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"Love will change everything ... "

January 6th 2021

Wednesday, 11.14 am. A New Year as we face continuing problems with life itself, where in the U.K. we have entered another lockdown, and the word crisis is reaching closer to many people’s door. Anyone who has followed my message blogs through the beginning of last year will now see many of my predictions coming true. It’s not I TOLD YOU SO response, but sheer frustration I’ve experienced throughout my life having a gift of seeing parts of the future. This morning on the radio it announced The Daily Mirror newspaper was calling for Boris our Prime Minister to go. A couple of Conservative backbencher MPs have wrote letters for him to stand down with the abysmal handling of this virus crisis. I stated at the very beginning, we had to approach this coming virus storm as though we were in a war situation. Why haven’t we adopted this attitude and approach yet? Why, as I said Boris is not the leader our country needs at this perilous hour? I’ve called Boris and his government inept, bungling, incompetent, inadequate, lacking, wanting, the list is endless and all the news paper have repeatedly reported the words, A SHAMBLES.

We are now everyday saying the hospitals are overwhelmed. That’s an exaggeration of the facts which the BBC media service are very good at spreading doom and gloom. It is clear when in a war time or everyday situation, vision, foresight, preparation, planning with a strategy in place is everything a country needs for the next battle. Time and again last year you heard calls that the winter situation in the hospitals will be far worse with this virus. The hospitals can be overwhelmed with the normal winter casualties of everyday life. The question not being posed to Boris’s bumbling brigade is, Why over the last ten months has there not been an emergency army of ex doctors, nurses, volunteers being prepared with many trained for a mass vaccination programme which has been fully expected? What was the point of spending hundreds of millions creating thousands of bed spaces in the Nightingale hospitals, then to have no staff to facilitate the consequences we now face. A leader like the once Winston Churchill would have fired all those who misspent billions of taxpayers money, fired all those where no real plan was in place to cover almost every aspect of government. Needles deaths occurred, education plans proved disastrous, and complete incompetence neglecting business and seeing the economy go down faster than the Titanic.

Alex Sharma, the International Development Secretary, stands high on this wanted list when billions were being thrown about with no proper checks on where and who was having this money. His answer was, Well quick decisions had to be made. Standing at his side is Rishi Sunak, Chancellor of the Exchequer, who could not see bigger waves of problems occurring, when giving 80% of wages to many and not expecting any work in return. I’ve mentioned all this before, to avert a looming economic disaster Boris and his undistinguished chums have to go now.

I mentioned in my previous message blogs I was given a prediction earlier before the referendum in June 2016 where we would leave the Europe Union. Contrary to all media’s expectations that we would remain in the EU, plus I predicted, there would be no deal agreed. As we witnessed democracy being challenged for four and a half years, a no deal was still on the table. Finally, just a few hours before midnight, on Christmas Eve, a deal was made, which was not the best, but better than some expectations. We will prosper greatly being a Sovereign Country in given time, which will be a bumpy road for three years. I’ve also previously said with all my predications, they can be changed, if the right direction is chosen. I’m given the answers to all these prophecies, where change must happen soon, or events and consequences will occur. During the two week Christmas break I experienced what I believed to be this higher spiritual power I talk of where in my opinion certain stories unfolded.

Many times in my life, I’ve broken some rules which are not written by enlightened souls. With one daughter and her family in Marlow, another daughter was facing a situation that was not conducive to them, staying in their home at Christmas, and decided to travel to a tier 4. With her husband, myself and with three of my grandchildren, a decision was made to travel there. It was a so called offence but the day before going my daughter with her legal background found that by having a baby of four months it was completely legal to travel, to create a bubble. I’m telling this because I believe in times of when help is needed it’s been my experience at the last minute providence steps in.

On Christmas Day, I received a surprised portrait from my son who could not travel from Brighton as his daughter was poorly. This was no ordinary portrait, as in my opinion it was incredibly exceptional. It was his first attempt, but he is highly trained in art as a digital art executive. The story for me was, when he started the portrait in July of 2020, doing three hours at a time, with very intricate detail. Eventually, it took my son sixty hours to create a portrait where I have to feel and think such previous old Masters like Holbein, Leonardo or Raphael would have heaped praise on his first portrait he had done. This was a completely new door he had gone through but later said he enjoyed the experience.

Then I thought at that time in July my passage on my metaphorical river of life was facing difficulties because of my beliefs, which is not unexpected as I’ve come up against people with negativity, impossible attitudes all my life, just like everyone else. It is that inner strength everyone needs when they face impossible circumstances, but you must not roll over but stand by your convictions. Now, that portrait has a greater meaning for me, as it will be used as an image by my friend Elena, when she proceeds in creating video talks for U tube. It’s that time and place I feel, we have to try and reach a wider audience. I have had a life time acknowledging these messages I’ve been given.

