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"Just waiting ..."

December 13th

Sunday 3.42pm. A day when the weather will not be remembered, other than by myself, of a day of continuing darkness. This is never good for me if I’m painting, as I’ve been witnessing rain fall throughout the day, and maybe someone, somewhere is preparing to build a Noah’s Ark. Well, maybe symbolically a Noah’s Ark is what metaphorically we in the U.K. will need to build, and stay afloat after December 31st disappears.

I’ve mentioned before, the BBC in the U.K. for the last four years has brought its supposing none biased view with the Leave Europe Campaign, right up to the present day of presenting further negativity, fear, and false reporting, which consists in my opinion to be a long list of uncomfortable news. If Joseph Goebbles, the once German Reich Minister of Hitlers propaganda machine from 1933 to 1945, was able to view how efficient the BBC has been, he would have applauded them. If this service had been operating in 1939, with the possibility of war with Germany, they the BBC would have seen the same Fifth Column ( a group trying to subvert its nation ) offering the German Military to wine, dine, and compromise with the then King at Buckingham Palace. The British public has endured countless dates when we should have have left the EU but with these Brexit negotiations with Europe it as been never ending. A good analogy to use is, the patient has suffered greatly these past four years with a prolonged toothache, which should have been pulled out on the first day of pain. It didn’t happen, but observers would have noted the great resilience, patience, and continuing endurance this island nation has when facing the main depressing adverse news of leaving the E.U. Boris Johnson has told his cabinet they now expect a no deal being made on Sunday evening, but if Boris has not taken his remember pills, we can expect a totally different outcome.

Again, Sunday evening will not reveal a decision, and for the exporting businesses they will still sit uncomfortably on a never ending moving dark cloud. At one point on Friday after seeing Boris being interviewed and hearing a constant barrage of criticism he has received from the many moaning remain voters, I genuinely felt empathy for him. I could have put my hands on his shoulder and said, Boris don’t let your shoulders or spirit drop, just stand firm, as the British public will stand with if you don’t weaken your resolve and decide to leave with a no deal. From my perspective, I’ve always been able to read someone’s body language and their mind if someone is carrying doubts, or about to hesitate. With Boris on Friday this feeling was palpable, almost like being called to face the head master and be caned. I can say this having experienced this situation at the age of eleven. Maybe my stubborn ways were emerging then. Headlines in the main Sunday News Papers told of Navy gun boats to be ready on January 1st, to safe guard our coastal fishing rights. France has been told, they will have zero access to British waters, if there is a no deal. These fishing rights were discussed and given away in 1973 by the incompetent Ted Heath Government, who’s favourite words was cordiality. These days of that era will be later called in history as THE GREAT DECEPTION TO THE BRITISH PUBLIC. My belief and opinion for a no deal says, there will a couple of years of a bumpy road to get adjusted to a new way of thinking, and travel in Europe we will adjust with new passports and new insurances for health will now be needed. We drive on the opposite side of the road to Europeans, but we get accustomed to their ways. I like many other travellers had to adopt to a different way of living circumstances whenever you visited Europe either for holiday or business. I traded for a few years in many European countries and always felt comfortable even before we joined the EU and spending a few years in Slovakia, I found the people beautiful, as they too had a great affection for the British.

In the U.S.A. it mentioned they had lost 3,000 lives in one day with mounting Covid 19 infections dramatically increasing, but now they too have the same vaccine as the U.K. and they have proved with the past, they are good with logistic’s and their CAN DO ATTITUDE. In the war years they would build an airstrip in a couple of days where we were still thinking about the same operation. In Germany, they too have had increased Covid 19 infections, where they are locking down for Christmas being on the 16th of December until January 10th. This action is wide spread across Europe. Here, in the U.K., the Government use fear tactics by saying hospitals will be overwhelmed with bed shortages, if we don’t take care at Christmas, never saying we have thousands of beds available which cost the Government £220 million but we failed to provide the staff. Today, like previous days we hear of terrible stories of patients not being able to attend hospital due to nurse shortages, and then dying with such consequences. These stories are just a tip of an iceberg the government doesn’t want to visit. Many, or even the majority of people in the U.K., this Christmas will not abide by these rules because they are being flouted by many who are in high powered positions. I for one will find it impossible, not see and visit my grand children at Christmas, as I too see so many fraudulent claims made by the government, where you cannot believe or follow what they say.

Again this familiar word of wait and see hangs over the U.K. but personally I received good news about my youngest daughter describing her journey in a metaphorical way of her climbing a mountain. Strength comes from belief in yourself and giving belief to your young ones, or with myself giving belief to those I know who have difficult situations to deal with. There are many circumstances with friends and family you cannot mention, but I’ve seen in what I believe at times to be a miracle where we must not dismiss such thoughts. Again I say the word miracle does not belong to the Catholic Church, as I believe with every new birth whether be a child or animal, or the birth of a new tree. Life itself is a precious miracle we still cannot explain or even contemplate how such creation evolves. Logic we say gives you the answer. Not so with AlBERT Einstein. One of his quotes:There is no logical way to the discovery of these elementary laws. There is only the way of intuition which is helped by a feeling for order lying behind the appearance.

There are so many facets to the attributes we are all given, but knowledge is not bought or purchased, but experiences in life are priceless, as they can be found by the mistakes you or I make. I talk of there being an higher consciousness at times, where this higher power I talk of can ofteninfluence you or in my case physically direct you to a place or what I have to do. I’m close to finishing the third painting of Jesus. Do I see a full scene before my eyes? No. Am I conscious of having help? Yes, because I believe my friend Elena who is on a high conscious level, helps me in many ways. I cannot nor can anyone get through life without the help of someone, and those ladies I talk of in Banska Bystrica, they too helped me in many ways just has Elena, my friend, does. But beyond this I believe there is another spiritual force trying to help everyone if you can have an open mind. Believing opens a vail of knowledge you cannot ignore, but slowly there is a vail that will be lifted to those who want to climb higher with the knowledge of life. When you put your head on your pillow tonight, and you are not happy or further problems are building up, just say, TO THE ONE WHO IS WITH ME, PLEASE HELP AND GUIDE ME TO GO IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION TO HAVE THE LIFE WITH LOVE BY MY SIDE.

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