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"Putting the cards on the table ..."

December 6th

Sunday 4.20 pm. It’s dark, freezing cold, I just need some snow where I live, seeing through my window a mass of trees, which would soon resemble a Bruegel print, I used to own called Winter Scene. On the virus front, I heard news from my youngest daughter, along with several of her other friends, that they had all caught this dreaded virus. It was not a shock as her situation with meeting other people in charitable causes, she is now involved with, was always prone to meet this invisible enemy. My shock came, when she described, how the virus had effected her. A young woman of now 30 years of age. I have spoken quietly of her situation before, where she is climbing a metaphorical mountain to reach a better place in life. She said the first week had been worse than being on a detoxification programe, which she had previously undertaken to meet her then circumstances. She had other symptoms, where she had continuous headaches, then feeling hot and cold and tired all the time. It’s a myth that only someone with ill health and who are in the late Autumn of life are more prone to catch this virus. My surprise is, the virulent way the virus attacked her body, but luckily her mind is now strong and positive, as she said to me by phone that she will get through this.

This explains why less people young and old are not using the rail and underground tube trains in London to the degree they once did. Only 24 percent of capacity is now taken up, so the government has had to pay four billion pounds for a six month period to keep a rail service operating in London for the general public. The government says it will cost an on going 600 million a month to finance the train system in London until such times we return to what was once a normal way of commuting to work.

Other news reported in Argentina that due to their large debt and virus infection crisis, they have introduced a tax system to hit just the very rich being millionaires to raise three to four billion. In January of this year, I proposed to use this as one tool by taking from the very wealthy, to help with the debt crisis the U.K. finds it’s self in, but this action by Argentina shows part of the future where life will bring such changes about with a better system for the majority. Consequences at every turn and moment of the day for the U.K. as it was broadcast that 10 percent of all benefits are going to fraudsters, which adds up to a frightening mountain of money, to this ever growing scandal of money being wasted by this pitiful government.

With the rightful optimism of a vaccine coming on stream in the next few days for those at the front of this battle zone, one can only raise a cheer, but fate and events are taking place now, where military aircraft are going to be used airlifting vaccines from Belgium. At the end of this month we may be seeing queues of lorries trying to get in and out of the U.K. as a deal with or without Europe could be happening. After five tortuous years of seeing two prime Ministers not fit for office, and the present one, who doesn’t know what strong leadership means, we are seeing a prolonged toothache that needs to be surgically removed immediately. Anyone who has followed my thoughts would think I dislike Boris the man, his politics yes, but for him as a person, they would wrong. Boris Johnson is well read and knowledgable and a affable chap. If you were having to spend an evening with him, it would be I’m sure an entertaining evening. He knows much about history, but not about leadership that has come and gone with the past. I can criticise as I do because I know what’s coming down the line, not just for the U.K. but for many parts of the world, where my experiences in life have always proved to be correct with future predictions.

Again I did try to meet Vladimir Putin thirteen times while in Slovakia, and if I was not confident in what message I could have given him, I would not voice my opinions now that I have. As soon as a referendum was called in the U.K. in early 2016, I was given a message NO DEAL WOULD BE DONE. No U turns do I take, as I cannot and never have changed messages I was given. When I used to give clairvoyance messages to those in the local spiritual church, I could never say May then change it to someone who would like it to be June. Once, I was berated in a service, after telling a lady she would be have an holiday in a long static caravan. She stood up laughing saying, you are wrong I’ve never had a holiday in a caravan nor would she. I quietly said, I cannot change what I’ve been given. She gave the impression and tried to make me look like a fraud. Several months later, this woman stopped me in a supermarket with her friend, who was with her on that evening, when I gave her the caravan message. She began to apologise profusely, saying, she was so sorry when she said she would never ever have a holiday in a caravan. She started by saying, the date I gave her proved correct just like the message. She had received a letter from a school friend who lived in Cornwall, the beautiful holiday spot in the U.K. She had never communicated for years with this friend who invited her with her friend to visit her for two weeks having a holiday. They were given the opportunity freely to have the use of her a big beautiful static caravan she owned near a beach. I just listened. It was not unusual for people to dismiss such thoughts as I’ve met many in my life, especially when I’ve mentioned a prediction or given a special date. I cannot, and it’s not my intention to force anyone to believe what I might say, but if someone comes for help, a message is given to ease their problems.


In today’s newspaper the headlines for Boris are THE END GAME, THE LAST THROW OF THE DICE. The majority of voters who democratically voted to retain our freedom and Sovereignty, did not vote about trade or economics. We were fed up of being subjugated for 45 years by another power, having to be one of a group and could never determine our own destiny. Prime Minister Boris makes the same pitiful walk begging, asking for a deal. The Prime Minister David Cameron, and Theresa May both carried their begging bowls to Bruxelles, and this last year Boris as held power, he too has walked down this same wrong path. It’s already written as I understand the messages I’ve received and it’s a no deal. If Boris accepts a watered down deal from Bruxelles, he will be a dead man walking in British politics. To blink and surrender will see a revolt of the country, who have suffered so many mealy mouthed politicians who have not respected the word democracy. If Boris stands firm and walks away without a deal, this country of ours will show the Bulldog spirit to fight and win the hard road we have chosen to take. Ingenuity was a word seen and used to come up with a long list of ideas, inventions to combat that corporal from Germany in 1939. When the U.K. is caught on the back foot with anything, history as always shown against the greatest of odds we pull together and come out fighting to win. A no deal will not be easy, and it could take a couple of years to turn our great metaphorical ship around as we sail in another direction economically. To not accept what was on offer only two days ago, why would we change our position a day later as Europe will not accept what we want? I fully understand why Europe should not open a door, giving all we want. We should have put our cards on the table within months of winning the referendum and said take it or leave it. We would have past these four hard years by now, and seen the direction we want to travel in, with this new changing world.

At times, I believe with each of our lives, it would appear to me, your life can be already programmed in the direction you are to travel and events control your circumstances. A fatalistic view perhaps, but life has a twist with all of us, if we can follow our feelings and find most times a surprise is always waiting for you. I appreciate it’s not an easy decision sometimes when you are at a cross road of your life, but I’ve found such decisions are made for you by fate which you cannot escape.

Someone, I once knew had found the love of his life, as his career was on the up, but a twist in fate brought his income down through no fault of his own. Through this troubled time, the presumed love of his life would not stand by him and found someone else. He was devastated with the love lost. But he had to be strong and see later this false love was not true. Eventually life and his path proved at this unhappy time, he had really been blessed by this woman being taken out of his life, as another love was already walking on a path to meet him. Again, fate is real and coincidences don’t exist, as some situations are meant to be. In the bigger picture of life, we must all believe no one is a failure, and a greater meaning and purpose will be found that brings more harmony and happiness into your life. The U.K. waits yet again to see strength in its leadership. Boris does not have to blink, the country will close ranks, and accept the inevitable no deal, and a rallying call will be made as our country has stood on its own before. For all of us difficulties will arise with this virus and the following consequences can be faced as changes at the top of our present political system will be inevitable. A friend of mine said, they were not afraid of the virus, nor anything else, because I knew they carried great belief and conviction with their view of life. We all, at sometime, can fall down with pressures around each other, and having prayer is not an embarrassing expression to admit. THEY SAY, YOU JUDGE SOMEONE NOT FOR WHAT THEY ARE, BUT HOW THEY GET UP AFTER THEY HAVE FALLEN DOWN, DUE TO UNFORTUNATE CIRCUMSTANCES WHICH WE CAN ALL EXPERIENCE.

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