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"New blood, new thinking..."

May 13th

11 am. What is unusual in our lives today? To start with such a question now seems inexplicable as I cannot get the Internet on. But we are all in unusual times, and we are all hearing of certain people’s businesses collapsing and regrettable deaths continuing around the world with this Coronavirus pandemic. When some natural disasters occur they are beyond the realms of our earthly powers to prevent certain catastrophes happening. With earthquakes we can give a warning as science has developed rapidly, yet certain individuals have minds of great curiosity where they delve further than ordinary thinking and take a totally different path of thought. Human ingenuity is a power where we have not even opened five percent of this metaphorical box. A Russian born geophysicist last January dropped a bombshell in the seismology world by announcing his multinational research team could forecast earthquakes. Earthquake predictions are the holy grail of earthquake science and have been considered impossible. Part of their theory is a sequence of events can trigger further activity that leads eventually to other circumstances that create a shock.

Are we witnessing events now with how the Coronavirus started and like the domino theory of one collapsing onto another as this contagion spreads? Not only does the virus spread, but it spreads financially when not knowing how to prevent another institutional and international crisis to occur. Equating our virus situation to this Russian geophysicist cannot be ignored. Why do nations not con-fur with each other when it’s clearly seen our world grows smaller each day. Our national problems touch many other countries too. So why? Because there is in my opinion little wisdom with many of our present leaders. It is said wisdom is not the same thing as knowledge, you can easily be acquainted with facts, truth, and principles, but if you don’t apply this information to your life you are actually the opposite of wise. Wisdom, especially spiritual wisdom, is not just about knowing what’s good for you, but applying that knowledge into your everyday life. When you do that, this is when you know that you are truly wise. When we see my country the U.K. which is in such a con-fluted state of affairs, especially when a former Health Minister and future Conservative aspiring leader Jeremy Hunt said a day ago, THIS HAS BEEN ONE OF THE BIGGEST FAILURES OF SCIENTIFIC ADVICE GIVEN TO OUR MINISTERS IN OUR LIFETIME. This is just one of our country's failings, and a further quote said, Wisdom gives us the vision to see far away into the future to take decisions in our present to make our future better than today. Why can’t leaders stand up and persuade other nations to act as one? If we as a country had made contact with Slovakia, Taiwan, Singapore, and more other countries in how they operated and proceeded, we could have learned far more than the present death toll we presently have.

I said a while ago coming down the metaphorical river is a far more dangerous situation than what the present virus suggests. I saw on Facebook, yes this is where many things are shown and all are not true, but no different to our main national media that can distort and report wrongly a view that is ideological to where the board of directors sit. The disturbing scene I saw, was a solitary policeman surrounded by twenty or more youths all being abusive, and one had taken his bicycle and was mocking the policeman with everyone saying, slash his tires. What does this show? part of the future in a minuscule way. When we have lost control and common sense is not seen and lawlessness begins, it easy to see where future things can happen with far more serious consequences. The tremors of the future are beginning in the U.K. Today in parliament at midday we saw our Prime Minister facing six questions from the new opposition leader Keir Starmer, a former barrister and Director of Public Prosecutions in which he received a knighthood. The stage was set for this new sharpshooter to face the Prime Minister again, after previously destroying him before with direct hits of poignant and good questions. The nation waited again to see if Boris could defend himself and be the Sheriff as Gary Cooper was in the famous film High Noon, and win facing against great odds. Alas, the reality is different, and it was painful to listen and see, as another six direct questions took each part of Boris’s bluster and body away. We then witnessed and saw the sixth question being shot and Boris was given the coup degrees, a death blow, some say a mercy killing of a mortally wounded soldier or friend. After hearing Boris tell the nation on Sunday evening everyone was free to travel where they want by car as we have many beauty spots in England. There was soon a chorus from an army of protesters from all these coastal and beauty spots that they did not want to see thousands of cars descend on their community bringing the chance of the virus spreading. Another shot at the Prime Minister came from Matt Lucas, the comedian who had three million hits on Twitter with these few words. If you can work from home, go to work, Don’t go to work, Go outside, Don’t go outside, And then we will or won’t something else or other. Amusing confusion, but hurts if you love your country and see it in such a mess.  

Yesterday heard an announcement that this term furlong is to continue paying eighty percent of wages until October. Seven million are now receiving such monies, totally £14 billion a month. Last night on TV it announced the budget deficit could reach £337 billion by October. This is just part of what I’ve said is coming down the river, and there was another way, but one blog is not to show the other road we could have taken. We all know when a car has run its full course, I once took all my children, mother-in-law, and daughter on holiday in a Volvo-estate car. That was eight, all my children were young. After a long journey through France to a holiday resort, my car finally got back to my home and broke down after unloading the car when I drove further up the road, it’s life was over. That is a perfect analogy to where we are in the U.K. New blood, new thinking or the story gets worse. I can talk as I do because my path in life has seen glimpses of the future, but more importantly I’ve been shown a far better future, where happiness and the fuel of love come high up on this list for everyone.

I will finish not with a bad end, but a positive future if we can believe we are a nation of high intelligence, that has great universities. We are a nation of great individuals that have created great inventions, science, innovation, and entrepreneurship. We are a nation of giving with compassion and fought with passion in many wars to defend democracy and freedom. We are a nation that loves a challenge with the right course that will rise to heights unimaginable to others. We were once given to believe we could be a new Jerusalem where all religions and faiths have their freedom, and where we give our children the hope and belief all their dreams can come true. The list is long, but we seek a future that lifts everyone’s spirit that makes everyone feel they belong, and they are all part of contributing to a far more happy and equal world for all.

Further quotes from ALBERT EINSTEIN...We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them... On curiosity the important thing is to not stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing... The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination. It means that storing knowledge and learning the facts and formula is not enough, but the motive of life is to think beyond the imagination.

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