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"New radical plans are needed ..."

March 24th

3.50 pm. The biggest news to rock Germany regarding the coronavirus is hearing Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, admit she has been wrong to announce a lockdown of a five day period at Easter. This lockdown applied to all religious services, and food retail supermarkets for the public who were been allowed one day to shop on a Saturday purchasing food to last five days. It only took 36 hours for to her to make a public apology saying, her idea was flawed, as she knew great anger was mounting daily with public opinion, and the chaos Brussels was making for the whole of the E.U. community. Not having enough vaccines available for Germany, and the whole of the E.U. was not acceptable to everyone in Germany as they saw the U.K. with a faster roll out with vaccines. The finger from many of her own politicians pointed to her wrong decision of believing, Bruxelles could take full control of the vaccine programme. This action in my belief is seeing a crack in the great dam wall, where Germany under her formidable leadership these last 15 years as seen her hold power over the whole of Europe. A U turn will now see her authority has gone, and already political parties will be scrambling for the power that lies broken, metaphorically on the Bundestag parliament floor.

She cannot act like the U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson who makes daily U turns which clearly shows he is no leader. Angele has held power as each decision she believed was right. This thinking will now show, how many mistakes she may have concealed over the years, because the German people were happy to bask in the sunshine of their economic boom years, and did not want any change. Protests of a hundred varieties will now emerge as every different opinion from smaller groups have been crushed before, with people believing everything in the garden was rosy. I can only imagine in Bruxelles heads will roll as this expected third wave might take many peoples lives. It is being said people would have ignored any ruling over Easter, and done what they wanted to do, because they saw some rules that allowed them to holiday in Majorca but could not visit their own holiday resort by the sea in Germany. Uncertainty is now a flag, the German people will not want to see flying, when a pandemic is about to fall across many European countries. The next forty eight hours will see opposite decisions being made that might not be the right answer as a conundrum now faces Germany with this present virus.

In 2012, Angela Merkel was named in a prophecy I was given, saying then, five prominent world leaders could, with their power, help change the world for the better. I tried three times to make contact with her then, but having no obvious reply. She then stepped into the abyss with the Ukraine controversy as a war broke out with Ukrainian breakaway states being backed by Russia, where a proxy war still continues today. I had foreseen all this as Germany became the banker to the Ukraine to financially keep their country afloat. This situation was never resolved, for later Angela Merkel saw Germany with Italy as the biggest importers of Russian gas where their dependency of having a large percentage from Russia has made them feel uncomfortable, until this present day.

Angela Merkel

The Prophecy saw Vladimir Putin as another world leader, as one of the five world leaders who could have changed the world for the better place. The plan I was shown I can only tell here in a few words but a big break through could have been made where Russia as they would have joined with the E.U. This multilayered approach would have pulled down the present wall of mistrust with Russia and seen the U.K. still in a trading relationship with the E.U. I was shown the U.K. would have partnered Russia in many of its sciences. Germany would have had a very strong bond with the U.K. as Germany would have prospered greatly in the future, and been the powerhouse of Europe, showing the greatest philanthropy a country had ever been. Its youth would have volunteered to help build poorer countries economies as their new young generation would not except materialism as a goal to happiness, but would have found a very great spiritual light that would have extinguished all of Germany’s dark past.There would have been a new renaissance of high cultural enlightened thinking that once touched Germany centuries ago.

Here we are today, after that prophecy of 2012, after thirteen attempts I’ve mentioned before of trying to see Vladimir Putin. Both leaders are now in the same position, where their stars are falling. The battle continues across the globe to get enough vaccines to help as many as possible. Who could have imagined where threats are being made against the U.K., with stopping vaccines leaving Europe. The battle can only be won when all countries unite in being part of one whole and trying to prevent this virus from spreading. We must all hope the tide can turn, for bad decisions being made from any government which could put many lives at risk. Can this change take place? YES, it has too, because no one country will have the all the answer or resources and science fully required. Maybe through consequences that are occurring in every country, new thinking will push certain individuals to have this enlightened thinking which I believe is powered from above.

I mentioned in my last message blog which we released only on Tuesday of this week where I wrote about shops closing in my small countryside town. On Tuesday, I went to a post a small package no bigger or heavier than an envelope to go to Slovakia. The cost at it highest could not have been greater then £2.50, but I was to be charged £6.00, and to fill a form, asking many questions. It made me think, how many small businesses who used to export to Europe no longer do so? Then, I walked to the bank, passing through a narrow road which for centuries led to the historical square, where once a King in 1245 gave it a charter for a market place. In these small shops, I saw the owners putting a new coat of paint on the walls of their shops, while still closed. Then, I saw another large shop soon to close. At the bank, I said to the young woman, another shop has closed, then she mentioned two more I never knew of. She said though, it won’t bother me with two children if I spend twenty pounds on food from the supermarket, where I get it delivered free to my door. She said, no more queuing and parking, having children by your side, and saying, she got all cloths, and shoes for her children, and everything off Amazon delivered in 24 hrs. I said, my eldest daughter with three young children does exactly the same thing saying, she cannot remember going into a shop, and having to pay for parking, and again struggling to shop with three young children. What does the future hold for the empty shops in my town if most people with a family adopt this way of shopping? Who would, if having plenty of money at this moment in time, invest in taking a shop with higher business rent and rates? What sort of business would show a profit? No one has the answer yet because this is not just in my little town, but in every country in the world. Times are changing.

After the war in Europe, a Marshall aide plan was made to help Europe rebuild, and think differently about their future and what they hoped could be. In the U.K., a man called William Beverage, made a new radical plan after the Second World War, to create a new N.H.S. hospital system for all to use, whether you had money or not. A new social welfare system was created, also a new housing building programme for homes that was affordable to all, along with many other radical ideas. I’ve said from day one, we are in a war with this virus, and should have adopted a policy to win this war with radical ideas. Well, radical ideas and new thinking like I have suggested will have to show roots soon.

A protest in Bristol, in the U.K. at the weekend saw 3,000 people gather against a new bill restricting noise, to be part of a peaceful protest. But with inflaming such thoughts, the Bill encouranged the anarchists and rent a mob turn up bringing violence to a peaceful demonstration. I said a week ago, before this situation occurred, you only have to strike a match to burn a big building down. If radical ideas don’t appear, where people want to see a better future for the young generation, we will see many more Bristol situations of police cars being burnt, and seeing more than twenty policemen injured as happened at this protest. Better times will appear, because these highly educated young people will just not accept a man leading the U.K. like Boris, and his government with no clear radical plan. This government’s ideology will not accept radical thinking.

In parliament today, a lady of his own party stood, and said, some ten years ago many families and people who ran post offices found theirselves of wrongfully accused of stealing, and fraud running their post offices. Some went to jail, made bankrupt, and committed suicide with the terrible stigma held over their lives and future. It was later revealed, the post office, and the government knew a new computer system was at fault, but hid these facts as these people suffered and lost their livelyhood and homes. The lady in parliament today asked the Prime Minister, Are these people who knew of this cover up going to be held accountable? He did not answer such a question. Now, when I believe with this higher power I talk of, who has been telling me for more than the last twenty years, there has to be big changes not just in my country but throughout the world. We live on a beautiful heavenly planet, where the miracle of life itself appears every second, when a new baby is born, and new creatures, great and small are given life too. The sun will rise and shine again and touch everyone seeking a better life, for as I write this message blog I’ve seen swarms of birds gathering in the sky and they receive good news first.

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