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November 18th

3.25pm. Another day, where light and hope of better news is something everyone would like to hear, and as a can do person, I have to say and it will be repeated by thousands, there is no easy metaphorical mountain you have to face or climb through life. The secret is, as I’ve said many times before, first you have to believe in YOURSELF, then you can find that strength and belief that will get you through the present storm you may be facing regarding the consequences of where you are.

Each day and week you hear of stories of hardship that go unreported, and for me it makes me angry when in the U.K. you hear of a disastrous fiasco of such enormous financial proportions made by those people who are in government. I’ve spoken before of how millions and yes billions are squandered by the U.K. government which defies belief, but hopefully as metaphorically Rome burns, new roots of enlightened thinking will replace the current archaic system, as we need to employ someone to run a modern efficient forward visionary government. Once the great U.S. President Abraham Lincoln said these now famous words, “GOVERNMENT IS OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, AND FOR THE PEOPLE,” which spoke volumes to people who believed in a better way forward. In the U.K. the qualifications you need to govern are, having a private public school education, you have no need to have worked or struggled hard to build a business of your dreams. You have no need to actually have stepped into the real world on surviving on far less than you can imagine, or never experiencing the hardship of trying to save money to buy your own home, when you are already paying an extortionate rent. Never ever living on a level playing field because you did not inherit wealth.

Those, who have run our governments over these last 80 years have not and still are not aware of how the majority struggle to survive. My cage is rattled when hearing this latest financial fiasco. It is said and now being reported by all main media news that a P.P.E. team of 450 handed out more than 6,900 contracts worth 18 billion pounds without tenders or any other competition being offered from other companies. Apparently, you could just ring up and say, I’ve traded in China, I can find a company to make P.P.E. As a consequence one chap a jewellery designer rang up to act as a go between, and having no prior experience on purchasing P.P.E., received £21 million from the U.K. government for his phone calling and getting these products to the U.K. Another 23 year old woman did the same thing, and just rung up to ask this surreal P.P.E. team of unexperienced business minds who were giving millions and billions away, and she was paid £880,000 for supplying just 55,000 coveralls. Another man was asking to be paid £181,000 per delivery of 50,000 face masks, as he wanted this money to be paid into his bank account by instalments, as he did not want these vast amounts of money going straight into his account. One opposition M.P. suggested it was like a gold rush in the Wild West with money being given away in the billions. I’ve mentioned previously of about money being wasted and squandered, but now more metaphorical dead bodies are being found and are creating an odour of cronyism, or as many say BORIS’S CHUMMY PARTY giving contracts out to friends. But it’s worse than that, for the full truth is not being revealed, for if it was their would be jail sentences for those who are accountable of giving our next young generations future away. This is a government that will go down in history as the most incompetent group of individuals who were totally out of their depth of governing. They could not provide the leadership and right direction to give people hope, that they will weather this storm, and not bankrupt their country.

Try to think what could have been done with the millions and billions that could have built more affordable homes, and not by a cartel of private developers. We could have had all care homes brought under one roof with higher standards for everyone, and not run for money as they are by profit motivated companies. Care Homes run by more qualified personnel, where higher rates of pay could be implemented and encouraging those who have vocational souls to help the elderly. A new way of thinking could provide a sunshine future when your health is limited, and there is a retirement home for all to enjoy the autumn years of their lives.

In the Prime Ministers question time in Parliament today it saw for the first time, a Prime Minister addressing parliament from 10 Downing Street, as he was being quarantined for the virus. The Prime Minister failed in his answers to convince anyone, when he tried to defend questions from the opposition leader about the squandered billions. It was a scene that wanted to be put in a bin, showing a bad moment in parliamentary history. His actions probably seemed like a scene from history, when Caligula came to conquer a small U.K. island. Caligula upon hearing the Britons were ready for a fight, told his soldiers to collect sea shells and told them they had conquered the ocean. He then walked his army back to Italy. We are in such times now, being ruled by those who think the people are sheep and dim and will do their beckoning. I’ve said so many times this has been a government by name only, who have made decisions by fear and panic, and I have qualified my previous description of them of being Donkeys leading a nation of Lions.


A former government Minister on TV today was saying, we should have some sympathy for how the Prime Minister was trying to tackle this virus, and I felt like I wanted to vomit, and thought another of his public schoolboy chums, forgetting this was tax payers money being burnt. We, the people by this government, are taken to be pure fools, when we know this government ignored the early warnings of the virus in January of this year, and never carried enough P.P.E. stock to face the minimum of what was required. Each week gets worse, and yesterday Boris put his foot into calling the devolution government of Scotland a disaster. The press said he’s blundered again. This remark Boris made doubled in minutes the size of the Scottish Army, who want independence. Boris is now without his Svengali advisor Dominic Cummings and he must be thinking, Boris is now digging the ditch he promised to jump in before when he made a promise he never kept. Again, this is a voyage very similar to the story of Mutiny on the Bounty, which occurred in 1787 where the crew mutinied. Maybe, we are approaching a very similar situation where enough is enough. The leading hero of this story has been portrayed countless times by popular film stars, perhaps already there is someone being auditioned to replace Blundering Boris sooner rather than later.

I’ve started to watch another series of the continuing story called The Crown on Netflix, and I know with my five children now adults are not that interested in this rather archaic dysfunctional institution. It’s clear to see, the royal family were given a very unusual set of cards in how they were to lead their lives, as this programme clearly shows the final nails are being placed into any thought that Prince Charles might be a King one day. I remember many years ago, one designer who worked for me, was always quoting Nostradamus. When Prince Charles had his investiture to be Prince of Wales in 1969, he was inline to be the next King. Nostradamus would write what was called Quatrains, meaning predictions. It was said, Nostradamus wrote for this time in history that the King of England would never see his Queen crowned. This part of the prediction has unfortunately come true, but a big question mark remains whether Prince Charles will ever take the throne to be King. Most people know the sad story of Princess Diana, but this new series highlights the terrible wrongs done against the young twenty year old Diana in the weeks before she was married. But then the continuing wrongs followed throughout Diana’s short life.

In late 2013 in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia, I was given to paint a scene showing Pope John Paul’s II image five times, and also given a strong feeling, I had to show John Paul with his mother at the age of nine, when she died. This painting I will never forget, as I felt other important people like Mother Teresa, Padre Pio, Audrey Hepburn the film star, were channeling through me, to be in this painting illustrating so many children in the world who wanted love. One day I felt an overwhelming feeling of love engulf me, and I saw Princess Diana. She had her beautiful beaming smile, and she conveyed the message, that she too wanted to be part of this loving scene showing children who needed love. It was an experience and moment I will never forget, feeling the actual presence of some notable and giving, loving souls. It may seem, I have a political nature to my character too, but sometimes unfortunately change is slow in coming. But if new enlightened ideas can come through politics and bring a better world sooner for children, so be it. My prime aim is to see our ship Kompas sail, giving help and love to children around the world. Jesus said, all children are sacred, and they come from heaven having experiencing great love, as they touch earth as angels and just want love.

"Healing, Hope and Help for Everyone"

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