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"It’s time to make bold decisions..."

January 27th

4.00pm Wednesday. Today answers are being sought for the devastating figure of over 100,000 people who have died in the U.K from Covid 19. It’s the highest figure of civilian deaths in a year since the Second World War. Such bad news is hard to comprehend, especially for the families and friends of those loved ones who have passed away. The Prime Minister Boris Johnson has apologised profusely saying, it’s his responsibility and offers condolences. The question is this is a battle we have been engaged with now these last twelve months. It’s a terrible defeat with this government under the leadership of Boris who has not just failed, but hopelessly failed. There is no shock or surprise in the direction or none direction where we have finished up. Failure, after failure from day one. This is the opinion of the majority of the country, and in my past message blogs twelve months ago, this word SHAMBLES emerged like a septic boil which never got lanced. The media used this word shambles in headlines, columns, articles daily, more than a thousand times, but added far more descriptive words than myself.

I guess, I know my history, when it comes to battles won and lost. During July in 1942 Great Britain fought the Germans in North Africa at the battle of El Alamein and we lost. It was a devastating defeat. Such was the bad loss of this battle, that Winston Churchill immediately removed General Auchinleck, as he wanted someone aggressive with new thinking. He required a man with the spirit of a tiger, who fully believed he was a winner and winner for his men and country. This is now the cold reality facing the U.K. An economic storm is coming with a force we have not seen for very long time, and we acknowledge this virus could be with us for a long while. There is a plus at the moment where we are presently winning in the vaccine programe. We have now reached a figure of 7.6million people who have been vaccinating. Questions over these last two days have been asked, whether the government recognises their responsibility of where so many bad decisions were made that brought about such a great loss of life. This is a simple question which is being constantly avoided by several professors who have been wheeled out onto the T.V. platform. I’m sure some of these scientists with their qualifications believe everyone else is ill informed or truly naive or dumb, when they start talking of bad luck, or the reverting to past years of underinvestment in the hospitals. As though we don’t already know about the negligence over the previous years by governments, which has always been guarantied through their lack of foresight. I have to say what many people believe, and so do some scientists that admit many of the mistakes that have been made are political. History judged the politicians and generals from the First World War as being donkeys who led millions of lions into the jaws of death. What will history write when this is all over with many more needless deaths still to occur and nearly bankrupting the country too? The answers given in Parliament and today’s briefing by Boris just play the same mantra by saying an inquiry is not the right time to be called. You don’t need an inquiry, where you spend millions, and have the pantomime like previous inquiries that take years, then produce not the right answers, and no one is held responsible for the large amount of deaths. An inquiry is just another defence mechanisms from hiding guilt and the truth, and allows in time incompetence to disappear as it usually happens.

A voice and a call by a former C.P.S ex prosecutor of the North West Nazir Afzal has instructed his lawyers to see, if there is any evidence to prosecute Boris Johnson for misconduct and gross negligence in public office, and what consequences should follow 100,000 deaths caused by disastrous decisions and the Covid 19 virus. ALBERT EINSTEIN once said, those who made the mistakes, are not the ones to put it right.

In October 2020, 14.5 percent of the U.K. had 16 to 25 year olds who were unemployed. There is a far greater number of people under 35 yr of age, many having a crisis, believing they are a failure. I know personally of some in this age group, where with university degrees, their careers and income have been blown away. Let’s not forget those ages above, where in my opinion, these people are still in their bloom of youth and many facing despondency about their present circumstances. I mentioned in my last message blog there is the beginning of a storm.

How do we get out of metaphorically seeing Rome Burn? Let’s use this analogy of the Titanic again, where there are so many hours left, to rectify this position of witnessing the ship sinking. You bring someone aboard, a commander with a strong character with charisma, who can lead people, and stop the haemorrhaging of bad mistakes that have been made. Then you enthuse and give people hope that the ship can sail and regain its former strength and direction. In a battle analogy you have the same sort of character, and you regroup your forces and fortify their position saying, we will do a surprise attack in the middle of the night. Such individuals appear at critical times in history making bold decisions to reverse the tide of events. I mentioned in earlier blogs not to spend billions with people and see no return other than believing it will be all over in six months and jobs will be saved.

In my opinion there is a plan that could remove despondency, and bring hope and belief and confidence to bring everyone back on track. There are a list of ways to tackle this virus and I will refer partly to the Barrington Agreement made by three eminent scientists. But let’s look immediately at the bigger picture and plan that’s needed to revive the economy and bring new hope. A plan, I’ve mention before where seven industrial hubs are strategically placed in the U.K., one being in Scotland and one in Wales. All having rail and far better motorways linked to each centre and a bigger airport in the North east for future expansion. We create a National Bank, specifically for big and small businesses that need to grow, and if any of those companies have ideas that are innovative for the future, the government must say, we will invest into the company with taking shares to help them. We can create a new culture that those who enter science, physics or anyone who creates ideas to help others in their country or the world at large, they become the new super stars. Those who have ideas that leap present boundaries will not be discouraged, as imagination, and those with creative minds will be nourished to fear nothing, if it’s to do good in the wider community. All those who are unemployed can take new training and careers in schools that covers all needed jobs for the future. Salaries could equate to training and bonus, if they pass the new trade or skill. We will have a plan for the next ten years, building new affordable homes, which I know social unrest will appear soon, unless the present dire situation does not disappear. We would have a National bank for mortgages that don’t cripple people or make them to be slaves, owning their homes with high interest rates. I’ve said before, this plan of affordable homes will be built and measured for all categories of income. We would have a National building Company, where homes are built not for profit of money like the present developers, but where everyone sees families housed and happy with the needs required. That’s profit we can see and touch rather than the present system, which sees people fleeced and robbed by their present builders.

You only have to see with the loss of lives at the Grenville tower disaster in London. The judgement has been made that it was corrupt in construction at every level of the building industry that built the fire trap, and still leaves thousands trapped in their homes where they can’t sell. We could see nurses and doctors from our own shores, trained without them having to take loans and bursaries. But it would be made conditional, if they left the country and had not given seven of those first years of service to their country, they would have to repay their training fees. I could write a book of much needed changes, but my small pocket book I wrote in 2006 called New Foundations a Time for Change, would already create a better way for a new parliamentary democracy, where women have equal say in every decision made. Our schooling system would change as the present one in my opinion is a failure, were those without academic prospects sees them fall into abyss of believing they are failures, and are not part of society. Each child is special, and would be part of one big family that would have ideals and dreams given to all to make a happier life. Everyone would have a choice of occupation, where they get fulfilment. There are situations with jobs that would be difficult to fill, so they would be paid extra, to do such jobs.

This list of changes is long, but hope and belief is a very powerful energy, where it would expand to everyone and later give understanding their is a meaning and purpose for everyone’s life. Who can argue with such thoughts where we can see the present government and system being thread bare of ideas or dreams of everyone having a happier healthy life. Incentives would be available to all to make this time and place better for their families and future generations of children. A new thinking that can harness a new found energy embracing such ideals of CAN DO, CAN ACHIEVE, CAN BE HEALTHIER, CAN BE HAPPIER AND ALL CAN BE A MORE GIVING PERSON. This is a better way forward.


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