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"Good vibrations ..."

February the 5th.

I’ve found myself at one of my daughters home for a week. It was one of those moments many of us have had, when you have a previous feeling you are going to be at a certain place soon. It would be no different to communicate with my friend Elena in Banska Bystrica and to start editing and placing my blogs into a book. I theorise sometimes and think, is this me that has brought me here or an higher power I often talk of. Consequences occur with events, as this morning a lady came to clean my daughters house. The lady came at 8.30am at a time when I was already talking via viber on my iPad to Elena who was Slovakian. The cleaning lady had a good vibration smiling, laughing and even more so when I said to her, Say hello to my friend in Slovakia.

The lady later eventually came to the room I was in, and conversation began, while I did not interrupt her cleaning routine. Before her day was finished an hour later she had left me her email and telephone number. Why? Because she was telling me about her son who was really good with computers but could not find a computer job opening. Then she mentioned her daughter of twenty who was having problems with a sleep. On both occasions I believed I might be able to help her son and daughter. The daughter without a shadow of doubt, as I believed related stress or lack of confidence, and general unhappiness could be a big part of her problem. I will try arrange to a Face time call for her and talk to her, believing I can help her. I mentioned my son in law is into this digital age of computers and at the right time and place I would try to set up again a face time talk between the two of them. The lady herself dreamed of returning to Slovakia with her husband and five children, again with my thinking who knows what tomorrow will bring. My thoughts are never idle promises, but if you saw someone metaphorically struggling in a fierce river, you would dive in immediately, or some might think it better not to try.

As I look at life, if you instantly make decisions your conscience or soul is already deciding for you. When you hesitate, immediately you will lose that powerful positive energy. I’m saying, we can all try to help someone even if we don’t succeed. One of my other daughters called the previous day to help out, and she mentioned a young woman friend who I knew her father and brother. My daughter said she has been given three years to live, she is just thirty seven years old. Hearing similar news with previous experiences, I know if you can take hold of positive thoughts to deal with such a diagnosis, it’s my belief you can dramatically build a barrier to help and battle against such consequences. I hope some how I can make contact with this girl, but I will send out healing prayers for her. I would not talk as I do, if my experiences had not led me to believe and see what can happen if you can get your mind set into the right positive frame of mind.

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