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"Heading for a cliff edge ..."

July 15th

Wednesday 2.17pm. A few seconds before I began this message blog something made me to go on facebook, and the first image I saw was of a sculpture by Bernini, the Italian artist, called The rape of Proserpina. But this image I saw focused on the hand pressing into the flesh of this woman’s thigh and seeing this incredible sculpture it touched my soul. I placed a share comment on Facebook saying, “When art reaches perfection, a higher spiritual dimension is in control.” The next image I saw was a painting of a Madonna lady I created a few years ago, attached to a few words of a love poem I wrote, placed on our Love page today, chosen by my friend Elena. Why am I starting to write this message blog like this? Because I have a feeling, I’m being reminded the messages I’m given to write do not wholly belong to me at all. I believe such messages are channelled through me from this higher spiritual sphere. I have to believe, the message I’m being given today, might be more powerful than I’m given to think or believe.

The rape of Proserpina

I will start by voicing these strong thoughts. Yesterday, Elena, who is in Banska Bystrica, and is gifted to place so much on social media in what I think and do said, the previous day it was said on Slovakian TV, that the U.K. had put Slovakia on the red list of dangerous countries because of Coronavirus. The Slovakian government had to write several responses to correct this information. This angered me as I wrote a couple months ago in my message blogs saying, “ If only we had acted as the Slovakian government had in the first place, we would not have been in the shambolic mess we are in today. Slovakia had only 5 deaths per one million of inhabitants. Miracle figures. Scotland has the same population as Slovakia, 5.6 million, but their latest death figure on July 12th is 4,173 people. Slovakia is 28 deaths. How did Slovakia achieve this miracle number? Decisive action in lockdown and wearing facial masks. There was an immediate compliance by the Slovak population and a strong media presence where at an early stage a TV interviewer handed their Prime Minister a mask and from then on everyone in their government wore one on every occasion when discussing the issues. An analysis suggested media and civil society can compensate for the weakness of public health institutions by forging a consensus to observe the necessary norms. I guess to highlight a small country like Slovakia doing the right thing makes the bigger country’s economies look inadequate and embarrassed.

It tells me yet again as I’ve been saying from the beginning of this epidemic, we in the U.K. have been led by donkeys never looking at how others are tackling this virus. In my opinion we have been led the same by previous governments but with different donkeys. This continuing miss mash of ideas changing every day the direction we are going in, proves without a shadow of doubt we are lost in every move we make. The facial mask fiasco in the U.K. really belongs to a long running London West End theatre farce that would run for years making people laugh. The present leadership always says, we are being led by scientific advise. Where are we now as this shows that common sense, wisdom, and any idea of what feels right does not apply with this leadership, as it’s easy to push blame onto someone else. I think of other famous figures in history where even with advise, they have gone with their own feelings as to do what they felt was right or wrong. A crisis will always show you who should be in control or not in control. The majority of the world from the very beginning have worn masks to prevent this deadly virus spreading especially in the many areas of mass gatherings like we see in city tube stations. On Sunday, July 12th, on a main TV programme one of the closest government ministers to the Prime Minister, Michael Gove suggested masks would not be mandatory to wear in shops. Monday brought another message from our Prime Minister who is still presently metaphorically lost in the famous Hampton Court Maze saying the opposite. Now ten days later it will be made law that no one can go in a shop without a mask. I’m sure the spirit of Henry VIII seeing Boris lost at his once Hampton Court home would have said, Your head might be soon going in a different direction than your body. Then laughing Henry would say, you will be joining your previous hopeless colleagues David Cameron and Theresa May as they too got lost in their maze of politics.

We heard a top Metropolitan Police officer when hearing the police might have to reprimand those who don’t follow this mask advise, by saying its absolute ludicrous and a shambles to think they have officers to patrol this situation. Shambles is becoming the most used word describing events in these past months as our metaphorical ship heads for the rocks. The word I can’t get out of my head is MELTDOWN.

Michael Gove

Each hour and day when listening to the news there’s a ready made crisis knocking at their door. Today’s news is the on off embargo of not continuing with the Chinese company Huawei who was given the green light years ago to proceed with their 5G networks. This Chinese company is ahead of everyone with this technology and this brought thoughts with the U.K. to stay in this race as many other countries too felt the same. A big question though always remained, would the security of the U.K. be kept a secret? It’s known no company in China has complete independence to progress further without being linked to their own countries security. Who can say this thinking is wrong as China too has to be in this link if their own country was being undermined. Now the U.K. has confirmed that all 5G installations in the country must be dismantled by 2027. This will now create an enormous cost of billions that might be thrown at the U.K. users. Decisions again wrongly made by previous Prime Ministers. But again questionable in the past several years. Why was the U.K. asking China to invest as a partnership in building our further Nuclear power stations? It was not rocket science to see that in the future we could find ourselves being dependent on China to provide our energy. I’ve mentioned before, we have to become self-sufficient in food production, steel production and basically everything so we can be the master of our own ship. Bad decisions from poor leaders such as David Cameron and the weak Theresa May, went against a strong opinion where we tried to rush in as the song said, Only fools rush in, but our weak economy pushed the U.K. into going a bridge too far.

