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"Number 11"

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

On the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month just over one hundred years ago an armistice was signed in France, and it was the first step to bring peace after the horrific carnage of loss of lives in the First World War. Numbers can play an important part with many to support their belief. The Chinese have a belief in numerology, 4 is unlucky, 666 means things can run smoothly. These are my thoughts, and everyone has their own thoughts and opinions, and who can argue against who, NO ONE. Belief belongs to the individual, but belief can do good. Belief can create bravery on a battle field, and belief can make some climb a mountain to bring better times. The mountain can be a metaphor for yourself, to believe you have a good idea for a business, which you believe with passion it will grow if you make a full commitment to give your all, along with hard work. But you have to have a love for what you do. To make something grow, or you want to achieve a goal, you have to believe you can reach this height, for this has been like this throughout history where individuals have held on to their beliefs for their particular dream. Let me just return to number eleven again, it’s only about ones belief. It’s my belief their were eleven disciples one being Mary Magdalene. I also believe that the women in the life of Jesus played a far bigger role than has been written about. Why do I say this? I can only say the small spiritualist church I once attended regularly always had a congregation of 95 percent women. Women are more sensitive, intuitive, and stronger in absorbing pain than most men, because they give birth to a child, and they are the closest to feeling and experiencing a divine miracle. Therefore it was no different in the time of Jesus, he would have had far more help from women than men. Women have always been made to feel inferior to men which has been absolutely wrong, so one cannot believe everything you read of the past.

Some numerologist and new age philosophers believe that events linked to the time 11:11 appear more often than can be explained by chance or coincidence, and is an example of synchronicity. Some claim that 11:11 seen on a clock is an auspicious sign for a spiritual presence or it could be the number of spiritual awakening, signifying that you are on the right path, and your actions are aligned with your souls purpose. It is also believed that number eleven signifies the spiritual energy of Christ. Number eleven again is believed to represent the two pillars to the door we will all pass through at sometime in our lives. I’ve mentioned before belief in yourself can be the key to open unimaginable doors, which can show you that we can all possess certain powers that can bring a further fulfilment to the short period of time we have with our lives. I have also mentioned before in my previous blogs that I can go into this mediative state where I’m given messages from higher levels of consciousness, showing at times visions or predictions into the future which always in given time materialise and come true. This morning my lady friend E... from Banska Bystrica mentioned this date to me of the 11th, yes I knew it’s a day in our country and with all those other countries too, who lost family and friends in two great wars. I mention this because when we finished our talk, I noticed on my iPad in the top corner the time was exactly 11:11.

This weekend I found myself writing a letter, and as a consequence I received a message which was contrary to what I was writing. I then found myself doing something I never planned, which again could bring further consequence that could change my present position. Later it made me think, and I’ve spoke of this before, the best of plans do not always materialise, as you think they will do, because different events can occur in every second of our lives, just by people having different thoughts. The best analogy to use is when just a thought changed the whole world, bringing disaster, where equally a brilliant idea or thought can change the world to make life a better place.

On June 28th 1914 Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand heir to the Austria -Hungary throne was travelling through Sarajevo in Bosnia with his wife Sophie, Duchess of Hohenburg making their way to the town hall. They were in the third car of a motorcade when assassins of a terrorist group called the Black Hand attacked, but failed to kill the Arch Duke and his wife Sophie. On their return trip from the town hall the driver to their car thought he knew the right road, then saw he was wrong, and began to go backwards. This gave further assassins another opportunity, and two bullets killed Ferdinand and his wife Sophie. This brought the unimaginable consequences of the First World War where millions were killed. Thoughts though have created many ways of saving lives in medical research, science and more. One miraculous thought came from the British admiralty in 1940 of saving 338,000 soldiers from being taken prisoner on the Dunkirk beach in France. Between May the 26th -June 4th of that year a fleet of 700 small private boats had been requisitioned to sail to the Dunkirk beach and helped to save this army of desperate men. Such thoughts from certain individuals through history has seen impossible situations turn into miraculous events, that might persuade those with negative thoughts that there is a source of energy we can all obtain if we change our mind set and see a better way forward.

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