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"Miracles can happen ..."

April 5th

Sunday 3.30 pm and I had mistakenly thought this weekend was an Easter weekend. Why? Because earlier in the day it showed on the TV thousands enjoying the warmer weather in a South London park. It was Saturday and it showed families and all manner of people, apparently over 3,000 strolling together in a relaxed way in the sunshine. I thought it must be the Easter weekend as it then showed many crowds of people at one seaside resort ignoring the warnings too, as many walked along the seafront. The London park gates have now been locked, but confusion abounds over government statements presently being made. Most people are confused, myself too, as I’m proving to continue and saying there is poor leadership. I will make some points, because questions are not being answered and certain questioned are not being asked. I can only speak for myself, but having a lifetime of experience in various business and dealing with many people, I think and believe with an additional psychic gift, I can read and know if someone is genuine and believable in what they may say. I’ve said and I’m sorry to say again our Prime Minister has his heart in the right place and I fully follow my belief we can become a sovereign country to trade independently around the world. As you get older you don’t need psychic sense whether you believe in someone. That thinking also goes with how our news is presented. In our country in the U.K, we have had for the last three years seen and heard the fabrication and distortion of the truth which was daily. A few days ago it was reported, “President Trump to defy voluntary medical advice to wear masks.“ Not an untruth, but when we as a nation were told quite clearly on Friday by our medical experts that they believe masks do not help, what do you believe when every other country barring Sweden wears them. Who is right and who is wrong? Then in other news items it's saying to cover your mouth, and showing nurses if they have masks wearing them. Ever likely many people are confused. We see large areas being created into hospital bed unites, which is good. Then you see articles in the Guardian newspaper saying, “Calls for an urgent scale-up in production of ventilators for Coronavirus patients are pointless without the additional staff and supplementary equipment needed. Critical care leaders, have warned there are not enough qualified intensive care staff.” Again as my theme talks of, I cannot trust how we are being led. In any wartime situation great individuals appear to take part in incredible life risking actions and operations. We are now seeing this with hospital staff on the front line, where weary bodies and mind are seeing their service taking a toll on their health and well being. Heros and heroines, doctors, nurses, paramedics and all staff associated are trying their best to help and keep this fight going to save lives. Again though, you cannot dismiss the cry from so many quarters that so many of these staff still don’t have fully the protective clothing and equipment they need to safely perform their job.

There is nothing worse for any decent general to see his troops having to fight and win a battle without having the proper equipment and weapons to win a war. We’ve seen in the many archive film footage in the past, where in the first and second world wars Russian soldiers went into battle without no guns, just being told to pick one up from a fallen comrade.

We are not as bad this, but I feel the truth is being hidden in how short we are of supplies needed for those on the front line. It is said in the next ten days or a week higher figures could be reached in the U.K. with the Coronavirus, and those essential items and the full testing of all front line staff are expecting imperative action now being taken. Confusion, chaos, and no clear clarity will later see confessions and answers required. Talks of an enquiry later are already high on a list, when full measures to fight this virus should be fully operative now. On a personal message one can read of my belief in miracles, having seen it with my eldest daughter and niece, and by seeing it on two other occasions through spiritual healing being channelled through myself. Well I can add another to my family list, and hope through this Coronavirus we can see many other miracles occur in every country to those families who are presently praying to their loved ones.

I have spoken of my youngest daughter in the past year who has an addiction to drugs and alcohol for a long time. As a family we have given all our help and love throughout the last ten years and seen harrowing incidents of her trying four times to take her own life. Before Christmas, until early March we knew not where she lived, but only heard more harrowing stories. It reached a point where my eldest daughter secured her another place in a rehabilitation centre over 200 hundred miles away from the bad influences that surrounded her. She failed to come to my home at the appointed time of a Monday evening. We heard of more harrowing stories from the police, and at that moment as her father I prayed she could be taken to her next life rather than to die like a dog. But before I finished saying such thoughts fully, I prayed to my healing guides for a miracle. They have served me and others in the past by providing such a miracle. On Wednesday evening I had a call from my eldest daughter saying she had set off from her home 130 miles away to try and find her and bring her to my home, to place her on a train the next day. This occurred and on Thursday at 4.00 pm she arrived at this far away place safely and escorted to this rehabilitation centre. She beat a deadline unaware this virus would get hold of the whole country. If she has tried to get in there on Friday they would then have to refuse her. It’s now three weeks on. My daughter has successfully passed the detoxification process and lives now in this very beautiful large house surrounded by fields, sheep and cows and flowers, with ten other young women. Because they too are on lockdown and can receive no other young women. They are fully occupied with many jobs within and outside this large home. I’m allowed to speak for 15 minutes on a Saturday and Sunday night, and it is a miracle, as she is only in her late twenties and now she says she feels only about 22 years old. She says she has never been so happy for years. She has told me how she now never uses any makeup and her skin is like it once was. She says she now has an appetite as they are fed as though in a five-star hotel. As the main chain Supermarket nearby supports them besides other big donors. In this life so many of us make mistakes, but it’s my belief there is a reason for meeting certain people and sometimes seeing such people lead us on to a better path in life. With my daughter she has to prove now her journey has not been for nothing as it will take at least a year to fully recover. Everything in life has meaning and purpose. At thirteen I always believed she would be special in this life not knowing the awful path she would walk. Because as her father I’m given messages and visions. In her next letter, she will open, the spirit world has set her a task and a mountain to climb with her time there. She has not been pulled from near-death four times for nothing, her life will prove later there has been meaning and purpose for what she will do with her life when she’s ready to leave. I cannot disclose yet what she has been given to do and start very soon. There will be no better mentor than me, but it will not be me to help her, as she has been given three young women spiritual guides that will be her great help. One is a young woman who fought for the French resistance movement in the Second World War who was charismatic, brave, and suffered great pain under torture and lost her life at only 28 years of age. She will be one to encourage her and help her across a pain barrier my daughter will have to make. Another young woman's spiritual guide will be a beautiful young woman who taught many young troubled teenagers in her short life. The third young spiritual woman will be a Native American Indian lady who will show her many signs she will have to follow. She will also encourage her to complete this task as my daughter once had her own horse Apache, and she will be told after succeeding she will be surrounded by horses again. But my daughter will travel to many countries helping such troubled young people just as she once was. Yes a miracle occurred, but more will follow through her, if she can complete this task. I believe she will succeed.


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