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"Let them eat cake ..."

July 5th

3.00 pm. Saturday was lift off day for many cafes, restaurants, and pubs in the U.K. after a hundred-day lockdown. This particular day, I felt it was the wrong day to launch this event, in my opinion, which gave the impression to many of the young people the worst is over with the virus. Campsites and holiday accommodation were now open for overnight stays, where the government message was saying go out and have a drink, where another message they were giving, was saying act responsibly. How do some people interpret this message? Well, a poll of 70 percent of thinking people did not believe this convoluted message was correct, as many people are suffering financial pain as a momentum of businesses is riding this unwanted tidal wave of bankruptcies and entering administration.

The word PHONEY WAR was used in the early days of the Second World War which began on September 3rd, 1939, but an all-out war did not begin on this date. This next story shows how at times the British are portrayed as slightly crazy and eccentric, where I believe today sees a similar situation of not facing the true reality of the time. It was suggested in the early days of the second world war we bomb the Black Forrest in Germany with incendiaries bombs, to burn Germanies ammunition dumps. The then-Secretary of State for Air a Kingsley Wood said, “We can’t do that its private property.“ This sought of reality in my eyes exists time and again today in how we are running this war-like situation, as our prime minister is cast perfectly as a buffoon character in a 1960’s comedy film from the famous Ealing Studios. I made my regular trip on a Saturday morning to the main high street to post a letter to my youngest daughter. In the main market square, which I walked through received its first royal market charter from King John in November of 1207. That day the antique and collectors market was open and guidance tapes assisted anyone to walk in a certain direction rather than as usual walk casually to which ever stall you wanted to see. One could not help but feel empathy towards their situation, as few people had ventured out. It was soon seen where a once corner coffee shop had been closed and its windows were now covered in grey sheets. Many retail businesses, before the COVID 19 virus, were already seen to be on their last business legs due to a lack of money and fewer people were visiting their town centre. Now the virus has proved to be the inevitable knockout blow to struggling shops. I saw another high street with the same window sheeting, but over thirty people were drinking outside a pub. Many young women were arriving dressed as though this was the time to celebrate at ten in the morning but this is just an expression of their feelings of being restricted from outdoor activities. What celebrations occurred later in the evening one can’t imagine for my town has a population of over 20,000 people. Through extreme Police financial cuts, it’s only had on some nights one policeman or woman on duty. If there was trouble they have previously had to ring the city police where they would have to travel 18 kilometres or twelve miles away to give help.

