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"Messages from the past."

November the 20th. I’m at the home of my third daughter, seeing her now nearly three month old baby daughter. Her husband has a metre in width and two meter in height original oil painting, he purchased fifteen years ago from New York. I’ve seen it before, its slightly abstract how its been painted, and I’ve never really given it a close look before. Last night I did give it time to look at it further, as I was in the time and place where it caught my attention. It surprised me a little, as I was now seeing its main image depicting, what I surmised it to be the New York Empire State Building. This iconic building was built 1931 and was once known as one of the seven wonders of the world. Its roof height is 1,250 feet with its antenna making it a total 1,454 feet. The painting shows it collapsing, and equally in my mind its adjoining buildings appear to be collapsing too. My son in law said he bought the canvas directly off the artist fifteen years ago. Then a bell rang in my mind making me think of the vision, I’ve recieved a couple of months ago. I’ve mentioned it previously in my blogs, that New York will flooded in fifteen years time. What brought this artist to depict this vision?

This vision of mine goes though a lot further than New York flooding. I’ve mentioned a new city to be thought of now of being built, but also I’ve been given to believe this city will be a concept of how inhabitants would live a different way of life. This vision also showed me a completely new picture of its leadership and great changes in its core values of today. Warnings have been given countless times of impending disasters throughout history, but no matter how many warnings are given, the truth can never be always accepted or in many cases the truth is withheld for fear of change. Revealing and talking of the truth is largely unacceptable because it could undermine some other countries strategic interests. It could also undermine a wealthy individual, or a large corporate global interest too that could possibly change the world as we presently know it. The truth could also change dramatically the present status-quo, where those presently in power would tumble, if the truth was known. This is why so many conspiracy theories exist, because laws have been brought in that hide such facts, which cannot be revealed for more than one hundred years. In our country alone in the UK there are stories, it is said even today that cannot be revealed about our involvement in Russia, just after the collapse of the Russian Tzar Nicholas 2nd. This was the time when Bolsheviks came to power and there was an allied western force committed to help the White Russians to overturn this Bolshevik revolution.

The Bolsheviks

Talking of truth it was revealed two days ago that President Trump had reversed its forty year policy on Israeli settlements being built on Palestinian land, where he has legitimised such unlawful building taking place. The United Nations though still remain with their long standing committed position, that Israeli settlements are in breach of International Law. I believe this action President Trump has taken, will severely damage any prospect of him regaining another term in office. My prediction is, these actions President Trump has taken will not prosper, because there are many peaceful sections of Israeli society who seek peace, and these groups with the young in Israel will rise in popularity. Such people in Israel are seeking ways of cooperating economically with Palestine in peaceful ways of bringing both sides together.

My psychic powers do not diminish, as almost every day something psychically synchronises then occurs. When I return to my home, past the one thousand year old church which leads to the local park, I pass a stretch of land that when I was young, there used to be about twenty terraced type cottages. Around the year of 1800 these small houses which have now unfortunately been demolished, once held a community of French Napoleonic prisoners, most taken in naval battles against the British. They were held prisoners as it was two hundred miles and more from the French coast. They were given the freedom of the town, but had to return to their homes at a certain time of the night. They spent their time making many items like weaving or making artefacts like ships in bottles, anything that secured them a small income. One day as I passed this now demolished area, I had a very strong feeling I was getting a psychic message from a French naval officer, that he was buried behind a very old wall that surround this part of the old cemetery. There are some graves that go back to 1535 so I didn’t dismiss such thoughts. The time was twenty five years ago, and my youngest girls were five and seven, and on a Sunday I’d take them for a walk in the park. Sometimes with my other two daughters nine and eleven, they would play hide and seek in this area as none of the graves had received any maintenance for hundreds of years. While looking for my children with this game, I found myself standing at a place where I saw nothing but grass. But I had a strong feeling, this naval officer was calling me and saying, he was buried where I stood. Later that day, I came back on my own with a spade and began to dig. Yes it proved to be a right feeling, as after twenty minutes I was hitting stone. I soon revealed the grave that was of a naval officer and he was a naval commander. Soon this story spread, and a couple of years later it became an official burial sight where the French Ambassador came from London with a couple or more of French soldiers to commemorate the passing of this high ranking naval officer. This is another story that reveals that the spirits of those past can communicate with you, if you have a good intentions. Only four days ago while just passing this area of where the Napoleonic soldiers lived and this happens to me many times, when I receive these psychic messages.

French Napoleonic naval soldiers

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