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"New plan for living ..."

July 22nd

1.40pm The sun had been trying to emerge from behind the clouds this morning, and in the post office a lady was asking where a phone shop was. She seemed confused and couldn’t find her way out of the post office with the many aisles of gift items. By the time I was served, I had to run to catch up with her to see she crossed the road safely. She was really confused as to where to go, she couldn´t remember which phone shop she had visited to collect her phone. I then decided to go with her to four different mobile phone shops. After trying two phone shops she couldn’t remember which shop she had visited, I asked if she had a receipt. She was in her twilight years and kept apologising for her age and memory. I said, please, you must not think like that, saying some days I don’t know what day it is. The lady looked into her purse for the receipt and it must have been 15 minutes while she did this as I now stood in front of market stalls in the main street. Just three metres away stood a man almost praying for someone to show some interest in all his clothing goods. Next to him a woman sat, showing her antique items and also looking thoroughly dejected and carrying the same look of boredom and sheer hopelessness of her situation. In all those 15 minutes, I saw no one stop or even show interest in the line of market stalls. I could not help but empathise and feel for them with the present situation that prevailed. This sort of strain and stress could be eventually as harmful as the virus that is still rampaging through areas of tightly knit communities who are facing through no fault of their own unemployment. This is something this new generation has not previously experienced, how will they face up to this if it’s going to be far longer than they can imagine.

I heard on the radio today if you lived in rented accommodation the law still remains the same, if you cannot pay the rent, after two months, the landlord at their desecration can evict you. This could run into literary thousands of people each facing extreme worries of feeling hopelessness being caught in this river of despair. With now looking at such eventualities this contagion of fear will prove to be far worse than the virus itself. My thoughts at the very beginning was against the large financial packages being given. It was a very expensive sticking plaster to ease worries and cauterise politicians fears of what might be. We are now close to seeing the reality of witnessing such temporary measures that are not yet reversing the economic trend as most people are now watching every penny and cent being spent. Statistics in the U.S.A. show the number of people over 50 years is 34 percent of the population. I believe this group of people are more careful and knowing that they have to watch everything they spend, which applies to every country besides the U.K. The figure in the U.K. of 4 million unemployed represents 1 in 8 people, who will be out of work.

If you take this figure of 34 percent, where each of those people are cutting the cost of their income, it would suggest there would be a 17 percent drop in previous trade before this virus. With this figure of 4 million unemployed, this is equal to a 6th of 24 million employed in the U.K. Combine this group, and it will be approximately 30 percent decrease in taxies collected, which will have an impact on government spending. My plan at the beginning would stop all evictions, and not letting landlords have control, as their medicine is to evict. Putting a freeze on all mortgages effected by job loss, and remove any worry about having to sell properties. This would be a comfort zone rather than a suicidal situation. Telling the full truth at the beginning was my option, and saying each unemployed person would be evaluated whether single, partnership and per head of the size of family and award an income that would allow one to be better than the present uncertainty. Electric or heating would be rationed to each person according to their circumstances and position. Freeze plastic card debt, until they found further employment. The big factor now that everyone would be able to contribute to the local area by giving ex amount of hours for what the government gave them. There is no free ride. So many could contribute their skills to the local area. This would be a metaphorical ship where each member of this crew had a portion to contribute in keeping this then society together and having a goal to where we are going. Government of the unemployed would have a large work force of being able to deploy those with skill and attributes to the best of what was required to do. Teaching of many skills would be abundant in such a group of versatile people. The government could fill gaps where firms are only requiring a temporary work force, this would then make the government a large agency to place people into work. This fear of people having financial worries would disappear and there would be no stigma attached to this new set of circumstances. People with high abilities and university qualifications could be used temporarily in teaching or any other much needed areas like care for the elderly. We create a war like feeling of being together, a far better way than excepting the uncertainty of what might follow.

No plan and new thinking is off the table. Those who are wealthy and affluent will contribute with their resources and entrepreneurial skills and help to grow small innovative businesses. This is more than a basic idea which has been sowing seeds in previous message blogs, but it could be the bones to a new body of thinking that would be far better than the expectations of fear that is approaching daily. For once there would be a plan which could give people a happier way of living. Housing, rebuilding new homes by government to fit everyone´s financial affordability. It’s a mantra I have attached to building and creating new businesses. A plan that’s not short term thinking, but always looking further with any firms prospect, having a skilled working force that can be used in future plans when their current business model needs changing. Big changes have faced Europe in the past few days after a 90 hour meeting of solving their financial crisis. They have agreed now with a 364 billion package of grants that were desperately needed with the Southern Hemisphere countries like Spain, Italy Portugal and Eastern European countries. Some say the package is not big enough and does not begin until 2021. Time will tell, because if they had not devised this package, which saw the wealthier Northern group of countries Holland, Denmark, Sweden and others who did not originally agree to financing this survival plan. Failure would have seen the European Union collapse. Outside the virus situation we hear scientists are now saying, this virus could go on for years, because it’s so wide spread and it’s similar to the flue out break of many years ago.

We have to build this new way of thinking that makes people feel happier and have better future prospects. This is a message for every country in the world. The present politicking between Russia and the U.K. is almost infantile with cyber messaging trying to influence people with their voting agendas. It’s time the U.K. sat down with Russia and with other countries too, as the people of Russia are desperate for change. The same applies with China and Western Countries, as they must all sit down and think out of the box, as no country is benefiting with this stalemate of thinking. Only great leaders dare to face change. Through so many of these message blogs which reach back to where the first 77, we created a book called Crossing the bridge between the past and future, which describes an alternative path and a total new way to view life in a far better way. There is a road where the majority of people would prefer to walk where a new prosperity is there for every country big and small and wealthy and poor. Where our planet has progressed too it might appear to some this virus might be the hand of god forcing change and tackling climate change to. A better future of change can be created for everyone. I’ve said before about Iran which could have a golden future if they aligned with Saudi Arabia. Israel and Palestine, a future where together as sovereign states they could turn a desert into an oasis of new crops that will be traded throughout the world. The large countries will put right all the wrongs in the world by acting together. Is this a dream? Yes, but great individuals and great leaderships and enlightened minds can create a new happier, and equal healthier world for all. Nothing is impossible. It’s believing all things are possible as human kind together can advance in a way not seen before.

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