This is the dire comedy situation we are in, before the virus. Times for great change has been calling in the U.K. for many years, especially since the last financial crash. Optimism is required, but wisdom shows the present situation is not progressing as the government has you to believe. Each day there is a call from so many sectors asking for help that is in the billions. The theatre, film and music sector are asking for help and a good question was made by the TV announcer asking, Why can’t those film stars and singers who’ve made millions contribute to the theatre world as now theatres are having to close and actors and stagehands are soon to be out of a job? Their representative asking the government for millions could not even come up with a thought or comment to this question. Just like a politician, this lady dismissed such a suggestion with a reply that wasn’t relevant to the question asked. What does this message give? The same as when some top football players who earn over £300,000 a week were asked can’t they take a pay cut to help smaller struggling clubs. With both of these sectors, no help is given, as no one in these professions have stood up to take any lead to suggest the wealthy can give some help towards those at the bottom of the ladder. I don’t just pick on these two sectors as you can multiply this with all wealth that equals 8 trillion dollars held by 2,095 billionaires. History showed in France in 1789 when Maria Antoinette supposedly sniffed by sayIng when she heard French subjects had no bread, LET THEM EAT CAKE. This as we know brought about a revolution. Today everyone expects the government to do all the giving which is rising daily with astronomical borrowing figures, as many can’t even imagine what a billion represents. Only tax and present profits service this frightening borrowing, and clearly fewer taxes will appear when declining sales and firms close. I’ve mentioned before President John F. Kennedy said, “DON’T ASK WHAT YOUR COUNTRY CAN DO FOR YOU, BUT WHAT CAN I DO FOR MY COUNTRY. What is the bigger question I’m posing? Simple, and it’s inevitable, circumstances must lead in the near future where the wealthy must do more of the giving. Again history has shown that wealth has always stayed with the wealthy, and whether it be wars where human lives are to be given you start with the poor or you tax more from the poor. The U.K. government has made monetary cuts in the previous years which are seeing our failings today. Nothing changes, but I’m saying the hardship we face will not go away, and there cannot be a policy of borrowing forever. The time might come when that door remains firmly closed. I’m not a communist in my thinking but the opposite where we have to invest capital into our innovative companies that can create further wealth. If it means the government is to have shares in a company that will boost confidence in all businesses so be it if changes in government ideology are required. Confidence provides belief, and belief gives any individual strength, and at this moment in time, we have to break every metaphorical dam that allows a greater flow of confidence to touch everyone. We have to have the belief and confidence until a vaccine is found. We can do far better than we have in the management of this Coronavirus that hasn't gone away. The winter might bring another spike with infections, but if we are confident in not making the same mistakes, we can fight and win this battle. The more urgent battle is providing a plan which in part I've mentioned before. We cannot pay anyone unless we provide them with an activity that helps their local community. Sitting at home on any benefits is no longer going to be an option. Telling the truth about our present position is an inescapable truth we have to tell everyone. We must believe we can all rise to this occasion as our parents and grandparents did in the Second World War.

Many things I suggest were written in my New Foundations book in 2006 if anyone has belief in me. I was given to write non stop for over several hours with no notes covering every government department. How to explain this, is covered by these words. IF YOU BELIEVE THERE IS A GREATER POWER THAN OURSELVES NO EXPLANATION IS NECESSARY, IF YOU DON’T BELIEVE, NO EXPLANATIONS ARE POSSIBLE. Another way to raise billions is to make everyone have a more equal chance in life which will mean stopping the existence of the black economy. This ritual is there, and millions partake in paying cash to the local gardener, and any business that handles cash is a servant to being able to help themselves to have a better life. But what about those, who have no alternative but to pay directly tax from their income? Plus those who are wealthy may have secret shell accounts on a tropical island or use legal tax loopholes in smaller countries. Change has to prevail as we see heart-rendering scenes of children starving and being the casualties of wars. In the U.K. we are a broken society where we have seen rough sleepers, and destitute people being housed in expensive hotels costing the country millions. When people reach our shores across seas in desperation where their lives are at stake by drowning or returning to certain death, we must change the present policy of doing nothing and provide these refugees with the smallest job to earn something by employing their time far better. This change can be done until they are allowed to stay or not. Vision or imagination with the present and previous governments don’t ever seem to exist, as we keep prisoners locked up 23 hours a day before finding them employment.

If ever enlightened thinking and great changes are needed, it is now at this very hour. I talk of the U.K. as I cannot and it’s not my place to talk of individual countries in their everyday circumstances. The visions I’ve received are about the future because all countries are connected in this world of ours. Unfortunately, events continue to occur in the world that don’t show any closer ties with each other. China and India argue about their boundaries. China has problems of its own with HongKong, where if stability and harmony are not found, it will see the U.K. keeping its promise to receive three million from Hongkong with dual passports. Russia cannot find harmony with its neighbours. I’ve mentioned before, thirteen times between 2012 and 2014, I’d tried to meet President Putin with a message that showed there was a better way forward for Russia and the world at large. In this space of time, every country has highly gifted and talented individuals, who, if given the chance can make this world turn into a heaven on earth. Hope and believe we must continue to have because we can all make a difference in making the world a better place than we have found it. Children are our future, but we are their guardians for a while. Let’s believe we can make each child receive a future that gives them a more loving world, where all beautiful thoughts can change this world of ours.

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