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"Living in a fool's paradise ..."

Sunday 14th

4.30 pm. The sun has had his hat on a few times today, and there is a surreal feeling far from reality, giving a feeling that dark clouds are still hanging over the U.K. Ironically just a few minutes ago on face time my grandson was giving me a subliminal warning, saying “Granddad a storm is coming”. He was referring to the weather, I’m looking at the near future which could be a couple of months away. This feeling was validated this morning on TV when a well-known lady journalist was reviewing the daily newspapers and she said a poll had been taken, where 67 percent of people believed we are past the worst now. She said they are DELUSIONAL AND LIVING IN A FOOL'S PARADISE. My thoughts too, I believe you should never dismiss what a woman says. I believe women would run the world far better than men. Earlier in the week, I had a slight worry of one my predictions which I’ve not had before when it’s now dawning on many people, how many businesses will not be bursting back with production as before. This means further unemployed on a scale my generation has not seen before. This brings consequences again suggesting another of my predictions that our government has got so many things wrong in trying to tackle this virus. As I spoke of a wave in my last message blog suggesting, the world cannot afford another four years of Donald Trump, I later heard today that Donald Trump was at West Point a military academy this weekend giving a speech and he stumbled and couldn’t stand up properly. He had to be helped down some steps and it was said, he would need a brain scan. In my experience, where if someone was an impediment to stop me from creating an idea that was beneficial to the bigger picture of life, I felt this person for good reason would not appear on my path again. I always understood later that was not my doing but events and circumstances appeared where I was shown the truth about someone that proved they were not to be in my vibration or company. For President Trump to fail for another four years in November would prove that providence was stepping in to prevent a land grab of the West Bank for Israel.

Donald Trump

This wave of change will cover another prediction I gave many months ago about our Prime Minister Boris Johnson. I mentioned before he had the coronavirus, he would step down as prime minister due to ill health and he would not complete his term in office. I read this weekend of a doctor who as Boris had the Coronavirus and he could see daily that Boris was tired and weary when he presented himself in front of cameras and people. The doctor said, he also looked lethargic which is another symptom of the virus which the doctor said he had suffered too. In other words, the doctor said he started too soon to be back in control as Prime Minister for this explained his poor leadership. The sharks metaphorically are now circling Boris Johnson, as many say he is not in control, as almost all his plans are ill-advised and never meet his expectations. Many saying explicitly change has got to take place because there is an economic storm coming. Metaphorical arrows are in the air and gaining greater velocity as they are hitting at the heart of the Prime Ministers' leadership. This barrage of criticism has been growing from all quarters over the past two months and the new opposition leader Keir Starmer, a former top barrister, has been nailing the Prime Minister every Wednesday in Parliament with his precision sharp deadly questions Boris cannot fully answer.

Boris Johnson

Some top scientific people are saying we need not have lost so many lives if we had started the lockdown just one week earlier saying 20,000 lives were needlessly lost. I’ve said from day one the billions of pounds Boris has given wrongly to solve the economic problem will be his undoing. There was another way, but a message blog like this would not accommodate this issue in a few words. This quick fix to appease the people and the economy was in my opinion done in a way to popularise Boris Johnson‘s position. We have been led to believe we have a test and trace system in place, but one that has suffered from complaints of technical issues, chaotic management, and insufficient training. Some saying it won’t even work. The method has been proved effective at containing the virus in other countries with a manageable amount of cases but requires huge resources. To stop the second outbreak in South Korea, created by one infected person entering a couple of nightclubs, officials tested 65,000 people and found 175 people had connected this infection. To be as thorough in the U.K.- which tested 5,000 people being positive with the virus in a day - 39,000 people in the previous week were also tested positive. This would mean we have to test the entire population every 24 hours. With such facts does anyone really believe we can successfully contain this highly contagious virus?

The revulsion about the death of George Floyd, brought this weekend in London a wave of right-wing groups to take advantage of our weak position as we fight this common enemy the virus. We saw headlines saying we had lost control of our streets to mindless thugs and saw the statue of Winston Churchill boarded up for safety. What message does this send out? It puts another of my predictions into a time and place where many years ago and in my book called NEW FOUNDATIONS, TIME FOR CHANGE written in 2006, I saw then a need to have a National Guard built on a similar system they have in the U.S.A. in times of trouble. I watched a programme yesterday illustrating the fraudulent corruption carried out by the head of the bank that went bankrupt in 2008 LEHMAN BROTHERS. As a consequence of these actions, there was no one made accountable or went to prison, but thousands of people were turfed out of their homes and made bankrupt with what was called subprime mortgages. Large camps of tents were erected for homeless people as many were having to live in their cars too. These consequences were followed where the American population had to pay the price of banking corruption, which saw billions of taxpayers money given to support these unscrupulous banks. What will happen to those out of work here when they cannot pay their mortgages come October? It cannot be expected, they too will have to vacate their homes as it was in America. We are in changing times and there is no easy quick fix answer, but it’s a time when this younger generation has not faced such hardships before. This is a time when great changes are needed and greater leadership too. My mantra has been like this for a long time. We are facing metaphorically a similar position when we saw at Dunkirk in the Second World War, where over 300,000 of our troops were stranded on a beach encircled by the German Army. Then we made many mistakes of expecting to defend France, but I believe we are in a similar crisis now economically and still with the virus. With Dunkirk, a miracle occurred where a fleet of small privately-owned boats set sail to save these men. It was a British spirit that showed that together we can pull through. To win this battle and to save the economy and people’s homes and future, we need a new strategy and a battle plan which we did not have in place when this silent enemy the virus struck in the early part of this year.

I’ve not being pessimistic, it’s the opposite, as all my predictions have suggested about better solutions. On the back of my small red book as I’ve mentioned before wrote in 2006 these are a few of the words: Today’s generations face consequences if we don’t change direction, but again together we can prevent five minutes to midnight scenario and turn the tide of despondency. I also used a quote from President Kennedy “DON’T ASK WHAT YOUR COUNTRY CAN DO FOR YOU, BUT WHAT CAN I DO FOR MY COUNTRY” I also wrote on the first page of my book. The rich will help the poor, the strong will help the weak. Nations will help to build new nations. The gifted will give to those who wish to aspire to self-improvement. Indeed the tide will turn when human kindness will break down every barrier that man has constructed. The ripple of change will grow into a wave, which will eventually engulf everyone. Good will overcomes any evil intent. Today every country is facing this reality of problems, but there is a better way forward. All my predictions and prophecies have shown a better path to walk. To fight a battle on your own is difficult, but if all countries could sit down together, all manmade problems can be solved. We are in times of defining moments, where all countries could be the beneficiaries of peaceful answers that can be found. It’s now a time we must learn from previous historical events. We can even learn of the previous day's events, that’s part of the meaning and purpose of our life. We have to learn better than our fathers, and grandfathers to progress in a meaningful way, as the children entering our world deserve a life of happiness, optimism, and a life where their dreams can come true.

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