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"Hope grows ..."

November 11th

Wednesday 4.18pm. A day when a window of hope arrives for the world. A door opens revealing a vaccine maybe available in the coming weeks and months ahead for this virulent virus that still effects the world. At this point in time hope grows, as we saw with the appearance of a new President Elect removing part of the cloud President Trump cast with his actions and views towards his people and the world at large. We must not forget he is still in power until January 20th, and at this time he is not prepared to go graciously, as time will show.

I would like to mention this story of where my friend Elena in Banska Bystrica said that in Slovakia they have now been tested a second time. The first mass testing as I mentioned in a previous blog, saw out of 3.6 million tests, only one percent had the virus but they were given a paper saying they were alright. This last mass test in the past weekend saw my friend and her family come through with no infection just like thousands of others. So, my mind said if people are now proved to be alright carrying an official paper showing negative results, why can’t theatres, cinemas, restaurants or anyone else be free from the lockdown? There is no laudable explanation why people with official paper can not go about their daily life in a normal way. Yes, care and restrictions must be for the elderly, and masks still to be warn as we could still be mindful to stick to previous rules that exist. But this isn’t happening in Slovakia. I ask why in the U.K., with all our resources, why we have not had mass testing months ago, and looked at not having such a severe lockdown? In the U.K. it also seems metaphorically we’ve always missed the last train or we have never had the right train ready. Accountability, we will never have in the U.K. as past enquiries have shown costing millions and concluding wrongly ten years later.

Let’s go back to President Trump. I’ve always had the philosophy that something important in our lives always happens at the right time and place, which I believe is seen by everyone. You can by chance meet the love of your life, or you happen to be in the right place when you hear of a job vacancy. You may meet someone in your life by coincidence, who changes your whole way of life. This list of such synchronised situations with people and events have touched us all. A quote from Albert Einstein who once said, HE BELIEVED A COINCIDENCE IS THE HAND OF GOD TRYING TO HELP YOU. With my experience, I understand with these moments, that fate or providence can take you in a certain direction, whether it be love or where you are meant to be, which can also be described as your destiny. Now think about President Trump. It’s acknowledged, he created a better economy in the U.S.A. He also said, a vaccine would be ready at the end of November. He had second to the highest votes ever given in this last election, but providence was not there to help him, nor was destiny or fate allowing him to continue for another four years. So this power I talk of, is not in our control. How many times, when maybe a relationship or career was not meant to be? No matter how much you persevere or try to retain what you had, change takes place. Then, later you look at your life and say to yourself, I’m glad that happened or the opposite can occur, when you didn’t change your circumstances and then you have deep regret.

With President Trump, he must be saying and is saying, if this vaccine company had come out a couple of weeks earlier saying what is being said now about the vaccine, he would have won the election. Something else in the past two days has also happened, which would have kept him in office. It was seen the share price had fallen dramatically with many big companies over these past few months. Now, these shares have risen by some 30 and 40 percent, showing someone has made a lot of money on gambling. Events were showing President Trump was not in control as circumstances and consequences were accouring that clearly showed he was not to continue as the President of the U.S.A. President Trump throughout his all life has gone against advise and fought against adversity, which shows he will continue to fight his own personal battle. He has 88 million Twitter followers and he has received 70 million votes, as it’s already being said he could create his own media company. His family are saying they could create a string of hotels for Trump believers throughout the country. He could more importantly for him, not for the world, create a new political party that would dramatically weaken the Republic Party he was part of.

He had such a following because he promised those people what they call in America the Rust Belt, industrial areas that were once the giants of America’s booming economy. Now, these large areas of manufacturing are wastelands with no prospects for the future with jobs. Failure by the new President to address these problems will find that you can’t put Trump the genie back into his bottle. In the bigger Picture, I believe and still believe, we will be at this metaphorical 5 TO MIDNIGHT FOR A LONG TIME TO COME. With the latest twist of circumstances of the soon to be former President Trump, we saw a miraculous turn around of events, you could not have seen in a film script. Events have consequences, like with ourselves, where in our lives we have a choice to take actions to change our lives. Hard as it may seem, if it’s meant to be in life, I use this metaphore THE RIVER Of LIFE, which shows without our control, we can be taken to places we never dreamed of reaching.

I’ve been given to talk of change for most of my life, and circumstances or fate have taken their course. Just in the past week, we have witnessed a situation where our grandchildren will talk of this moment and realise, this is the time to now address climate change. The new President elect has already said, every family in America will now have access to health care which in so many countries is already in place. In previous message blogs, I’ve predicted the future, which in given time will occur. In the U.K. big changes for the better will become ever closer, where we will not be a predominat military power as in the past. The results of this action will make our country a far happier place to live. We could say goodbye to having nuclear submarines and spending the billions of money on new affordable homes, I’ve spoken of before. I believe private developers must not be involved in such a large Housing programme. I´ve mentioned before many times, we should have a National Owned Building Company. We could, as I’ve said before have seven industrial centres that are placed at strategic points in the U.K. one being in Wales and in Scotland. We should have INNOVATION being at the top of our list for the U.K., with entrepreneurship hand in hand and made a subject for learning and exploring new ideas in all schools. We would see all children, many who don’t have caring or loving homes having the equality of learning equal to every other child. We would have schools that equalled the Eaton and Harrow schools for the privileged, schools that would have great diversity of curriculums, schools for children, who have outstanding abilities at a very early age. We would still be a power in the world by leading with a different out look on life, but contributing to world affairs in the way we have always done. With our new outlook on life developing enlightened thinking and developing a new and happier system in how the world could live. Education would expand with inspirational ideas, giving children the belief that nothing would suppress the idea that something might be impossible. We would become self sufficient with the majority of our food, and most importantly seeing justice and equality reaching everyone. With teaching we would illustrate to all children, nothing in this life comes for free. All dreams and ambitions can be achieved by hard work, great endeavour by having inspirational mentors with you. Such thoughts and dreams are not impossible, but helping to resolve the climate change his the responsibility of everyone, not just for governments alone.

I believe, this last week, with changing events, and the possibility now of seeing other companies progress with other vaccines that in time can elevate and remove this virus. This hope of seeing further light will eventually bring us to the end of this tunnel, no one could have imagined twelve months ago. My thoughts are born out of my experiences, and I hope I can see my return to Banska Bystrica, to join the beautiful spiritual ladies, who will not age doing what they will love in making our Kompas Ship sail further. But I cannot say it will happen, when I would like it to happen, because like each of us, it’s my believe, this river of life I talk of, could drop any of us off at a place we never dreamed of.

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