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"It’s all about your belief ... "

September 9th, 5.17pm

For once the sun is still out as I view nothing but trees where I guess at this moment in time I feel there are better times coming for all, because the present vibration and circumstances of our world is at a cross road. My week started from Monday, where by fate and thoughts, I met someone I’d not seen for 25 years, but I’d been given his name in the middle of one night weeks earlier saying, we should would meet. By accident this happened. I discussed thoughts with this man that I’m waiting as I’ve said before for the right time to go forward and create an audience on U Tube with eventually addressing those, who want to know about the true meaning of life and where their futures can lie. This former friend may have the ability I seek, but it has to be more than that, he would have to believe in me and my journey then where it might go. I’ve mentioned before when meeting the head of this big shopping mall, and after telling him my story, he said yes to bringing my big canvas into his new shopping mall. He never asked what I was painting, because later his secretary told me, he just believed in me. If I was to tell the extraordinary story of how I met important people in the Banska Bystrica authorities who gave me permission to go ahead and paint in their historical square. Many could have said, this man is crazy and rather mad. BUT THEY BELIEVED IN ME.

I carry a message where everyone can contribute to making a better world, for each person in my belief carries a spiritual spark, a light, a gift, no matter how big or small as we each have a small speck of time on the earth plane. We are all capable of helping and bringing sunshine into many other peoples lives, as I believe there is a new dawn of thinking approaching. On Tuesday morning, I was talking to my friend Elena in Banska Bystrica and I said, I did not have the right facility to photograph these paintings so I would have to post them to her. In jest I said, I could do with someone knocking at my door and doing this for me. Later in the afternoon, there came a knock on my door, from a friend I’d not seen for maybe two or three years or more, and before he left he photographed these paintings saving myself and Elena a lot of time and trouble. When there are such occurrences of people randomly coming into your life it’s called synchronicity and this in my thinking and belief is a divine spiritual energy, that has a good reason you are not aware of. This friend is a talented musician and many years ago I’d prophesied he will create a piece of music that will sit with some of the great composers of the past. I‘ve told him before, when my situation occurs I will afford him twelve months to go write and compose this music he’s been given to do, as I believe his purpose is to lift and delight many peoples souls. I would even afford him a place to visit in Majorca, because many years ago, I visited the room in Valldemossa, where Fredrick Chopin stayed in a relationship with the famous lady French author. Her non de plume name was George Sands and she wrote a novel while there called A Winter in Majorca. I’m saying this because I told my friend many years ago, he has famous spirit guides with him. One being Fredric Chopin, another Claude De Bussie who wrote Clair de lune, and in recent times Joe Meek who wrote the famous record called Telstar. Even while I was with him I picked up the spirit of Georg Friedrich Handel.

This is my belief and with the gift I’m given, I believe my friend is close to this time of fame. I then went onto tell him a story of when I met a young man in the year 2000 who had lost his wife to cancer. I said to this young man, You have Albrecht Durer, the famous German renaissance artist with you. I did not know this young man’s profession was an architect. Years later I met someone who knew him as he had told them the story of me telling him of Durer for after hearing what I said, he went and bought a motor home travelling Europe and making a living doing detailed drawings just like Albrecht Durer.

When my friend came into my home yesterday he sat where I paint and write. I’m surrounded by all my Indian paintings, so there is a powerful spiritual energy from my Native American Indian guides. My friend began telling a story of Thomas Edison’s name appearing on a tape. I said, Do you know I’m watching while I paint a film on Prime Video called Current War about Thomas Edison? Such synchronistic energy does occur, because earlier this morning, I heard on the radio news that New York and Shanghai would flood. Anyone who’s followed my journey knows I predicted this nearly two years ago and the date of flooding would be 2035. I’ve said before I have to return to Banska Bystrica to paint this scene which I believe has a portal of energy, just like the other eleven I prophesied in 2012. Scientists have now found out, why this glacier named Thwaites in West Antarctica is melting far faster than anyone had realised or believed. WHY? Because they have discovered about a kilometre down there are enormous deep wide channels that are permitting warm ocean water to flow and erode into the belly of the glacier. They say sea levels will rise to flood all major cities around the world. Again, I’m receiving as I have said all my life visions, messages, prophesies all that have come true and further ones that will come true now illustrating again, I will not be proved wrong.

This painting I’m to do, I would like it to be filmed, so people from around the world could tune into listen and believe the right action should be taken now regarding Climate Change and many other topics I would converse about. To carry what I’ve been given to know through my life has been at times like metaphorically climbing more than one mountain and walking long days through many deserts. I can say, I’ve met people on my journey who have helped me to get this far, and I too have many spiritual guides, who give most of the help and mental strength I’ve needed. Just like my painting regarding peace between Palestine and Israel. It is imperative that my painting must be allowed to tour all schools of learning in this area soon, to prevent a catastrophic escalation of war. The news this morning also said that many major cities would flood. We all know, more than ever before, how climate change is affecting our earth, and all major countries have to sit down now, not next year to collectively solve all the manmade problems that are moving in the wrong direction. We see in Western Sudan another portal area I’ve propheciesed as they are experiencing floods far greater than they have ever seen before. We are now realising that Climate change is responsible for a long list of continuing extreme weather conditions.

We now see on the Greek island of Lesbos a migrant camp housing over four times the facility offered, which was in a terrible condition, and now it’s on fire. There are now over 13,000 people living on the streets and this was a disaster just waiting to happen. Add the COVID virus which has seen this infection reach this mass of people, and now it’s being called a disaster area, as the European Union has just watched from a far. What a beautiful thought this could be, IF we were to see decisions made where these giant luxury liners who are just anchored doing nothing, some which can hold over 6,000 people, could be hired tomorrow and carry these unfortunate destitute people to safety. If we could hear Europe say, we will disperse these people with their families to safety to the countries of the European Union. These poor people are facing apocalyptic scenes. The Coronavirus is continuing to expand again around the world and the U.K. is now on this coming Monday, making a law, that no more than six people can be together other than in designated areas. These areas would allow schools and work places that offered safe working conditions to continue.

We have all seen on the TV each night combustible situations that could slip into dangerous times, one being India and China. Border incidents flare up and it seems the world is in a tinder box situation. A call shouts out from around the world for leaders of World Statesmanship to come forward and agree that the problems facing our planet cannot be solved in its present form. We are running out of time, but it’s clear there can be another way forward, if we can accept this earth is about humankind becoming one unit of thinking that can help each other. There is no other answer but watching and seeing daily flames of catastrophic proportions grow which eventually will engulf everyone, if a new direction is not found. I’m given to believe there is another way where every country will benefit and prosper, and we can put an end to poverty, decease, and wars. It’s all about your belief.

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