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"Look on the bright side of life ..."

February 14 th

11.50 am. The coldest day yesterday by far, still like Siberia outside. The word bleak can be associated with the news of seeing Donald Trump escape impeachment. I was just going to use the word wrong, but this did not fully express my feelings about this terrible decision that had been made. But whenever anything in life gets tough, you must always look as the song said, LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE OF LIFE.

I watched this week on live TV what many would describe as an incredible historical moment of Trump's second impeachment. The Democrats produced evidence in a passionate and in such forensic detail that if justice is to be seen and done justice will prevail. It showed footage of the Vice President Mike Pence in the Senate with his family going through the official handing over of power to the incoming President Joe Biden. It showed the Vice President and his family running for cover from protesters that had invaded the Capital Hill, shouting traitor and saying to kill him. The organised protesters had even brought mock gallows that they had made with a noose hanging, as a symbol of what they would do. This death threat was being called, Where is crazy Nancy Pelosi? She is the House Speaker and next in line to the Vice President. She too would have been killed if found as this violent mob searched and finally found her office which they desecrated. It was made clear as the world watched live minute by minute of this threatening violence, where five deaths eventually followed. The then President Donald Trump was watching all this in his Oval Office at the White House, and never rung once to say, Are you safe Mike?, having seen them running for their lives.

Vice President Mike Pence

When this information was brought to the attention of Trump by a prominent member of his staff that afternoon, on June 6th, he just replied, It seems as those protesters seem more concerned about what’s happening than you. Trump did not want his power base taken away come what may. Trump has never rung Mike Pence once in the next five days either because he thought, Pence had betrayed him. From July in 2020 evidence showed, that Trump was continually saying, They are not going to steal this election. This continual Mantra inspired the protester to follow what their President was telling them. I’ve said in two previous message blogs, I don’t blame the protesters, but I blame all the Republican Senators who supported him for four years. When it came to needing 17 Republicans to vote with the Democrats only SEVEN bravely stood tall. The remainder will go down in history as cowards acting like sheep in fear of losing their seats and lively hood. They had no moral courage to stand by and fight for their countries Democracy. Consequences are already showing the wolf Trump is not dead or retired, as his obnoxious rhetoric has now begun to bark as he fully believes he can divide the American people with further lies. He will start his own party or take full control of the Republican Party as he is doing at the moment, where he has cowed the Republican senators with fear.

There are three situations in my life that have stood out when the death occurred of these notable individuals. One was President Jack Kennedy, who saved the world from a catastrophic nuclear war with Russia in October of 1962. Then he was assassinated on November 22nd, 1963. I remember exactly where I was, but believed he was a man who could have brought greater peace and stability to the world. The second was Bobby Kennedy his brother who died from his mortal wounds on June 6th 1968 by assassination. The man, where my vision coordinated exactly with his death when I was on holiday in Spain. I believed he would have gone on to win the coming election to be the President of the U.S.A. and would have stopped the war in Vietnam. But bringing far bigger equality, and justice to the thousands who lived in poverty, that still exists today in the U.S.A.

Kennedy brothers

The third individual is Princess Diana who lost her life on August 31st, 1997, through the car incident in Paris. On that day, I remember, I bought a newspaper at 8.30 am, and I thought the news had been printed wrong hearing of her death. A big shock exactly like the other two individuals. I believed, Princess Diana would have contributed even more of her time to help children around the world.

Lady Diana

Attaching these three shocks I recall, I place the failure of Trump's impeachment alongside them. Why? Although many believed Republicans would not cross the floor to vote after hearing the damning evidence, and failure to stop Trump this will have great consequences in trying to unite the American vote. This situation will cast a dark shadow across America with its democracy and diplomacy throughout the world, where already its adversaries are firing metaphorical arrows at the U.S.A., trying to damage the world’s beacon of democracy. Well, I must believe Divine Intervention stepped in preventing Trump to be the next President. Also believing this action prevented a catastrophic war between Israel and Palestine. In the last couple of days, it was reported the Israeli military without electoral authority have been talking of attacking Iran preventing them from making a full nuclear weapon.

