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"NO MORE ..."

June 3rd

2.30pm. We live in times few could have predicted, I for one was not given a prior message of Coronavirus, but I’ve mentioned before I’m not given all future events that will occur. On May 26th seeing this now infamous tragic death of George Floyd and hearing his last words “I CAN’T BREATHE” I received these two words “NO MORE,” then I instantly received one word “INSURRECTION“. Now eight days further, the world looks on having witnessed the abhorrence of the racism that hangs like some nuclear mushroom cloud over the U.S.A. We see a fuse of anger and revulsion that is contagious just like the Coronavirus. The difference is the only vaccine available is an absolute change in the way the U.S.A. society have accepted this cancerous tumour which has lived in the body of America for four hundred years. In 1619 an English privateer ship reached Point Comfort the Virginia peninsular and 20 negro slaves they had were traded for food. This was the beginning of the most horrendous and barbaric slave period which to this day as not been healed or the past forgotten. Slavery occurred though a hundred years before with the Spanish who brought slaves from the present day Angola, and those thousands of slaves were subjected to the most inhuman atrocities imaginable. They were taken to present day Florida, Texas, and California.

There have been some great presidents in America and Abraham Lincoln took his country to war to stop slavery, but he did not succeed in giving freedom and equal rights to the African American men. He gave his life in being assassinated by those who hated what he had done. Guilt lies then with every President that’s ever been in America, for accepting the African American did not equally qualify with the rights or respect as a white American. It was seen through both world wars that segregation occurred of the African American forces who were humiliated each day, although giving their lives for their country. We have witnessed the great presidents of Roosevelt, Eisenhower, and Kennedy take office, but they too failed to remove this deep scourge to metaphorically remove this painful abscess of racism that still remains abhorrent today. Guilt must sit painfully too with President Obama who became the first black President in January of 2009, who had the chance to remove this systemic malignant growth of racism, but he failed miserably. IT WAS JUST ACCEPTED by the Obama administration. We now have a President who cannot empathise, or even feel the pain that so many African Americans are presently anguishing over seeing yet again brutal police repression against their black community. The Americans have had a big generous heart in giving thousands of their young mens lives in saving the world from tyranny and bringing freedom to millions. Yet their great country continues to accept having a metaphorical perpetual toothache and abscess of racism that still has not been cauterised from this nagging pain. The messages I’ve received for many years is how our world needs good leadership.      


President Trump does not bring these qualities of leadership to his own country nor to the world. His lack of empathy towards his fellow man is painful to witness. He will soon be the conductor of an orchestra that no longer exists, as his symphonies of bringing warlike situations to occur and dividing people instead of bringing them together. He will no longer command any audience soon. The Palestine - Israel confrontation is a symphony of pain, anguish and death not wanted to be conducted by him. But if he could write a symphony of peace and reconciliation between his country, China, North Korea, Russia and Iran he would receive a great applause. The words I was given to George Floyd, “NO MORE” is a message to President Trump. He who is given great power is for one reason alone, and that is to do good for his fellow man, or that power will be taken away by an act belonging to an higher enlightened consciousnesses. Facing a insurrection on the front lawns of the White House, he has to humbly admit that justice will quickly prevail for the infamous death of George Floyd. Then adding events to previous similar cases of police brutality in the past ten years will be readdressed, and a total change in how police are trained in apprehending anyone. I great leader is able to give. Giving is a sign of love and strength. This is the only tonic available to drink on this table of bringing about a better world.  

Those who have followed my journey from the first message blog that lies in the first book we have created called Crossing the bridge, between the past and future, tells I’m a believer in reincarnation. I’ve also mentioned I’ve seen a number of lives I’ve experienced before. One of those lives I was involved in, was preventing the sicking scenes of cruelty where hundreds of slaves were chained in the hull of a ships. Women and children, families crushed together that many could not survive their long journey in this putrid atmosphere, and having a lack of food and water. Those slaves who showed disobedience on these journeys to hell, were thrown over board with many who would not survive the journey. This was the regular scene and traffic of slaves for more than 250 years. I believe you can return to life if you can try to do good again. I found my myself being kidnapped by Barbary pirates as a young man from my village on the south coast of England. Cutting a long story short with my strength and use of a sword, along with six other such men we overpowered the ship. My destiny was planned out, and as the years went by I saw many such scenes of slavery I’ve just described. I had this compunction to take and board such ships to rescue slaves. This continued from having one ship which grew into five, then ten and twenty. We freed many slaves and returned them to where they came from. Then this ship returned to our fleet. I rescued one young woman who became an equal Captain to me as she became the love of my life. The Spanish ships not only carried slaves but gold. Our crew though was made of men and women who had the same ideals as myself and my wife, to help those in need. Many slaves wanted to be part of our crew and some made Captains of their own ships. The logo to our Kompas charity is a sailing galleon, just the same we used to sail. I’ve mentioned many times in our introduction to our charity there will be many people one day want to join our crew aboard our Kompas ship. I’ve also mentioned in my book called THE MESSAGE, those with wealth who want to do good with their money can become an Admiral to many of our ships. With their business expertise they would help in creating further Kompas charities around the world.

It’s my belief you can return from a previous life with many of your old characteristics you used to have, and also meeting in this life with many of your previous friends you knew before. This view of life is shared by many faiths around the world. We each need to know the real meaning to life which gives you a bigger and better purpose of what your life is about.

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