then asked where his brother’s wife lived. When approaching someone, who you might believe does not understand such thinking you are apprehensive in their reply. He told me of his brother’s wife address. Meeting the wife, she seemed stunned but smiled. I also saw a tear in her eye after receiving a simple message from her husband saying, that he loved her. With this story I’m showing, how communication can be made if the power of spirit want a message to be passed on to the recipient. It relates to what I’ve spoken of in the blog, I’m using this word again, I’m compelled to follow, what I’ve been given to do. In the bigger picture I have to believe with the dangerous events we are all witnessing, this spiritual power is organising many situations to prevent a catastrophe occurring. There’s been a pattern throughout my life where those I feel close to, I believe our paths have been together before. I could reveal messages that show changes in many parts of the world, but a blog is not the place or time to do so. If one thinks of change, look at the unfolding story of Prince Harry in England, where he and his wife Meghan and son Archie want to distant their relationship and life away from the Royal family. Times and big changes are going to occur in the royal family, that will later see, the Royal family being a distant memory. The Presidential elections in Taiwan bringing a lady to power will see vibrations China will not like. But China will have nothing to fear, for one of the prophecies I received in 2012 told me, that Xi Jinping would become the greatest leader China has ever had. I have to hope and believe, I will meet him one day. With each of us we must believe and hope changes will harvest a knew future and dawn for everyone. It is my belief this will be so.

An addition to this blog:

At exactly 4am on Monday January the 13th, I received an important message saying reveal the addresses of all the mail. I’ve mentioned before in previous blogs, that at 4am in the morning, I’ve received many important messages in the past too. The first letter, I’ve spoken of went to Dominic Cummings, who is the top adviser and strategist to Boris Johnson, the U K Prime Minister. The other four letters have gone to the Saudi Arabian and to the Iranian Embassies in London. Also it went to Dominic Raab, the UK Foreign Secretary. Another letter, I’ve sent to Dominic Cummings. This discloses how important these messages are in the present climate we all live in.

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