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"Humankind can go forward..."

October 21st

3.30pm. Opinions grow every minute in the U.K. over the handling of this virus, and almost every day you hear someone saying, when are we going to have an inquiry of how things have gone so wrong. Of course the finger points to the present government, but the finger of responsibility falls on so many previous governments, who have cut funding in so many areas to try and save money. Why is this? Because as I’ve said before we have had in the U.K. incompetent governments with no vision of the future for the last 70 years. You can use the same analogy when seeing a property fall slowly into disrepair over the years, and it’s clear to see that in the coming years those cracks in the walls will grow bigger, when you know one day there will be a reckoning. This situation of monetary cut backs and lack of investment in the U.K. economy over this long period has been foreseen just as night follows day. As history as shown certain individuals do appear when leadership is required to turn the tide of events. Are the majority of people in the U.K.happy and confident with how we are managing this crisis? The answer is definitely not. So is there a Winston Churchill going to step forward, where someone could inspire a nation and give everyone hope and confidence? I believe a crack appeared in the government wall over the last ten days when the Mayor of Greater Manchester was not going to accept a government offer to put nearly three million people under another lockdown without adequate compensation for lower paid workers.

For the past several months the government have not developed a track and trace system at a local level which I suggested from day one in our message blogs. I sent yesterday morning by first class post our message blog with its coloured images that add poignancy and power to our held views, giving our support to Andy Burnham. The surrounding issues showed clearly, we have a government and opposition who are lost in the way forward. It appears Liverpool and the Lancashire area that have been put into a lockdown for the next month were bullied to accept the offer being made. Some of the individuals who were involved in this process felt they have no choice and were pressurised to agree. I have to believe, we have adopted as I’ve said before, the wrong policy and way to tackle this virus.

I mentioned in our last message blog The Barrington Declaration was a different way forward, and yesterday a lady member of the House of Lords also mentioned this too. The lady professor Sunetra Gupta I’d spoken of before in our message blog, where a couple of months earlier she was on the TV programme Any Questions with the billionaire entrepreneur John Caudwell. They both spoke common sense and were in broad agreement with one another, which is quite rare to hear. Sunetra Gupta spoke then about the realities of life and death in the world, as she was not trying to belittle the virus, but to view and act in a different way. She said there are 163 million people in the world who die because of not having enough food each year. Then let me add these facts of what the human body can fall victim too. In the U.K. 165,000 people die of cancer each year, 450 deaths each day. 36,000 people die of a stroke and heart failure. 87,000 people died in 2017 of Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. 30,000 people die of Pneumonia each year, and around 17,000 die of flu. Each are terrible statistics. The death total on the coronavirus in the U.K. is now nearly 44,000 people, but half of the deaths wouldn’t be here, if we had done the right thing at the very beginning.

Repeating what I’ve said before, the Barrington Declaration suggested, THESE SCIENTISTS BELIEVE THAT THE CORONAVIRUS IS RUNNING A PREDICTABLE AND FINITE COURSE, RATHER THAN RUNNING OUT OF CONTROL. LEAVE IT ALONE, THEY SAY, AND COMMUNITIES WILL SOON ACHIEVE HERD IMMUNITY. THE VULNERABLE SHOULD BE GIVEN “FOCUSSED PROTECTION”, WHILE INDIVIDUALS SHOULD ACT AS THEY SEE FIT, BASED ON THEIR OWN PERCEPTION OF THE RISKS. Following these thoughts where are we all going? We can see further ahead as I said from day one it will not be the virus we should worry about, but the consequences we are seeing now where eventually the economy could collapse and produce far greater risks to society. So another month later, there will be more businesses collapsing. Words like destitution are being used by a powerful lady who’s been in government 20 years. She said you would see some women being forced to prostitute theirselves to provide food and money for their children. These are dire warnings, I’ve seen a long time ago which would escalate into a society of chaos.

Fourteen years ago in my book New Foundations, I saw these big changes, and we would need the equivalent of the national guard which is used in a time of emergency. But there will be a silver lining. You will see breeches in the government wall where further areas in the North of Of England will not go forward with the policy’s of Boris and his bunker cabinet. We have to break away from the grip the E.U. have over us even if we get no deal. We will succeed, metaphorically in sailing a new ship with trade and creating a new identity for ourselves in the U.K. When new ideas like the Barrington Declaration occur, can politicians find the will and strength to see change of direction is needed, and accept they were wrong? It will be the will of the people who will bring change as I’ve was given a message some twenty odd years ago. CHANGE WILL BEGIN WITH A RIPPLE, THAT WILL GROW INTO A WAVE, THAT WILL EVENTUALLY ENGULF THE WORLD.

We are two weeks away from seeing the removal of President Trump, as America has passed through one of its darkest hours where the most powerful country has been represented by the most obnoxious person possible. His failure has been not to unite all African Americans and eradicate forever all the injustices they have suffered these past 400 years. President Trump, if he had been the right man could have opened doors that would have seen steps towards abolishing nuclear weapons where only then can humankind can go forward. So one must believe better days can appear. So let’s believe that with those who present different ideas can be heard, and hope a vaccine may appear sooner than later. There are many thousands of people with enlightened minds already helping those migrants trying to reach safely, but news ideas are needed to resolve the many problems there are in this world. Eventually when the right sphere of thinking can synchronise, we will see new thinking to replace the destruction and devastation that has affected many countries. The art of the impossible is achieved by those who believe that everything is possible. This is one of the legacies we must leave this new young generation. We can see a new dawn tomorrow if we can believe there is a better way in life.

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