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"News seeds have to be sown ..."

May 5th

3.20 pm. I’ve talked of changes so often for years and years, with the gift of special six or seven senses I’ve been given, telling about so much of life and change, that will bring about another way of how we live our days. My messages sometimes arrive at a time in rhyme, which I can’t explain or even describe. The message just floated into my mind, because sometimes life has beautiful surprises of every kind, so just believe it’s not the end, but a new beginning which see your life now start with a better way of living. I’ve said before I’m not sure of what I might write, as I know I am given second sight. This sort of message has just come in automatic writing.

During the past few days certain stories have caught my eye but somehow my thoughts won’t let them pass me by. Alex Brummer, of the Daily Mail business column, showed images of a thousand and more Manchester United fans protesting outside the football ground and inside too. They were protesting against the American Glazer family who bought the football club some fifteen years ago, and it is said they have taken out a billion pounds from the club during this period, and used the football club to fund their own business debts. This ill feeling between the Glazer family and fans began from day one of them purchasing the club, and now along with another five top English clubs, all owned by wealthy individuals, secretly proposed with some other clubs in Europe to start a super league to make further money or so they thought. This idea has now collapsed as English fans have united with other football fans to try and change the rules so that the real fans can take part and have shares in their own club.

Alex Brummer said, THIS IS JUST A TEA PARTY WE ARE WITNESSING. I found it very prophetic as it accorded with some of my future prophecies or predictions. He went on to say, there are so many in society who don’t have equal opportunities. He was predicting we are living in a society that will not tolerate this ever growing gap between those who have, and those who have not. Alex Brummer is not a revolutionary, but one who’s chosen and followed investment news all his life as a career. This thinking though fits into one of my message blogs, where I have mentioned of needs of affordable housing for the young people. These and many more, even with university backgrounds, have been unable to purchase a house. They have been caught and exploited in the rent sector. If you are living in a city, you can’t afford to buy a house there, but if you move further a field you cannot afford to travel back into the city. I’ve said many times we are sitting on a keg of dynamite. If it’s not addressed in a radical way, we are going to see thousands and thousands of people protesting. I’ve mentioned before, we could have a government run house building construction company.

Another article Alex wrote saying, in 2008 when the crash occurred with banks and billions lost, the Queen was touring a new building at the London School of Economic’s. She then famously asked professors, “WHY DID NOBODY NOTICE IT?” A simple question, many like myself said and thought. The real answer, as I said a couple of weeks ago, these so called economists who supposed to know anything, were either employed by the banks or investment companies and were afraid to speak out. The reality was, they were prepared to watch billions and millions lost in the housing market, which saw thousands lose their homes and turfed on the streets in America. Many losing all their savings. It was said, if you owned a property in 2009 after the crash, you saw you home almost double and more in value over the last ten years. If you were working, there were no wage rises over those years, and you have not prospered. If you had savings your interest was wiped out, as these following years saw the lowest interest rates appear giving no return.

Warren Buffet, a man in his late eighties, who has been investing all his life and is worth billions said, he could see soon inflation return. This is being voiced more and more by money gurus. I made a 45 minute film in 2009 called, The truth and reality of the financial meltdown. I forecast what was to come. My psychic powers told me immediately to send a copy of the film to the then governor of the Bank of England, the then second most powerful man in monetary policy in the world. Within 24 hours I had a private reply from the governor himself. I said many things in my film, all that were true. I said what’s to stop the crash happen again. NOTHING. No great changes of the banking system has occurred, and no one was accountable then or went to jail. So many voices now call of such fears will visit again, if big changes don’t happen.

News talks of some saying, “Post Pandemic boom of wealth will be made, but will end bloody. Reading or hearing news no one wants to know, the U.K. debt is 2.14 trillion pounds. The U.S. is 20 trillion pounds. Journalists report borrowings for investment in company buyouts last year in the U.S. was 470 billion pounds. Today, one year later, the figure as doubled to 825 billion pounds. Many say there is now so much more money now released into the U.S. economy, it now suggests a worry that is showing warnings.

Out of all this I can only believe change is happening, which will bring a better and fairer future for all. We all have to think about our children, youth, who will need new homes with equal opportunity to follow their dreams and live a happy life.

In the U.K. today, the topic of social services and care for the elderly return, as this is a parcel that been passed around by all governments for the last fifty years. People are living ten years longer and in the U.K. a great wrong was committed where if you have worked hard all your life, and been able you own home. Then if you became ill and if you owned your home you would have to sell it, not being able to leave your children some inheritance. If you had not owned a home you still had the same care. Figures today said five billion pounds would be needed, but better still abolish all private care homes charging extravagant prices. Stop profits being made out of the old and in firmed, create a care system equal for all irrespective of wealth, where everyone can end their lives in a sunshine loving home, where staff are fully trained and have plenty of love to give. Our government in the U.K. have wasted billions during this pandemic, as all my other message blogs have mentioned. We spend billions on a nuclear submarines that give us a chance to be one of those countries who would take part on terminating all life on the Earth.

There are other answers and better ways, so change has to come and news seeds have to be sown so all our young can share in having a happy future. I predicted two years ago football fans could regain full owner ship of their clubs as it is easy to bankrupt these wealthy owners who are exploiting the beautiful football game. Movements are now afoot to establish similar ways the German football league operate. Change is in the air everywhere, but change is not to be feared, a new enlightened thinking is occurring, and as I’ve said before people will start to be awakened, and coming together helping each country with new ideas. Think of trees where many have stood in the same ground for years, some for hundreds of years. They have seen people pass them by for generations, but the seeds that were planted for them was by a higher power, that gave them life as they watch time go by. It’s my belief seeds are being sown now, with many holding better ideas. Watch in Germany a young woman of forty years of age with no experiences of politics as been chosen to be a new leader of their Green Party. Like new green leaves on a tree the Green Party will make good new changes to benefit all. Let’s believe the trees near you, can give you vibrations to think differently about life itself, for they have seen the world longer, and have accrued more wisdom. Millions of trees, if not billions will be planted by this young generation to bring back a better life. THE PLANET CAN BE SAVED IN MANY NEW WAYS, JUST WAKE UP AND BELIEVE IN BETTER DAYS.

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