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February the 16th.

Sunday 4.00pm. There’s been a storm called Dennis across the U.K. these last two days and many people have had their homes flooded, many for the second time in months. I suppose such bad weather reports can be attributed to climate change, but one thing is certain we are having extremes of all weather. I can only imagine this is the beginning rather than the end, of such diverse weather conditions that brings damage and greater change in how we try to combat these many disasters occurring. The California fires in 2018 cost the federal government 400 billion dollars and more. The previous year 2017 85 billion dollars was spent trying to contain the fires. One might ask, did I predict such climate changes in the past? The answer is no, but in 2008 I created a painting from a vision that showed me melting ice caps. The collapse of the Bank of England in Thread Needle street London, continuing wars, and harm to more children in the world, which is a depressing thought. But the main image between these scenes I painted showed a figure of Jesus. I noticed a small article in a magazine I have each week, and the headline read U.K. banks: Overkill. It went on to say, Are high-street lenders colluding over overdraft rates? The financial Conduct Authority suspects so. They, the banks have aligned their new overdraft rates at about 49%. It is said the fees to customers for un-arranged overdrafts can be ten times as much as a payday loan, which to many is legalised robbery. I prophesied in 2005, the British banking system will collapse in how it operates. I still stand by this prophecy. Changes will occur to banks all around the world who prey on the vulnerable, the poor and small businesses trying obtaining loans to expand their businesses. I gave a public talk a along time ago in 2006, expressing the changes that need to occur. The British banks in the last fifteen years have paid £53 billion in mis-selling and fines. The Global banking industry paid £166 billion in fines between 2009 and 2013. The list of offences is long. Answers I was given I spoke of now 14 years ago. It would be called a restructuring plan where there would be a bank run by the government for savers giving a better interest rate than now. Saving money would be encouraged again and would be soundly invested and backed by the government. A bank would be created specifically for industry and small businesses borrowing through a government run scheme and ran by business leaders with experience of knowledge in the business world. Then thirdly a bank purely to help home buyers. For the first timed we would no more see extortionate profits made by the banks and the people having a fairer and better deal.

My oil painting showing Jesus called TIME FOR CHANGE

This next story occurred in the early winter months in 2013. During 2012 I met as I’ve mentioned before four ladies who I could have called angels as they all came together in a synchronised way that later proved my theory of fate and destiny as each played an important part of creating our charity Kompas. At the same time during the latter months of 2011, when I was then painting in the Europa Shopping Mall Banska Bystrica, a young woman approached me. She spoke English well as she was working in England. She called a number of times and invited me and a friend to visit her mother’s home. A few months later she returned from England saying, one night she felt compelled to do a very colourful drawing in a circle. She knew we were looking for a name for our charity. She brought the drawing to me on her next visit and asked me what I thought. Without hesitation I said, with all the bright colours going in four directions to me it seemed to look like a compass. That was how our charity name was originally created. We used the Slovakian spelling KOMPAS. This though was not the end to this young woman’s story. Later in early 2013 she came to see me at the painting in the Shopping Mall one day and she was in a terrible distressed state. She was crying and saying there was real problems in her family that involved herself. I’ve said before I can see far more than most people, and I could feel she was in an awful state of affairs. It just so happened I was returning in just two days to England with a friend who originally joined me on this journey. I was having to return to England to have my yearly maintenance check with my vehicle. I said, seeing this young woman in such distress, Why don’t you come back with us to England, there will be no expense to you? What I did not tell her because I’m psychic, I could see a dark confrontation that might have taken her life. My friend was leaving me when I reached my home town in England and driving on to Scotland to see his mother for a few weeks. His plan was to fly back later, as he was a big help with the vision painting, filming daily and taking photographs. The day before we left, we had been clearing snow from the property we were staying in, and just behind me my friend slipped on the steps leading to the door. I actually heard his head hit the step and I was concerned about him. He said he was alright. The young woman joined us that night before we intended to leave at 4.30 am as it was a long drive to Dunkirk in France. It was an eighteen hour drive for me, as I felt my friend didn’t seem himself, as usually he did the map directions, so this young woman took his place at the front of our vehicle. We eventually got to within seeing the harbour docking area in Dunkirk and the time was now 1.30 am in the morning and I thought this will be easy now. My friend was sleeping and not being his normal self in the back of the vehicle, but then things started to go wrong in the directions to the docking area. I’d experienced this before at Dunkirk, poorly lit sign posts and now we seemed to be taking continually the wrong road away from Dunkirk. We knew there was a ship leaving at 3.30am, but we were dangerously close to missing this ship. We eventually reached the pass port and ticket office and already seemed to be to late. Then I have to say, providence stepped into what later proved to be a life threatening situation for my friend, if we had not caught that ship. The young woman was attractive and confident, as I said to her, I don’t think they will let us through. To my surprise she said, Leave this to me. I’d met many women in my time, but this was like watching a film showing a young woman seducing a passport officer to let us through. I smiled and I was amazed by her act and conversation with the young man in the office who was a similar age to her. We got through and as we drove on the ship as fast as we could the gang way planks for vehicles was about to be pulled up and stopped for us quickly to get aboard.

Dunkirk harbour

We headed for the South Coast for a short stay and rest at my son’s home in Brighton, then headed back for the long journey to my home. My friend was sleeping most of the time on this journey. When we got back, my friend insisted on hiring a car straight away to do a five hour journey back to Scotland to visit his mother’s home. A couple of days later, I received a message from his brother saying, 80 miles from his mother’s his car had hit a barrier on the motorway, but still somehow he got home. He had reached his mother’s door, but remained slumped in the car. Luckily a nurse lived next door to his mother found him in this car, and she called an ambulance immediately. He was then taken to a special hospital that dealt with head injuries. Later the story emerged, that if he had not reached there at that time, his life may have been lost. His head injury did not see him return to Banska Bystrica for over seven months, as he had to pass tests on his brain. He later recalled when he hit the road barrier he had no recollection of where he was driving too. I later I thought was this providence or spirit guiding him home. The story had not finished there for I would have been driving back on my own if the young woman was not with me to navigate our route. I’ve driven all my life around Europe in my earlier years, and in 2004 I drove 4,500 miles in the U.S.A. The journey back proved to be the most horrendous journey I’ve ever driven in for heavy rainstorms continued for the next two days. It took over eighteen hours to drive through a Germany alone, where common sense said we should have just pulled up and stayed somewhere for a couple of days. Many times in Germany more than once we nearly crashed as the visibility was dangerously limited. On this long torturous journey back the young woman revealed an horrendous story of her childhood right up to being eighteen. A story that I was right in thinking if she had not taken that journey with me, she may well have forfeited her life. Also I believe if she hadn’t have made that journey navigating me, then as I called seducing the young passport officer with her charm. What could have happened with my friend with a later journey if we had missed the ship. I believe my friend would have lost his life with his medical condition. I might have lost my life trying to drive back on my own in such stormy weather. The young woman if she had not made that fated journey with me, she might have taken a decision to end her life. I can think of many stories where with my belief, I believe Providence stepped in at that time to guide and help me, and I believe there are many people who can tell such stories theirselves. I firmly believe in life there can be that guardian angel, or spiritual guide that can be with you at difficult times in your life.

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