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"How to think and live differently..."

February 3rd

4.00pm. As every community seems to be living under siege, limited to where they can go, they all have their own personal stories of how they are coping with life, with the many restrictions they face. Two of my daughters live in an area where a French Patisserie opened only just before Christmas, and anyone who has a sweet tooth would find it impossible to pass by, without dreaming of having a taste of such beautiful confectionery, they specialise in and had on display. Gateaux’s and Opera cakes with layers of coffee syrup with chocolate ganache, a mixture of chocolate and warm cream. They had buttercream cakes and pastries with marbled icing and cream, and many more irresistible cakes. The prices I won’t mention, as with a cappuccino, you would not afford to have a couple of children with you. But I was told, queues of people formed most of the day to collect and wander off eating these dream items. My daughter said some people are so starved of treats, they made this a call if just once a week. I was told one of my daughters was finding it hard not to go, so she went twice a week.

This though is an area that is exceptional, and does not fit into the same picture book, where many are struggling to survive, especially if you have children still at home. There are many pressures on house holds and many disadvantages are hitting families and children. Those who are fortunate to live in areas close to the natural beauty of their countryside can make their escape. Such households can find a healthier way to live by taking regular walks removing children or adults from the feeling of being locked in and free from TV or further depressing news. Again, many living in cities in high rise flats with children is another sad fact, that points to the last sixty years how wrong such buildings were built for families. In my thinking and world there would have never been such places allocated for families. The consequences are already being seen where many live in large conurbations of inner cities where bad housing was conceived by planners with no vision or of how children should live. For years the boredom of youth has brought gangs of violence, drugs and many other depressing activities that need not have been. The virus now highlights the plights of thousands of families who have never had a proper opportunity in having a better future, and soon if great steps are not taken, we will see social unrest appearing.

WE ARE REAPING WHAT WE HAVE SOWN. One shining star in the U.K. who appeared last year was a man called Captain Tom. A hundred year old man who had fought in the jungles of Burma during the Second World War began with a walking frame to walk around his garden a hundred times to raise a £1,000 for the N.H.S. hospitals. Captain Tom raised 39 million pounds showing extraordinary courage, and showing how much that age is no barrier to help others. He would talk with optimism saying, tomorrow would be a better day. Sadly his shining star past to a heavenly home yesterday.

Vaccination is now an expectation soon in every part of the world, although the logistics are immense and another year I’m sure will not see everyone vaccinated. Each country is having close concerns that all their population will be fully vaccinated as soon as possible. There are unwarranted calls from Germany and France accusing Astra Zeneca vaccines do not help the over 65yr olds in the U.K., when neither leaders can substantiate these accusations with any medical facts. This illustrates the pressures on every government, where each are having to pacify their own public that they are doing their best for everyone, but sending pessimistic messages to other neighbours is the opposite in trying to help each other.

We hear soon of electric cars taking all the car market as it will have zero emissions, and sales figures show in the first year of expectations 5 million cars could be sold. But nothing is ever rolled out easily. Electric cars can boast fuel efficiency, no noise pollution, and better air quality. But Tesla car batteries constitute Nickel, Lithium, and Cobalt. This will be one problem to over come, as more heavy vehicles will convert to electric power. It is said 180 Ib’s of copper is required for each car. Multiply this with the number of vehicles later being made, and copper resources will need to found in new areas. Suggestions have been made that copper can be found on various sea beds. More disturbance of the earths natural wealth will be destroyed, just like the Amazon rain Forrests and more. Another manmade problem is, how do we destroy the batteries when their life is finished? If I could meet Elon Musk I would ask him one question, What´s the most important thing to do for future generations and save our planet Earth? Flying to Mars or trying to find the way how to destroy those death batteries? Are millions of cars, whatever variety, driving everyone from A to B the answer to our future way of living? OF COURSE NOT. We have the crazy system of millions of cars polluting the earth now.

We have to use our imaginations to think differently and to live differently. Again as I have quoted AlBERT EINSTEIN so many times about imagination, as he had been one of the most exceptional enlightened minds there has ever been. Albert would put IMAGINATION above all greater knowledge and wisdom. Repeating myself, we don’t teach imagination, and of course you can encourage and inspire anyone’s mind to think out of the conformity box we have all been placed in. Our limited progress shows in all the turmoil and crisis, we now face in the world. Individuals who think differently have always been castigated and shown or undermined as being weird, odd, unconventional and slightly mad. Our present world is controlled by a few with power, wealth, and greed. But I must emphatically say all wealthy people don’t fit into such circumstances, as many give their wealth to help less fortunate people in our society. It is said money has no value if good cannot be created from wealth. Imagination, let us look at future travel. The future does not guarantee hundreds of years ahead if we don’t create a better world for everyone to live a happy and healthy life. TRAVEL, imagination can create ideas that can provide all necessary travel without everyone having to own a vehicle. Eliminate profit that goes to one company or individual can create a transport system, where cars are not needed. Add the cost of the present system of manufacturing all those vehicles and the cost of fuel presently going to the one country, who has that resource, and multiply further costs. Astronomical.

We must progress to new thinking and time is not on our side as we see the destruction now of our planet. Nothing is impossible and I’ve said before this present new young generation will make leaps and bounds with their imagination to create a better world for all. I’ve been given to see many aspects of the future and it’s a far better brighter outlook than one might imagine. Energy can be free to our planet if we rule out individual material ambitions and think as human beings acting as one. I said in my last message blog I was given these words THERE IS DIVINE PLAN. We have been given a planet where there is already a creation of sheer beauty that man himself cannot create. With planet Earth, man has the ingenuity to grow enough food to feed the world. We have grown in all aspects of technology and our grand parents could never recognise or believe what we have, to make things easier in many ways. The downside, past generations could say, human kind has not progressed at all in the last hundred years. They can see and say, war has not disappeared nor poverty and cruelty. Injustice and equal opportunity for all has not occurred. They will see human beings still do not understand the meaning of life as we each are spiritual beings with spiritual energy that cannot die. Such lack of understanding causes uprising with wars and atrocities because larger economies cannot see why some people takes extreme actions. Those previous generations can say, they still see individuals getting into power just like they did centuries ago, and subjugate their people, so they have full power and control over everyone.

They create fear to intimidate and eliminate those who protest. Isn’t this the case now being seen in Russia where an individual who believes there is a better way forward , if there was I free democratic vote for all. The majority in Russians are below 35 yrs years of age, all having dreams that they could have a better future with the ever growing knowledge and talents, each person can possess. Russians scientists have created a vaccine called Sputnik V which they have approved to hopefully prevent severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus. Some U.K. scientist say, this must not be judged by their present political system, but by their science alone. Russian science put the first man in orbit, what if they had been allowed to progress their political freedom and see it grow like their science. This would fit exactly to what my vision showed me 2012 that Russia would prosper just like the U.S.A did in the mid 1950s. I was given to see thousands emigrating to Russia as land was being given with a better future in sight. At the moment there are only six million people living in the large Eastern area next to China’s border. This figure was given to me, showing within a few years the population will grow to fifty million and I saw many people moving from western societies. Russia’s wealth is in its young, although they have many resources below ground. A new liberal democracy would see a new trading relationship with Europe, and see the U.K. become part of this new trading relationship too. The U.K. would become close partners in many new trading ventures with Russia, and in the many sciences and arts too, as a new renaissance would emerge in all cultural activities. The ordinary man of Russia would see themselves living in a golden age they had never seen before. With imagination and belief you can climb any mountain. Heaven can be created on earth. It’s my belief this higher power I talk of could make an entrance in the world and transform in the way we think and live.

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