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November 15th

Sunday 3.02pm. I’ve mentioned before, I now live next to the park shielded by trees on both sides of my home. The sun is shining, and it’s windy and bitterly cold, with a surreal silence coming from the park opposite me. I’ve not seen or heard the normal sounds of birds today and not seen the occasional squirrel. I did not know animal or bird life observed Sunday as a day of rest, as usually today only one out of a thousand would know, it once stood for a day of rest. Lockdown has many consequences, as present governments are now tackling another wave of Covid19, which is being described by many as the third wave. In America, there are Covid19 infections which are collectively reaching 100,000 a day and their economy is trying to recover from its biggest unemployment since the 1930’s. President Trump until January 20th 2021 is still holding out about his election was stolen. I’ve said though before, he will not retire graciously, but without surprise begin to fight for his political position by shepherding his 70 million voters to believe Trumpism is not dead. I believe, he will try to keep his ideology alive, because the nature of the man is to not accept defeat. As one can read, not just one vaccine is on the horizon, but more than a few which is good positive news, as many arms of hope are trying to reach out with help for everyone, with the many countries struggling to cope with the virus when it comes to hospitalisation. We are in a time and place where technology does not have boundaries which is good, because life is, and will change drastically in the next twenty years. Anyone who has a child still at school can see and reflect their knowledge is far greater than when their parents were at school. It will be this generation that will have to find the answers far better than the present incumbent governments that hold Office now.

Some things don’t change as I’ve just read, boats carrying around 2,200 unauthorised migrants arrived on the Canary Islands last weekend. According to the International Organisation for Migration, around 11,000 migrants arrived on this holiday island this year, where 414 people are reported to have died attempting the crossing. Most coming from West Africa and now being sheltered in tents in the tourist town of Morgan, on Gran Canaria.

I would think it’s easy to predict the future over the coming years where thousands more migrants will arrive while wars, poverty, and economic collapse is rampant in so many countries. It’s inevitable where a collaborative effort by all economic powerful countries can together and have a joint effort to help and extinguish this despairing never ending bad news. Who can blame people choosing to try and have a better life where presently no hope exists for them? Yet, we cannot bring investment, stability and new hope to such countries, while the world grows more disjointed, and has to continue fighting this virus for another six months and more.

A vaccine or not. The House of Boris is in a process of collapse, as I’ve predicted he will have to retire soon. Every newspaper claims his last twelve month in office has been chaos and again hearing that much used word SHAMBLES. His main advisor, Dominic Cummings and his director of Communications Lee Cain, have faced the wrath and axe of Prime Minister Boris Johnson‘s fianc’ee Carrie Symonds. It’s been seen from day one, not just by myself, but by thousands of political viewers, who’ve followed the folly of Boris and his cohorts, where those who voted to leave Europe stuck by him having no present alternative leadership. In the next week we, that 17.4 million majority in the U.K., who voted for our sovereignty to be returned, will soon see whether Boris will renege on his past promise to have a no deal rather than a bad deal. It’s taken four years to get this far, with a Prime Minister Theresa May, who was an embarrassment to our country with her inept leadership. Now the crown and the description that’s been given for Boris and is being used regular, shows him to be INDECISIVE. Many kings of industry said, we could have had a decision in the first four months of 2016 if we had put our strong bargaining cards on the table. I’ve said these past forty years, you could pick ten good men and women from society, and they could have made a better job than any Prime Minister we have had over these years in the U.K. But we are where we are, and thousands face uncertain days before 2020 is over. Boris has had to rely on his Svengali advisor Dominic Cummings, who navigated his own strategy to bring Boris into the office of power in 10 Downing Street. He tried to change the treasury where elitism is rampant and great change was needed. But leadership does not hang on to advisors at every decision, and this showed how weak Boris is. Now that his fianc’ee is able to be an influencer in these dire circumstances the U.K. faces, it will not be a surprise to hear mutterings of a Coup d’ etat getting ready to take over, as the signs show there is an inevitability for another probable pillar to collapse soon.

I’m sure in most countries, where common sense isn’t prevailing large sums of money are being wasted like never before. That’s my assumption having heard yet again we the U.K. government, who uses tax payers money paid twelve billion pounds to company, who had no experience in track and trace. The news suggests that this company is not accountable for the failures that still continue.

A lady venture capitalist was appointed to head the U.K’s Vaccine Taskforce, who is married to a Treasury Minister, and she was criticised for racking up £670,000 bill with a PR firm. But she was also criticised for allegedly disclosing sensitive information about the vaccine programme. She is due to stand down from this post at the end of next month. What does this say as we have seen money by the millions wasted, and contracts given out like pieces of chocolate cake? It would appear it’s who you know, and who are your friends in this elite group, with no business acumen. Business leaders must be spitting feathers at hearing and witnessing some of the decisions being made, and witnessing millions wasted to a staggering degree.

The lady of Thread Needle Street is the figurative and address to the heart of the British Banking in the centre of London, established in 1734. I created the real building collapsing in a painting I did in 2008, and it showed on one of the fallen blocks where I actually painted 2005, as the date I received this vision and message.

Am I witnessing the inevitable collapse soon of the present banking system? I’ve written many times, where a new Government banking system is in dire need of change. I’ve wrote in previous blogs of over £67 billion were paid out in the last 15 years for misconduct, compensation, aggressive sales culture, legal fees and more. If any other business had attracted these actions, they would have seen jail or forced to close. We are though again where we are.

In the past week, the official coronavirus figures to November 13th in the U.K. have been rising by nine percent each week. They now show, that in England, a total of 620,000 people had received the infection, and the U.K. holds the highest number of deaths in Europe, which is now over 50,000 people. Another number of twelve thousand deaths have been reported, and can probably be added to this unwanted list as its believed many people died with undiagnosed virus symptoms. It’s not good reading, but my belief does not thrive or energise on negative and unpalatable truths there presently are.

My behaviour or thinking does not make U TURNS or question my beliefs. I talk of them, not to persuade other people to differ in their own views and beliefs, as I say I belong to no prescribed religion. With the gift I’ve been given, I try to navigate through the many barriers and doors that don’t permit such thinking. My metaphorical canoe continues with the help of my good friend Elena who resides in Banska Bystrica, where against great odds, we don’t give up. I believe that the biggest meaning with many paintings that have shown part of this journey, is to help disadvantaged and unloved children. I’ve been lucky, where I’ve received much help on this path especially from many spiritual young women thinkers, I’ve mentioned before in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia. Yes, there are some people in the U.K., who have faithfully believed in the same dream and vision I’ve been given too. This weekend my spirit was lifted in the belief I have, that miracles and great help can be given to all if you can believe there is great spiritual power that exists. I’ve spoken sparingly and briefly about my youngest daughter, who faced death on four occasions in the previous year, and I’ve been helping her along with my other three daughters, son, and niece. She had, in these past eight months, a journey which is far from over where many others could have called it day. But with help and where she is, I’ve seen a miracle and seen this great spiritual power in action. She is still climbing a mountain and has faced many difficulties on her way, but I’m proud of the belief she has acquired and has her own faith. With her belief she will succeed in the journey, she presently walks.

We will each have our own experiences and face trials in this life, but if we can have that dream and find a purpose for our life it will be an easier road. Help like love, can appear unexpectedly when you do need help. I will finish this message blog in being positive as better times will appear. Throughout history the end has been near, but when the old order does collapse, you have to believe a silver lining truly does exist for everyone. In the film Gone With The Wind, the heroine Scarlet O’hara said with belief and hope in her heart, TOMORROW IS ANOTHER DAY.

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