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"It’s never too late ..."

March 28 th

4.43 pm. At this moment in time, where I presently live, the wind blows making an uncomfortable sound as trees move as though being forced to dance to music they do not want to hear. It’s equals the uncomfortable news one reads or hears, coming from Myanmar, formally known has Burma, hearing of grotesque killings taking place of innocent children, and people who again took to the streets to protest against a military take over. This situation was shown to myself with the gift I have months ago, when seeing and hearing the disturbing news in Myanmar. Then though I was given to see more than I was prepared to say.


A few years ago I used to be invited as a medium passing clairvoyant messages to a church audience. I was given more to see about certain people, but I always understood the message must be to help people seeking solace at losing a loved one or to those seeking comfort about their future. I knew when to tell and when not to tell. Myanmar was one, I purposely didn’t mention months ago, because I knew and hoped the already inflamed position between people, and government might change. History, if it’s read right can help to not follow a same path. But societies don’t learn from past mistakes, so bad habits with certain authoritarian governments still continue. When some politicians grab power or it’s passed over by circumstances and events, it’s even seen to this very day, they all seemed threatened by fear. Powerful as political figures are, fear is their main enemy. Fear can be seen as a weakness, and of the probabilities of being overthrown. If I use this analogy, where in Russia when incompetent Tzars ruled, and had no real feeling or empathy towards their suffering people. They once sent soldiers on horse back using swords and gunfire which massacred many. Consequents from certain actions as they did then brought a revolution in Russia all growing from poverty, anger and despair. There is now a parallel with the same sort of massacre with protesters in Myanmar.

Another disturbing news item showed in the U.S.A. over the past few days, when Trump was in power, he separated over 500 children from their parents, when immigrants were crossing its Southern borders. It was months before the desperate children were united with their parents, and many did not succeed in finding their parents. Today, through poverty, drug wars and other uncomfortable readings, there is another flow of desperate people with children making their way to the U.S.A. through Mexico and beyond. This time the same immigrants knew before the former Joe Biden the politician spoke out against the barbarity of Trumps actions. Now, the same terrible circumstances at the American border are being repeated again. This time, children are being sent on their own as parents believe, this is the only way to help to save their children from having no future at all. Biblical scenes of a mass exodus of families are going to appear again, but the problem maybe far harder with further large numbers appearing before President Joe Biden’s term in office. The President is telling people not to come, but he knows his words will not be heard, so these enormous problems will be faced on his watch of being the new President. It’s a problem around the world that must be solved, and in the U.S.A., the opposition party the Republicans must unite to help America through a looming crisis. Seeing these distressing images of children from South America, one could not help but send prayers, for this enormous task to be resolved. It’s another loud message to every country, facing the same problems.

Through the beginning of the war years, a ship of Jewish refuges wanted to land in Great Britain. This ship was also refused entry to the U.S.A., and to other parts of South America. Eventually, they were sent back to the gas chambers in Germany. Common humanity did not exist for those poor souls then. Now, in 2021 this answer should be found and addressed.

I spoke in my last message blog of my prophecy telling of five world leaders, who could have changed the world. Two I spoke of, Vladimir Putin, and Angela Merkel, are both now falling stars, who still hold great powers to do good. A third name, I was given in 2012 was Xi JINPING, and at that time he had not yet been endorsed as their new leader, and I knew nothing of his background. I was told he could be the greatest Chinese leader. The prophecy said, he would hold such power in the coming years, that if he took a step in the right direction, he would be revered throughout the world. I’ve told I’d tried to make contact with the previous two world leaders, but with China, I did send my book called The Message to Beijing and to the Chinese Embassy in London, more than once. Part of this message I cannot reveal, but I foresaw that growing fears about North Korea. I was told then if would be President XI Jinping approached the young North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, and said I’m going to help North Korea to join the world community. President Xi Jinping would then have proposed to this young leader, If you make this step with me, we will declare to abandon our nuclear weapons. The condition would be, that China would then approach each individual Nation separately who had Nuclear weapons, and ask the same question, would you take that step with us to demilitarise all your Nuclear weapons. This action would have been made secretly with an ever growing list countries who would agree. Eventually, even Russia would have come on board, and the U.S. could not have said no, hearing of this profound plan that would bring prosperity, and peace to the world. The benefits for North Korea would have had a special financial plan made by all its surrounding neighbours, all benefiting with stability, and growing economic wealth. Russia would have their economic future expand ten fold as I told of in my last message blog. All the present problems China has today is through its own fears. It would disappear after bringing world peace which would banish fears from every country as a new world order would appear. But having described the previous two world leaders as falling stars, and with China’s present position as it is, can I say, President Xi Jinping is seeing his star fall too.

I’ve been given to believe, it’s never too late for anyone to change how they may feel over any previous believes or thoughts. It’s a message for everyone, where if you can take that first step in changing how you want to live your life, I believe providence can step in to help you. You have help in ways you could never imagine, when it’s difficult to go forward. I’ve talked of signs before that are given to each of us in many different ways. I saw a sign for me a couple of days ago. Thirty years ago I created a company to manufacture children’s stationary and paper play items. I began by writing and creating humorous characters with a short story on the back of exercise books we were manufacturing

In previous years, I’d been approached by a large retail chain, which could have seen this idea grow. But something told me the time was not right. In 2015, I was in similar position again, with this germ of an idea to create children’s humorous fun learning books. After meeting the C.E.O to a large retail chain in his home, and saying millions could be made with such books, just like Walt Disney who created new characters for his animated films. A few days later we met again. My next meeting with the C.E.O. made my psychic gift to activate as I saw the image of the Titanic ship sinking. The C.E.O. was a good man, and good Captain to his metaphorical ship, but in my opinion, from what I saw and felt, he had a lousy crew. I saw his business would soon sink, after he told me of his company was to acquire another a large chain of shops. Six months later, my prediction proved to be true, and those greater powers that are with me were saying, NOW IS NOT THE RIGHT TIME. Well back to this sign, I saw a couple of days ago. One of my daughters has two young children, one being two yrs old and a baby boy being six months old. My daughter was telling me the young boy loves eating a full banana with peanut butter on. I laughed at hearing this saying, “ I could create a young lovable fun boy who could pick up his fathers car, and I could create books for children.” The other young granddaughter had a beautiful coloured book in front of her, and she was placing stickers in this book. I said to my daughter, how much did she pay for this book and she said, she paid £8.00 for two, from the large multi stores Tesco. I said, I bet they have been made in China for that price. She turned the book around and to my shock and surprise it said SLOVAKIA. This was the sign for me, WHY ? With our Kompas charity that was conceived and born in SLOVAKIA, my whole purpose to life outside my family, is to use my gift with to create money to help unloved and disadvantaged children around the world.

In the 1990s, I came close to making millions with my art ideas for children. BUT FATE STEPPED IN saying, It was not the right time then, on this journey I’m making. But now, I have to believe, providence is going to step in soon, to help these children I talk of, with the gifts I’ve been given. In Slovakia, I already believe our charity has a crew of ladies who would sail tomorrow in our metaphorical logo ship, and I believe when the time and tide is right all will soon occur. This coming week will mark a time, when someone brought a message to help the world, but he was wrongly accused and ignored then crucified for bringing the word LOVE into peoples lives. Everyone has love within them, no matter how small, each person can make a difference to this world. Another week will pass this coming Easter before our next message blog will appear. HOPE AND BELIEF WILL BRING A BETTER TOMORROW.

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