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"Is this a Divine Intervention?"

October 4th

Sunday 3.36pm. October, a month, I predicted months ago to watch for, but I’ve been talking of the end of this month and I’m not a prophet of doom, but someone who sees as I’ve said many times a better way forward. The present reality shows the U.K. government don’t possess any intuitive thoughts, any vision and seeing each day have no common sense, which can give many a feeling we are entering some underworld in Greek mythology. I’ve used the Titanic before as an analogy as my readers know, and I’m using it again, because it was told world wide in 1912, the Titanic ship could not sink. Well where are we now? Such thoughts of how we would begin 2020 would be pure fantasy to millions. The economists, scientists, politicians, millions of others would have not agreed to any such prediction. Listening as I do to many news bulletins, and hear the comments of those politicians, who are the metaphorical crew stewards to this large U.K. Ship. The U.K. is the fifth biggest economy in the world, and many just like the Titanic don’t realise how much water this U.K. Ship is already taking on board. The blame game is already beginning, and it feels as though many, who have been responsible for their actions are not answering the questions now being posed. Many I’m sure are thinking of their escape route by getting metaphorically onto any U.K. life boats that may come available before a wild panic begins. What about everyone else on this U.K. Ship?

Well, the water level is already touching many businesses and many have seen their careers washed away. With a feeling of fear, stress, and anxiety, which becomes contagious, what will occur when more passengers find theirselves with no life boat too that might help them survive. CHANGE MUST COME, AND SEE ALL THOSE WHO HAVE BEEN PART OF THE PROBLEM, ARE NOT THE ONES TO THINK THEY HAVE THE ANSWERS. Headlines say about the student circus, IMPRISONED ON CAMPUS. What do I mean by circus? It’s been a circus where the clowns are in control, and no one mentioned in their positions of power what should have been months ago. If all these thousands of students return to each University, THERE MUST BE TRACE, TRACK AND THOROUGH CHECK service readily available. These are not hindsight answers, and I’m no rocket scientist, and there must have been thousands saying the same thing months ago. Well, Boris and his cohorts will eventually stand in the dock, and all those heads of seniority at the universities will be there too. How clever are they? Clever enough to invite new students to their universities and clearly show, how much they wanted their fees to fill their accommodation houses. Considering the battles already lost, and without the proper planning for junior schools to return after their long lay off and a further list of colossal mistakes, you could imagine there is enough to compile a book.

Questions are now being fired at Ministers almost like the creation of the first Maxim machine gun invented in 1884 about whether present lockdowns which are not working. Parts of the Greater Manchester area have seen lockdowns operating for weeks, and yet infection rates are doubling. This could be because more testing is taking place, and more isolation data is not being supplied efficiently enough to these authorities. Are streets and certain arrears, where the virus has taken hold being informed to the general public and more honestly told, how people can cooperate more with each other? A tighter restriction on more such areas would probably not need absolute lockdown in its neighbourhood which is crippling their local economy. I’ve criticised before Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, who many say he’s waiting to step into number 10 Downing St when Boris will leave with the pressures of the job. I would say Rishi too has been culpable for horrendous mistakes he’s made, by giving money out in a way as though he has an orchard of money trees. I said months ago, he was appeasing the hounds and public who were braying for more money to be given to them. These are the words from a journalist of The Times newspaper: The country cannot afford to maintain the furlough scheme, which will have cost A RUINOUS £60 bn when it’s wound down at the end of the month. Another newspaper said we cannot go back to this peaceful slumber as now this anaesthetic is wearing off and we are not through this metaphorical operation yet, as businesses are waking up to a nightmare scenario.

I’ve said before, when in a battle which is seen to be long and drawn out, you do not as every general knows commit all your main forces. The Chancellor cannot rely on low interest rates, and quantitative easing as a way of escape as we are already paying £47 bn a year in interest rates for our present debts. So his popularity will soon disappear when reality is fast approaching and this is just the beginning of a road that was seen when those early mistakes were made by scientists and politicians.

After voicing my concerns and opinion of President Trump in my last message blog, the world heard the following day he had contacted the contagious virus still sweeping the world. This was amazing news for the most powerful man in the world, who was a major opponent against the virus, which saw him and many of his White House staff in quarantine now. I thought to myself, Is this an intervention of that higher spiritual power, I’ve experienced throughout my life so many times? I have good reason to say that, as many of my message blogs have referred to places and realities that do not fit into conventional logic. I have to believe, I have an ardent supporter in AlBERT EINSTEIN as I’ve received his channelled messages some twenty years ago saying, Our planet Earth could not sustain the material growth being plundered from the Earth’s resources.

We have clearly been shown the escalating forest fires on a scale not seen before. At the weekend, it mentioned that trillions of tons of water are being released by melting glaciers into the oceans of the world. Droughts we’ve not seen before on a scale that sees dire circumstances around the world. In today’s news in Nice, in France, they have had floods which have never been seen before. For me, I ask myself this question. Is a DIVINE INTERVENTION NOW TAKING PLACE? The latest news I’ve heard as I write is that President Trump will be out of hospital very soon, perhaps tomorrow. We are now being shown the extremes of climate change and again, it’s a wake up call for the world. It’s my belief, anything to stop or hinder President Trump from being President again is beneficial to the world where peace and stability is required.

I wrote a book in 2010 called DIVINE INTERVENTION AT 5 TO MIDNIGHT. In that year, I had received a powerful vision. A few words will never describe what I heard and saw then, and what followed during the next four years. Part of that vision told me very clearly to go to London and see the Palestinians as they will help me. After writing the book, I did just that and they did give me help and more, if I needed it. Upon meeting the Palestinians, I had the same feeling as I have experienced in a previous vision journey to North America when I met many Native American Indians. They were very generous, very giving and they too had been denied their land and cultural rights.

Divine Intervention was present with me in 2012, when I tried to see Pope Francis and his predecessor Pope Benedict. I got the feeling, they fear such interventions and change of powers just like most politicians do.

These next four weeks could see the great changes I’ve been given to tell, but far more are to follow as changes have happened now that will not be reversed. A poll of over fifty of the top U.K. companies was taken, and all said they will not change a system of working from home that has proved successful. What does this mean? A different way our cities operate in the future. Businesses don’t have operate from the centre of a city, so companies can seek cheaper operating sights around the U.K. This will bring further investment to parts of U.K. that has been neglected these past 80 years. A river will flow where it’s meant to go, and this will see changes in how we live, and we will see changes that are yet unimaginable. So don’t dismiss such thoughts as Divine Intervention, for many can’t comprehend now where this river of life will go.

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