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"Imagine ..."

May 20th

3 pm. The day began with good news from Elena saying the lockdown in Slovakia was coming to an end, where they had reported 28 deaths giving it one of the lowest per capita in Europe. In Banska Bystrica, where Elena lives more shops and restaurants are opened along with their large Europa Shopping Mall. In the U.K. glorious sunshine was the menu of the day, being called a mini heatwave, although with later warnings of a thunderstorm. The last part sounds very reminiscent to where we are in the U.K. Sunshine can lift everyone’s spirit, as it can stimulate your imagination which is the key to changing how we think and how we live our lives. Experiencing such sunshine can make you feel as though you can psychically fly. With my imagination, I see one walking along the silver sand beach or barefoot through the cool dew of the long green grass that has just seen the sunrise. For once I see more human beings as I walk through the park to post a letter to my youngest daughter. From usually seeing no one, I can now count five people, and there are no children to be seen at most times of the day. I must believe they have all been evacuated to another galaxy.

I’ve spoken before, it’s not just the virus that’s dangerous, but more so the consequences of hundreds of thousands having to deal with the pain of losing their job. I saw on TV a young woman in their early thirties have to accept she was having to claim benefits for the first time in her life, as she had always worked in an office. She said most offices are now closed, and she had applied for numerous jobs but being put on a long list like many others. She was more than emotional as she was now coping with a new uncomfortable reality. Another young man of 32 yrs was completely despondent having always worked hard and now had a newborn child and felt hopeless now not having a job and being able to support his family. These are just two stories that are facing an ever-growing number of consequences to this virus. I’ve never seen or heard in my life before where yesterday a government Minister was acting as a recruiting sergeant saying to those without work to apply for fruit picking jobs to help their income. We are in changing times as our economy appears to be in free fall at this moment in time. Our present U.K. Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak announced yesterday quite truthfully saying, he can’t save everyone’s job, and it’s going to be a long slow road to get back to where we once were. From March 12th to April 12th this year job losses amounted to 20,236,000 U.S. residents with a frightening prospect of soon reaching 25 percent of unemployment.

So what have I been shown if I’ve been given a glimpse into the future which now coincides with where the world is today. I’ve mentioned before five prophesies I was given in Banska Bystrica in 2012, where one I was told the Chinese politician XI JINPING would be in a THEATRE OF CRISIS. That crisis is here for him now, and the consequences of the Coronavirus have heightened tensions between China and the West which have made things more perilous than ever before. President XI JINPING is now in the pole position of political power and with his leadership he commands immense power on the world stage. Why was I told in 2012, if XI JINPING approached the new Korean leader KIM JONG UN asking him, WOULD YOU LIKE TO TAKE A GIANT STEP WITH ME TO DENUCLEARISE ALL MILITARY WEAPONS? THEN TOGETHER WE WILL INTURN APPROACH EACH COUNTRY TO DO THE SAME. This momentum would follow very rapidly, as there would be no one who could stop this idea going forward. By the time it reached the U.S.A. world opinion would not accept anyone who refused this offer that would dramatically change the world for everyone. It would be the only chance the world would have, as time is running out in many directions. Fear would be removed from every political leader and throughout the whole world. I was told President XI JINPING would be the most revered man in the world. Now look at how the world teeters on economic recession and further catastrophe has another seven years of hardship facing everyone. There is another path and another answer. The world´s leading powers would sit down focusing on a major plan of economic growth, where together such plans would help every country big and small in the world, to grow their economy in tandem with each other. Militarism would no longer exist. Climate change would be coordinated with each country. Present wars would be eliminated. Those leaders who had brought their demise would no longer have control. This new body of large powers cooperating together would create and control a model of rebuilding and growth, that would be financed by a world bank. Future expeditions into the universe would become one human body of mankind.

This list could go on and on. It would take time, but the realisation is, there is no other path, or you would see an escalation of crisis after crisis. Remember, I was given this theatre of crisis for four other leading world figures. Time, we don’t have. Those sceptics and those leaders who held power with a threat over many could not argue about where the world presently is. This is just the bones I can give in such a small message blog. A new body of thought can begin to be put together now. All the newborns, all the children of this world can have a future where their dreams can come true. The troubles with different factions of the Moslem faith would unite and become one. Iran would rebuild its incredible history where scholars and artisans with the help of Saudi Arabia would see an awesome city built, that would attract millions to this spiritual site. The pain of the Palestinians would be at an end as Israel would become a future trading partner and a great friend on a new path. Both economies would flourish and together they would make the desserts bloom with irrigation and new food products.

Russia would become a major new trading partner with the U.K. and together would be part of a greater trading block in the European Union. Russia, this large country would have a renaissance of cultural activities, its scientists would be the leading figures in the exploration of the universe. Its inventions and entrepreneurship would bloom with enormous growth across the whole of the Soviet Union. These are not dreams but could be a reality. We see the present path leaving a legacy of despair to this young future generation and one of being impossible to repair in their lifetime. Look at this moment in time where this Coronavirus plague is attacking human life everywhere. Mankind has the ingenuity and science that can and will eradicate this virus, but at this moment in time we can only assume sooner rather than later. But the biggest plague on our earth is the mass of nuclear weapons that can eliminate all known human life in seconds on our beautiful earth. This gift has been with me throughout my life, with a purpose to reveal there is a greater spiritual power but to show clearly there is a better way to progress than the present road we have made. Remember John Lennon, the individual who could not accept the constraints of his society and became a rebel with his friends who went off to Hamburg to fulfil their dreams. We all know his song IMAGINE, that haunting and beautiful melody with poignant and profound words. These are just a few lines of this memorable song:



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