On today’s news, further billions are needed to eradicate the wrong cladding attached to many tower block buildings which have flammable cladding. On June 14th 2017, seventy two people died in a disastrous fire in London called Grenfell Tower, as a 8.6 million refurbishment programme had just been completed. Building regulations had not been complied with by anyone involved, and the fire brigade service did not carry out proper checks regarding fire doors and more. Again, this came back to haunt the government of the day, where with these austerity plans they created financial cutbacks in every department and every local authority throughout the land. Now, an avalanche of problems, created by previous useless governments of the past, are falling at a time when a virus epidemic is to be seen followed with a metaphorical back draft fire coming which will bring economic chaos to the U.K. Many may think how can I talk in the way I do? Because I’ve been given a gift to show a better way forward. I have mentioned many stories in these previous message blogs, which I began in February 2019.

Grenfell Tower

One such story I’ve mentioned before told of where Tesco, the biggest supermarket chain store in the U.K., where if they had listened to me, they could have saved their company from writing down an annual lose of 7 billion pounds in their annual accounts of 2014 - 2015. On November 9th 2012, I sent my first letter stating their precarious trading position showing a detailed battle plan to beat the competition of their rivals Aldi and Lidl. I even told them they had to down size their stores and build no more large stores. A further letter went on June 5th 2014 saying, I would fly at my own expense to their head quarters. Again I made the same offer on July 9th. They replied with a courteous letter but I told Philip Clarke, the C.E.O. of Tesco, in my last letter, if he failed or totally ignored this advise he would see himself walking a metaphorical plank. A few weeks later he followed my prediction and swam with the fish in the sea. These mistakes were obvious to Tesco in 2012, because their sale figures were falling of a cliff. From the beginning my gestures were patriotic in trying to save a major British company from sinking financially like the Titanic. PEOPLE HAD LOST THEIR PERCEPTION THAT TESCO WAS NO LONGER THE BEST VALUE WITH FOOD SALES. The last sentence I’d wrote to Tesco said, I WISH YOU WELL PHILIP, YOU HAVE TO ACT NOW, AS YOUR TIME AND TESCO’S TIME ARE RUNNING OUT. ALL MY PREDICTIONS COME TRUE. I tried until the last to save Tesco a fortune. After Philip Clarke was sacked, Tesco had the biggest corporate loss in British history. Following the demise of Philip Clarke, I even wrote to this new C.E.O. Dave Lewis who brought a reputation in the business world as he was known as Drastic Dave. This was because he would fire many people very quick. But he was not the man to turn this ship around as he had no vision. Part of the original plan in 2012 was to create new stores on the same size as Aldi and Lidl and take them head on into a war of prices, knowing Tesco could run for a few years without even making a profit. The plan was to put their rivals out of business. Drastic Dave, not long ago launched a similar scheme, but he was not in the same league as Jack Cohen, the founder of this great business. His message was to Pile them high and sell them cheap. If Jack had been at the helm of this ship he would have put these enemy stores to bed very quickly.

There is far more to this story I could tell but not in a message blog. I have this same premonition that we are heading in the U.K. for a similar cliff edge. I’m patriotic and don’t seek money from the gifts I have. In my previous blogs I have offered my services to Theresa May, but she took our country against a democratic will and vote by the people to almost placing our country into a revolutionary state. I sent my C.V. to Dominic Cummings, Boris Johnson’s Svengali advisor, when he asked for people who thought out of the box, thousands replied and thousands didn’t get a reply back. One man he accepted was soon dismissed, so that shows how clever Dominic is as he stands on the upper deck with Boris and his lost musketeers. As Scarlet Ohara the heroine in the famous film Gone With The Wind said TOMORROW IS ANOTHER DAY. We can hope and pray soon the U.K. can chart the right course with a new Captain and Crew that can be found. My gift could have saved many lives and changed the course of history, with the major leaders I’ve previously mentioned in prophesies, but just like true love eventually finds the right time and place to come together. This spiritual power I believe is with me will not fade away nor die, for I can say as I have experienced this spiritual power since the age of twelve. This magical uplifting and spiritual power at times can give you the strength of Samson. Samson’s strength and gift was given to him to pull the temple of Dagon down, as its pillars rested on no moral values, and no thoughts for the poor and needy. Maybe this gift and message is to change how we live as a society. Where are our values which have fallen with many by the way side? So many feel their life is a slave to this materialistic world and living is but a struggle to survive. We all carry such special spiritual gifts if we can have a open mind, and not shut the door to an idea that does not feel real. It’s real where we are today, and no one would have believed this prediction. I predict that China with its leader XI JINPING can turn from subjugating the Uyghurs, a minority Muslim group living in the Xinjiang region of China, and giving back Tibet its sovereignty again. XI JINPING can also strike a deal with Hongkong. He has nothing to fear, as China can play a big part in shaping the world with other leading powers, because China has already proved it has the intellect, and enlightened minds to zoom further with technology and make their fears disappear. Those they fear can become their best of friends and neighbours, the world as we know it can be changed into a heaven on earth. We must believe each of us are special and a part of a universe that stretch’s more than our presents mind can imagine, as we all have a divine power within us. This message is again TIME FOR CHANGE .

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