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"Our dreams can come true ..."

May 9th

Sunday 3.40 pm. Changes appear with everyday of our lives. Sometimes the challenges that lie ahead for yourself are not easy to face. In my experiences, I believe, a passed loved one, or as I believe, there is always a close spiritual guide by your side, maybe unconsciously to yourself trying to influence decisions you have to make.

I’ve just given help to my niece who’s faced tragic circumstances with someone very close to her. At the same time, her dog of ten years is maybe facing an inoperable situation. The previous evening I had a call from my youngest daughter, who’s been climbing a mountain these past 14 months with alcohol and drug addictions which are so common today. She is successfully succeeding, as now she helps to save lives of other young women who have sadly found themselves on the same sorry path. Last night my daughter rung and was hurting. Her close and best friend of the same age together helped each other to escape death, as they fought to get through the first few weeks of the withdrawal symptoms. A strong bond of friendship and love was born, but her friend through family circumstances was having to return home. My daughter was emotionally torn in half, saying the other young women, where they are, would not know until today. My daughter said, she cannot let any emotion be seen by the other women as many now look to her for strength.

I believe each day events with circumstances, where decisions you make, and consequences that evolve, can be thought of or accepted as a test to get you through and bring better days into your life. Life is not easy, and with my niece I could not divulge the tragic situation she had to face as a live and death situation she was involved in. This is my message, there is an inner strength inside you, but believe your feelings were right in what your heart was telling you in the decision you might of made. Far more extreme tragedies are occurring with thousands around the world. but these tests you face, you can and will overcome if you have faith and belief in yourself.

Luckily those two stories I’ve told happened in the last 24 hours, and both had lives depending on the outcome. Both will be alright, because each rung me and both believe in my philosophy about life. Changes in so many parts of all life are to occur, but being optimistic and positive about yourself is one of the keys which will show you that everything can turn out better in life. I was once told if you don’t have a dream in your life you will die. If you are over one hundred years of age, dreams are everything and still necessary.

One story of a lady I read of a certain age said, she was living with regrets of never following the love of her life. She was frightened and afraid of the consequences others around her would say, as they only brought negative thoughts to her. She went on to say, she later realised these others, family and friends never came to make her life happier, but only to ruin her dreams. She said this went on for over ten years and more, until something forced her to do the unthinkable. She started again to believe in her dreams, and spoke of so many unnatural situations that occurred, until she felt she was led to a certain place one day, where she once met this love, although she was still married. At exactly the same time, years and countries apart she saw the person she once loved. Fate and providence play a big part in all our lives. But this lady didn’t hesitate, and left a letter to her grown up family saying, my dream never died, and now I’m going to live my dream.

The world as it is has an energy that can touch you, inspire you, challenge you and the unthinkable can happen. The rules and policies all governments make are not all correct, and neither do they have all the answers. An article today mentioned, in the Southern Lebanon, tonnes of dead fish had been washed up from a large lake. Locals blamed pollution with waste and sewage being pumped into a once beautiful lake, that once provided a living for the local fishermen. For years, their voices have gone unheard, and found fish were too contaminated to eat.

At the same time as this story, in New South Wales in Australia, thousands of dead fish have been found floating in rivers and local fishermen are shouting with contempt against lack of action from their government. Another story also coincided, where in the Philippines, ocean reefs are littered with P.P.E. products and face masks.

All familiar stories of how civilisation is ruining the planet. A quote and prophecy attributed to A Native American Indian Cree tribe said this, THE LAST TREE CUT DOWN, THE LAST FISH EATEN, THE LAST STREAM POISONED, WILL FIND, YOU CANT EAT MONEY. Two centuries ago, Native Indian culture valued their land calling it Mother Earth. They would only kill enough buffalo to feed and clothe their families, and conservation was a word not heard of until the early 1930s.

I saw on Facebook the other day, someone had scores of small boxes side by side, hanging on chains and as high as a big wall, all growing every vegetable imaginable. Each country could be self sufficient for food.

When I lived in a village in Slovakia for a few years creating a vision painting, I was surprised their custom was and still is with some, where their large gardens provided vegetables and fruits. They had a process to preserve the fruit filling countless jars that would help them through the winter, along with other home grown vegetables. Sometimes, we have to go backwards to find the right path. Better still we have to find the right path that sustains life with happier times.

Elections have occurred in the U.K. and politicians are blind to the future, and visions that are familiar with only weirdo’s. In my local town, only 30 percent people turned out to vote as this applied for much of the country. Why? Because the young have dreams and ideals. No political party has radical dreams. THEY OFFER NOTHING FOR THE YOUNG OR THE OLD. I was once young, but I still have dreams and ideals with moral values, that were once held far higher than today.

We talk of violence against women, and yet we have a culture that permits pornography to be seen by childrens in their play grounds. This is acceptable to our culture that doesn’t know how far to fall. A list of many things could be made where values don’t exist.

If someone says get involved with local politics with radical ideas, you are out voted. I’ve once been there, and with mainstream politics even in the last few weeks. Is history going to repeat itself like the Roman Emperor Hadrian who built a wall in 122AD between Scotland and England? With the latest voting in Scotland, a border wall will exist between in England and Scotland unless radical ideas appear. But visions are not acceptable with the age we live in. This explains why there aren’t many if any leaders of note today.

The U.K. like Russia wants to defend its border walls, also China too. With China they look at HongKong, Taiwan. Xinjiang, and Tibet too. But the future will bring changes, as all former empires, big or small collapse from within. Russia under Stalin between 1928 to 1941 demolished 6,000 churches because he was evil and a heathen. Today, religion in Russia has grown and continues to grow, because it offers hope above politicians, who fear change with the order of power. You cannot remove a belief that lies within someone’s soul. China will find that they should not have no fear of religions. They could become wise and do a powerfull good if they can remove the fear, they have about their people.

At this moment in time, a book is being written by my friend Elena and myself about three famous people who played a big part in saving the world from Nuclear War. Each died between 1962 and 1968. This story is being told by all three of them. Their names are Jack and Bobby Kennedy, and Marilyn Monroe. Changes are coming as we enter a world as I’ve said before with, A NEW AWAKENING THAT WILL ALLOW ALL DREAMS TO COME TRUE.

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