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"If you can believe ... "

January the 23rd. The time of the day is 4.30am and I’m sitting in front of a log fire. This is not how I normally start my day. I started these blogs a year ago, as I have to believe that the powers that be, wanted me to release some of the messages and thoughts and answers I’m given. Your day starts, or it does with me, when your mind starts to be active with a myriad of thoughts that swirl around in your head knowing, you have got to do something positive with them. Your mind or brain is like a large filing cabinet where you store such thoughts and ideas, and as Albert Einstein said they ferment just like when making a good wine. If it’s a good idea or dream, you will never let them go. How many times have you heard of film directors or some famous film stars who’ve tried for years to get an idea made into a film. I remember reading about Kirk Douglas, who purchased the rights of a book in 1962 called “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.” Kirk put this story into the theatre, but believed there was a film there. Hollywood originally thought the idea was too off beat and even down beat, being about a mental institution. It took Kirk ten years to find finance then, and with the help of his son Michael it became a successful film winning three Oscars. So with each of us, we have ideas and dreams filed away in our minds. I’ve been in this place though since I was fifteen, saying just like Bobby Kennedy “I HAVE DREAMS LIKE NO ONE ELSE AND SAY, WHY NOT.” Many of my dreams, I’ve made a reality, because many if not all have been given to me as I’ve said before by spiritual powers we can all touch, IF WE CAN BELIEVE. I mentioned a few weeks back, there was a powerful negative force around me, and negativity can be detrimental to anyone’s health and well being. In fact negativity in close quarters, whether it be family or friends, can ruin your life and eventually shorten your life. I can say metaphorically my ship was diverted four times in the past few weeks in a way, I could not believe, and yesterday was another big move to put me back on course. You, the reader can say exactly the same, when someone try’s to prevent your dreams. I’ve said before with my five children I’ve never disclosed the path I’ve been given to walk, which has been right by my thinking. I’m the good loving father, always encouraging my children and making them believe they can equal anyone in this world, if they follow their passion and love. There are certain people who enter your life when you can acknowledge that they have said something or given advise that can change your whole way of thinking. That person will not be conscious of your thoughts or mind set. Yesterday, I met a young man who I believe was instrumental in how my metaphorical ship would sail further. Probably I will not cross his path again, but unknowingly he gave words that could save me a lot of money, which later can be diverted into the visions and dreams I have.

Once, while in Banska Bystrica, I was on the edge as to whether I was to return to England and my vision was not to be fulfilled. I had no plan B, how to confront a bad weather, I began to face in October 2011, as I was still painting outside on a tower scaffold, ten feet high. Providence then stepped in, as it did yesterday. In 2011, I was given to go to a shopping mall in Banska Bystrica, I didn’t even know existed. After getting a reply from a letter from the shopping mall manager, I met a young man of about 36 years of age. He spoke fluent English and had studied in the U.S.A, and also worked in Ireland. I can pick up good or bad vibrations, when I meet people and also when someone is indecisive with making decisions. This young man was positive and had a good personality. I put my story to him and asked, if I could put my large painting in his shopping mall. I had already told to my two colleagues, before we entered his office, exactly where the painting would go. It would be just a few metres from his office door on the third floor, as there was a large window recessed that provided a space that would not be in the way of people walking past. I was with this affable young charming man for thirty minutes, and he had said yes, WITHOUT EVEN ASKING WHAT I WAS PAINTING. Several months later , I asked one of the young women from his office about her opinion, why Michal had given me permission to paint here without even seeing or knowing what I was painting. She said,”HE BELIEVED IN YOU.” Many other artists approached me asking, how I’d been able to set up this painting in the shopping mall. I said, PROVIDENCE. They could not understand me or even what my painting represented. It was just the same, when providence had me meeting seven beautiful young spiritual women in Banska Bystrica. Twenty five years ago, I was given a message that there would be certain people on my life path, who would give me help, and this has actually happened. I was also shown those that have been there to give me help, will see me one day book a flight to Hawaii for all of them along with my family. This would be a thank you gesture. That young man of yesterday I’ve spoken of, will one day be one of those people. Along with this list of people, will be the Shopping Mall manager with his wife and son, as his wife too gave me help, while I was in that Mall for nearly three years.

On the Sunday past, I received a message which I have no control of when this occurs. I was given the date of MARCH the 14th. What was the message? A certain important person will be assassinated. I cannot disclose more, because in many situations, when I was being given clairvoyant messages, I felt it would not be right to reveal everything what I could see in other peoples future lives. The messages I’m given, I have to believe, bring hope and sunshine into people’s lives.

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