At a late hour of ten pm on the first day after New Years Eve, I was still painting, and I happened to look at a magazine by my side seeing a black and white image showing James Stewart and the lady who was his wife in the Christmas film It’s a Wonderful Life. I glanced twice and thought the lady looked a little like a lady friend I know in Banska Bystrica. She had previously sent me a message a few weeks earlier saying she and her daughter had contacted the coronavirus. I had not received a reply in the following weeks, and listening to the terrible first week consequences of my youngest daughter catching the virus, made me feel even more concerned. I had been sending them both spiritual healing every night, but at that moment of seeing her resemblance to the magazine photo, I was suddenly prompted to send a pray for her and her daughter. I simply said, please make it possible that both are now free of the virus. At exactly that moment of saying the last word of the prayer, I received on my iPad a message from the lady that both her and her daughter were now well. Such synchronicities in my thoughts are called divine interventions. To me, it was a call from heaven.

Another extraordinary situation occurred a few days ago, where my son mentioned a film about Audrey Hepburn, the former film star. I replied saying, I know something of this lady. In 2013, I sent a beautiful set of over 30 postcards to UNICEF, showing images of children from my large painting called Chrildren are the Future. I never received a reply. I watched this documentary film which showed Audrey Hepburn to be an extraordinary, beautiful, giving woman, who never fitted into life as being a film star. Eventually, she gave up her film career to be a loving mother. In her later years she gave her love and time to UNICEF helping the starving and desperate children in the world. The story I now tell, began with me in late 2013 after I’d finished the nearly three year painting called Children are the Future of the vision I’d received in 2010.

My big painting called CHILDREN ARE THE FUTURE

I mention in my book THE MESSAGE on the very day I finished this large painting which happened on my birthday, I was compelled to start another painting two metres high of JOHN PAUL the former Polish Pope. I knew his spirit had been with every day since I arrived in Bansaka Bystrica in 2011 and luckily I was able to finish and complete the large painting at the home I had in the village of Jacob. The real story of why I painted John Paul five times with many children was only fully disclosed to me in 2017 when I wrote this book.

One afternoon, while painting these scenes of John Paul, I suddenly felt this overwhelming feeling of love and I felt I was in the presence of Audrey Hepburn’s spirit with me. I knew no more then other, than Audrey Hepburn was once a famous film star. I had this strong feeling she wanted to be in this painting. Had I received such feelings before? Yes, many times. We then later did some research and I found a touching photo of Audrey, holding a starving child, when she was working for the UNICEF. This was an image showing her, when she was dieing of cancer. A few days later I had the same experience sharing the same overwhelming love from the spirit of Princess Diana as I felt her communicating with me to be in the same painting appearing with the many children she loved and helped. After watching this film I finally realised that Audrey’s spirit knew I’d not received help from UNICEF and she wanted to help us.

Another short story about my youngest daughter who is now climbing a new mountain and a miracle I believe is now occurring with her. I’ve indicated before, she had fifteen horrendous years with addiction. I cannot reveal all the story here. But the story for me began, when she was thirteen and her actions one Saturday evening, three days before a flew to North America, following another vision. The words she spoke, which I believed then and now, were channelled through her to direct me to the right path I was to travel on that journey. Her words changed the whole journey I’d planned and it also changed my life. Now, I’d seen part of her future following that incident and I knew one day she would have great gifts given to her. What I was not shown, was the agonising path, she was to walk two years later, because it would have destroyed me at that particular time. Soon, she will write the story of her life, and it will clearly show what I have seen when she was thirteen. She will be a figure in the future of helping thousands of others who have found theirselves on the same path as her.

One last short story which is about my friend Elena who is gifted too. She is creating beautiful images from some of my paintings for the Poem Gallery, Elena has created on our Kompas website. I’ve painted 13 images of Marilyn Monroe and there is a bigger story to this. On our first day of meeting Elena after the Christmas break, I saw the latest beautiful creation Elena had made of Marilyn. She has now created I believe four images of Marilyn. I believe that Marilyn´s spirit is with Elena. The latest one shows a Madonna and child by the side of Marilyn. I have painted this scene because of her deepest regret not having her own children. I believe Marilyn’s spirt just like Audrey’s and Diana’s wants to be part of this DIVINE INTERVENTION to help the unprivileged children of our world. In her short life at the end, Marilyn hated her name of being a film star. She believed her original name was Norma Jean Baker.

After these situations I experienced during these past few days of Christmas and the following week, I received a clear strong message saying:


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Justin Brockway
Justin Brockway
Jan 11, 2021

The paintings are beautiful and your Son's is amazing. Your writings deal directly with our current 'wrongs' and struggles, giving clear answers as to how we can make this world a better place. If only we could leave our petty squabbles and trully listen to SPIRIT, then love would trully sweep around the world bringing much needed healing and hope.

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