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"Listen to your heart ..."

December the 8th, 5.00pm. It’s a cold wet dark night. Again I had no real idea what to talk of for my blog until I opened my iPad. There was some advert saying to unite behind the Conservative political party with a veiled threat that worse would follow, if you did not. In my heart, I believe I cannot trust either of the candidates that had been put before me. How many times have you been unsure you are doing the right thing or living your life in how you want to? It’s ironic, my last blog told of going against, what your heart tells you to do. Before I go further, it’s always been said not to discuss politics or religion, that I can agree with as it’s about everyone’s own personal belief. I do not want to change anyone’s personal thoughts or beliefs. We all have our own opinions. Today, yesterday, and yesteryear many people have said the same thing, don’t get involved. Sometimes it goes against your conscience to not be one of the herd and just follow. I’ve used this quote before saying, then you all finish up in the same abattoir. I can assure you, as you get older you use more of the wisdom you have gained through making previous mistakes. Facing untruths whether it be a job, a relationship or being completely deceived or as someone would say being a fool or completely blind. Of course, your heart does not always give you an instant warning, as your sixth sense can be asleep at times, wishfully thinking the opposite of what could happen. Again, we all have I’m sure a poignant story to tell. Just going back to this advert, about everyone uniting as we face an election in a few days in the UK. I will use this analogy.” Could I trust any of these political candidates if I was buying a car from them? My personal answer would be NO.

Wisdom is gained by great pain and sometimes at great monetary cost or from personal deception, which at times touches all of us in life. Such situations can leave you with a scar or it can be healed in a positive way in believing you cross this river of life we all face. To help others you have to believe you can do the right thing at the right time, and you can make a difference. How many times do you see these strong words? If we picked up just one plastic bottle from the ground, and then multiply it eight billion times, we could all make a differce to our planet, in being a better place. I remember once watching a film by the once famous film director Stanley Kubrick, it was called Paths Of Glory. There was no glory attached to this film, as it portrayed French legions of soldiers in the First World War being forced to advance against German machine guns, knowing slaughter was taking place as everyone was losing their lives. Being led like lambs to the slaughter by devious unenlightened so called leaders, who were likened to having no more intelligence than a donkey given the command.

Times do not change, man does not change, and yet we must change in every way for the new born children who arrive just wanting love, as we want to leave this world in a better place than we found it. Progress is occurring in medicine, science, technology, and many other attributes mankind has, but not when it comes to leadership and doing the right thing. Another small deception, I once had stayed with me a long time, because it went against my values to believe what some people can do. We tend or believe people are like ourselves, and though as we know many are not, they maybe not be able to give, because they too have not received much giving in life. I remember a knock on my door and this young man was trying to sell me something I didn’t need, and overpriced too. He had a hump on his back and seemed to be crippled, so of course you felt for someone in this unfortunate position. I gave him money and did not even want what he sold. Fate took me an hour later to the local supermarket, and in front of this store I saw this young chap laughing with someone else. Now, he has no hump on his back and appeared as healthy as anyone else. I approached him and stood in front of him. He recognised me, as I did him. I didn’t have to say anything, I’m sure he knew how I felt towards him. There was silence as his friend made off. My thoughts were, to have to live your life deceiving people, you must be in a bad place to get by in this world. Perhaps his circumstances began early in his life, as maybe he has little love or good parenting. Life is an university for learning which I’ve mentioned before. Each day we can have a conscience, if you feel something is wrong on the path you are on, or you feel are not fulfilling your life in a way that feels right for you. Conscience is a feeling you can acquire, when you are young, if you have been taught right or wrong. Your conscience can walk with you all your life the more you see the injustices done to others. We live in this digital age that does not allow you to retreat into your corner and forget about the consequences of others. Thats the uncomfortable reality we live in. Yes, we do have control personally about so many things in life, and we tend to accept things in the way they are.

A quote pops up in my head, I’ve used before. Bobby Kennedy assassinated in 1968, a man who could have made our world a better place was famous for this quote. SOME PEOPLE LOOK AT THE WAY THINGS ARE, AND ASK WHY, I DREAM OF THINGS THAT NEVER WERE AND SAY, WHY NOT. His brother President John F Kennedy assassinated in 1963 had many famous quotes that are worth relating in this age we are in. ASK NOT WHAT YOUR COUNTRY CAN DO FOR YOU, BUT WHAT CAN YOU DO FOR YOUR COUNTRY. A few other quotes from J.F.K:





Kennedy brothers

These thoughts about change is what the world witnesses now, as so manythings are changing in front of our very eyes. In some countries the young are protesting against wrongs and they are being killed in their hundreds. Great changes have to come, for the young will not accept the status quo. We see in so many countries the uncomfortable truth of how Hope and Dreams just don’t exist for the young. There are so many desperate people who are escaping wars, near famine, and no hope of a better future for them or their families. We must give every child love, a home worthy to live in. In the UK we have not built enough homes at affordable prices, nor in the right places where they are needed. We have a building industry that builds for profit. We need a building industry and government that views profit in a different light. The profit will be seeing families happy in having a decent home and a better start in life. Those are our future profits. Just thoughts that can live, if we believe we can make things happen.

In the last few days, those who follow football in the UK we saw the once great Manchester United defy impossible odds. Manchester United had to play two top teams, where I for one believed they could not win. The first result proved me wrong and thousands of others too, I sent a text to my son in law who has a season ticket for Manchester United saying, to win the next game against probably the best team in the world Manchester City, they would need a miracle. Well, a miracle is a powerful word, but in football terms a miracle happened and they won. To many the impossible happened, and with our dreams too, sometimes the impossible can occur. We all need hope and belief that nothing is impossible however hard it is. It’s impossible when we give up. Then where do you go ? Do you just settle for less in your life? It’s my belief we can all get to that special place where each of us want to be, and it’s not about living in grandeur, but finding something you love to do. Life for our children in the future must be less stressful to secure a happy life. Change will remove the materialistic illusion that life is about such wants to make you happy. The future will show we can all live a simpler life and be far happier. Such thinking and thoughts will prove to be, I believe the real answer to our lives on this beautiful Earth, we’ve been given to live on.

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