Light is being seen in the U.K. that from April, there will not be another lockdown whatever occurs. Such talk shows how bad our financial affairs are in the U.K. as I’ve spoken of this crisis since February of last year. We have seen a drop of ten percent in our economy hearing it’s been the worst moment for 300 years. We are now hearing the question of why did we spend half a billion building all those so-called Nightingale hospitals providing countless beds, but having no staff to operate them? Again when being built the government tried to capitalise on the speed they were built. But only yesterday reports say, no bed was ever used at some of these hospitals as they never had the staff in the first place. Imagine you were given half a billion to build hospital accommodation, and no one asked the question, do you have the staff? This is the U.K. ship sailing with incompetent fools.

Again, I posed this question on April 3rd, 2020, about the vast amounts of money spent and lack of staff as did many others, but as usual, you don’t hear the truth. I also spoke of the Barrington Declaration in October, where three prominent scientists advocated having no lockdowns and letting herd immunity occur. They said, focus protection measures on the elderly and not to be dependent on the vaccines. One of the British scientists mentioned all the high deaths that already occur with Cancer, strokes, Dementia, and many with other ailments, where unfortunately we are having to live them. Yesterday, they were using Flu figures with deaths touching sadly, more than 30,000 people die each year in the U.K. This was being said respectfully by scientists, but we have to learn how to live with this virus from now on. I mentioned these figures of associated ailments and deaths six months previously, even before the Barrington Declaration. So it goes on and on, where again our history books reveal we don’t learn what has gone before. Anyone who reads my thoughts can clearly see, I’ve had a lifetime of the frustration of telling you so. I’ve tried countless times to get my theories and stories out, and it seems this spiritual power I talk of, will not let me rest, and I can’t just walk away.

I’ve spoken of the flooding in New York in 2035, and just before I began to write this message blog I read it makes me wonder as though every thought is placed before me. The article said, the Earth lost 28 trillion tons of ice between 1994 and 2017. A new study found ice was accelerating with melting at 0.8 trillion tons per year. In 2017, 1.3 trillion tonnes disappeared. The total amount of lost ice is the equivalent to a sheet of 100 metres thick, covering the whole of the U.K. This says the impact of ice melting will be felt around the world as SEA LEVELS WILL RISE ON A SCALE HAVING SERIOUS IMPACTS ON COASTAL COMMUNITIES THIS CENTURY. A further statement said great losses of ice in the polar regions will have more than a detrimental effect on the earth because white ice reflects solar radiation back into space. Bill Gates in his new book suggests, it will be easy to remove the virus compared with climate change.

One last story and this is to help the reader, but I cannot make you believe anything. Your own thoughts or experiences will only allow this. I’m sure though, many may have had or felt what I will now tell. Only this morning, when I spoke to my son, he told me of his experience. He said, it was weird, try to ignore this word. Yesterday Saturday, he thought of a friend who twenty years ago, when he was in his teens, and he would go rollerblading. It was a passion of his and so was this too with his group of his friends. This random thought of his friend yesterday, made him think of him and thinking what happened to him. I will say my son lives on the South coast and not the area of his former friend. So, he put on Facebook a photo of his once friend with his roller blades on. He received a message from another member of this group saying, Did you place this photograph on Facebook as a remembrance? My son did not know what he meant. He said, his friend died the day before on Friday. I will now explain my belief, to try and help others who’ve had this experience, because I’ve had so many. I told my son, you first had a thought of this young man of only 38 yrs. For years I’ve tried to tell simply, what I knowingly believe. In fact, I painted these following words on a canvas in 2006, when a young man in spirit presented himself saying, his mother was in deep depression as he was her only son. He was 28 yrs old. These are the words, “When you have a thought of the one you love their spirit is with you.” My son was not aware of this message as I only told him so this morning. I said, try to imagine your spirit has passed over, and the first thing you want to do is make contact with someone you know. You have now been given to believe in the spirit world that you can make contact with your once good friend. My son does have an open mind. So follow my path. This friend then placed this thought of him into my son's mind or consciousness. Consequently, my son then thought of him and decided to send a photograph of him on Facebook. This young mans spirit had made contact with my son, and my son sent a beautiful photo memory gesture out, which many of his friends would have liked. But my son was not knowing his former friend had died the day before. It’s for you to believe or not, but because it’s hard to understand, it doesn’t say you cannot believe.

Again could you have believed that just over a year ago the world would be upside down? Especially in the U.K. I don’t expect anyone to believe this story but when you have an experience like my son, you will try to find answers. Albert EINSTEIN spent ten years trying to solve just one problem, and he proved everyone right in later life. He also said, there is no such thing as a coincidence. The whole purpose of these message blogs is to show there is another path we can all take IF WE CAN BELIEVE.


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