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"Like Alice in Wonderland times ..."

May 24th

3.45 pm. I guess my morning began well, rising early I continued to paint a scene of wolves I’d promised Elena for quite a while. I had been given to believe this painting would be a thumbnail description in size, knowing later it would be made into a far bigger painting with a bigger meaning. Such deja-vu feelings do occur as I’ve experienced the same situation many times before. I read yesterday of a Nobel Prize-winning scientist who tore into the leadership of our U.K.Prime Minister Boris Johnson, claiming it was not clear who is actually in charge. He went onto say Britain had been left on the back foot with lack of clear planning and using firefighting tactics to deal with the successive crisis we are always in, then he gave a scathing attack on the political establishment. This news along with so many other daily reports are now revealing the seriousness the present U.K. government is presently in, but validating everything I’ve been saying in my previous message blogs. I take no comfort in saying what I do, but again I’ve had a lifetime of seeing the visions and messages I’m given eventually coming true. My discomfort lies in the fact that it appears I‘m not yet in this right time zone where those in power are afraid to take notice of such thinking. Then again I can think of Winston Churchill's discomfort and frustration of having been ignored for ten years about the threat of war with Nazism. Through this tortuous journey of suffering the U.K. is now making, my mind immediately synchronises to a period in history when Napoleon faced a tortuous journey of retreat on October 19th 1812 from Moscow. His poor leadership saw his army of over 650,000 reduced on their return to France to a desperate 120,000. Poor leadership continues to tell me as I’ve said before, further hardships will follow far greater than the virus with the economy and the enormous debt we are accumulating. As I write this message blog my mind goes to see a time during the Second World War when our loss in battles in the North African campaign was severe and desperate, and the leading General was then removed. A new General named Bernard Montgomery arrived with new ideas and turned defeat into victory.

Such thoughts I’m given can only mean one thing. This Sunday morning seeing on TV my thinking was validated again, when a certain M.P. I’ve named before saying he would be a future leader. The M.P. launched a salvo of questions about the Prime Minister. He was saying and asking for the resignation of the Prime Ministers leading strategist and advisor Dominic Cummings. Without going into further details of this still-growing story, if Dominic Cummings has to resign, it’s my belief if this was to happen it would bring about the downfall of the Prime Minister too. When I’ve spoken of some of the bizarre circumstances that continually occur in this present Coronavirus pandemic within the U.K, I’ve used my imaginative terminology, by describing these crazy events as like being in Alice in Wonderland. On Saturday morning while I was painting I heard on the radio the same terminology being used by a previous deputy governor to the Bank of England. He was talking of secret meetings taking place in the bowels of the Bank of England at this moment in time. He said he could not mention names as this is not open news to the outside world. He then went on to described what ideas are being presently discussed to face the mounting financial crisis that is rapidly approaching. He then said this is ALICE IN WONDERLAND thinking, but what he said was true. These are my thoughts after hearing what he said which in reality is rather frightening, but again validates my predictions. ALL THE MAD HATTERS ARE NOW GATHERED TOGETHER AND HAVING A PARTY OF BIZARRE IDEAS. This deputy governor went on to say, they are discussing that anyone who wants to borrow money will be paid to do so. Those who are prepared to save some money will be charged for it. Then he went on to say, they could just continue to print more money, believing if inflation went to ten percent the government debt could be reduced. Now if the author of Alice in Wonderland, Charles Lutwidge Dodson under the pseudonym LEWIS CARROLL was alive today he would be saying, WOW, my characters were real after all! In 1923 Germany missed a reparation payment following the First World War which saw them printing more money. This created a chain reaction of events that followed with hyperinflation. I am definitely not saying this will happen as it did in Germany. But with the previous thoughts I’ve mentioned with our bankers it suggests if a change of direction is not followed soon my thinking with other thoughts and predictions I’ve made maybe proving correct.

Another report this weekend proves and validates again what I’ve previously said about how wrong the U.K. government has been in their policy of giving billions away to finance the lockdown. I’ve said before the government has generously given such amounts of money to carry favour with people. Then to say through panic to extend these payments until October is now to see how wrong they have been. Polls have been conducted, and in the public sector of workers where half of the eight million are being furlonged with 80 percent of their salary, it says over 70 percent don’t want to go back to work believing it’s not safe to do so. This again I keep saying and validates what I’ve said before. Imagine a lifetime of seeing and proving I’ve been right. I’m trying in my eyes to save our country from such tremors that are happening now if the change of leadership does not occur soon. If one has followed my other message blogs my thoughts and messages go out to the wider world.

I will finish with a minor incident on Thursday when I went to the bank. The lady manageress was remarrying and had been counting every day for the past year, as she was marrying in the dream place of Mauritius this June. As she stood at the door letting one customer in, and one out to the bank, I knew where her mind was. On her dream honeymoon. I don’t have to ask, I can read people's minds at times. I said, don’t worry there is a silver lining waiting for you, then from nowhere I said, I’ve got to give you a date. I’ve told her before I’m not given to see what will occur, but I know it’s a nice feeling. I gave her October 1st saying again it’s a good feeling. She laughed and said the day before she was offered from the hotel in Mauritius on October 1st as a new date to come for her honeymoon. I couldn’t say to her, I feel it will not happen this year as she has this dream. She looked at me and I said, don’t always believe me, but you must follow your heart, you cannot carry regrets later in your life. I did persuade her there is a silver lining that is behind her present cloud. I ask myself, as I don’t have all the answers for myself, but can anyone dismiss the gift I’ve been given. Given this gift I have, and I believe I’ve to give to those who need help. Many of these messages have a greater meaning and purpose, and they come from a greater spiritual power we cannot yet accept and fully understand. Hope and belief we must never lose, as there is a greater amount of giving people in this world where if we could just harness this beautiful energy together, something wonderful is going to happen.

To add this addition to my message blog, I have to believe it’s the power of the spirit that has me doing things I sometimes can never imagine I’ve done. I was woken up Monday morning the 25th at 4.45 am, and no way after an hour of trying to go back to sleep than I was given to write of another validation to my predictions. I watched the daily virus briefings at 5 pm on Sunday and Boris, our Prime Minister faced a barrage of questions about the Dominic Cumming’s fiasco of him breaking the lockdown. From different media reporters, a barrage of metaphorical arrows fell on Boris, just like the French received at the battle of Agincourt on October 25th 1415. Later at 10.30 pm that evening I saw the analysis of the newspaper reports for the following day, with comments sayings it clearly showed Boris is totally entwined with Dominic Cummings like twin brothers. Questioned were now posed, who is running our government? It’s clear who holds the power, Dominic Cummings, and the British people are against this alliance. Clever as Cummings is, the heart of our country only performs well when the full spirit of the people are behind their leader. As I’ve just written if Dominic Cummings is caught with a lethal British arrow, Boris will fall too. How long have they got? NOT LONG, GREAT BRITAIN IS REQUIRING PROVIDENCE TO STEP IN OR A JOAN OF ARC FIGURE.

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