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"Receiving the light ..."

December 2nd

5.50 pm. A day to be remembered in the U.K. for the continuing coronavirus epidemic which sees high street shops reopen after another month of a lockdown. Anxious times wait for many businesses in the hospitality section and retail on the U.K. high streets. Many restrictions are still imposed, and the question facing so many entrepreneurs, can they survive much longer trying to trade under such repressive measures? One of the biggest High Street brand names in the U.K. has gone into administration with a probable 25,000 job losses. Did this large company fail because of the virus? Definitely not. The writing had been on the wall for years and help could have been given to all high street shops by reducing business rates and making land lords reduce rents. Collecting higher taxes from these online giants would have made a fairer playing field. Capitalism can be called a form of piracy, for it has many weapons in its armoury. A number of years ago, Private Equity companies carried the name of being called FAT CATS. They asset striped this large brand name retailer, by selling all their property asserts, then giving the owner a 1.2 billion pounds in dividends. Then, they leased the properties back with long leases and high rents, which was easy to predict that eventually they would fail especially with online fashion clothes taking a larger share of their market. Piracy was made legal once in the U.K. by Queen Elisabeth I., then she called them privateers as she wanted part of the Spanish plunder they were taking from Spanish ships returning from South America. This act of privateers today has a new name of being called Private Equity investment companies, but they too act in a similar way, by not paying taxies they should be.

Today in the U.K. better news was announced, where the U.K. would be the first in the world to roll out a new vaccine by the American and German companies Pfizer/Biotech. This will take place in the next few days with the first vaccines going to medical experts, the over 80s, care homes, and care workers, plus the vulnerable and front line staff. It will take months to distribute and two inoculations will be required within a few weeks of each other. An enormous task, but not the beginning of the end though, because there are clearly more vaccines that will appear to be taken. From a scientific position it’s an incredible achievement considering it usually takes ten years to create such a vaccine. I can only imagine in the spirit world where they would say, help was given by Professor Jenner and others to bring about this remarkable vaccine. Edward Jenner, an English man, was known as the father of immunology and was said to have saved more human lives than anyone else in 1796, with creating a vaccine for smallpox. At the 5 pm Prime Ministers briefing on December 2nd the Deputy Chief Medical officer Jonathan Van Dam let as they say in the U.K. THE CAT OUT OF THE BAG. After a question posed to him he said the virus could be here for life, just like the flu and other infections. He continued to say people he believed would continue with the habits of sanitising and probably social distancing for years to come. The Prime Minister Boris intervened and tried to make light of this remark, as this was not what he wanted to hear or probably anyone else, as it does not fit into the optimistic bubble on the very day the new vaccine is to be given. Later, many questions are posed about the vaccine where science does not have the answers to, yet. How long will the vaccine last before you need another inoculation? Will you need one each year like the flu. We are in the very early days of not knowing about this vaccine fully, but a big step closer to trying to beat this virus.

I wish we could see greater light in the tunnel of politics in the U.K. but a glimmer of light there is. Yesterday 50 Conservative M.P.’s rebelled against the tier system introduced which belongs to an Alice in Wonderland approach, which is a contest of the absurd. Pubs with no kitchen facilities have been given a new name of being called Wet Pubs, who cannot sell alcohol unless they serve a meal. Now, with their ingenuity, they have a link to the nearest fish and chip shop or take away, and say, you must order at the bar a meal and you can then have a drink. Such situations show a long list of absurdities that can be classed as crazy rules. The author Lewis Carrol of Alice fame would have used such banal scenarios in one of his many surreal stories. At this time businesses are desperate as they see no end in sight to this slow sinking of the economy. A figure in a politics I predicted before, is to watch out for Steve Baker, as I was given his name a few years ago.

Further evidence is emerging of where and when the first positive specimen began and was found in Lazio, Italy on September 11th, 2019. The same following situation was found in a few American states in December, also in 2019. There is now a growing body of evidence showing the virus was already spreading around the world then, and at the same time China had suppressed their knowledge of this virus until they had to release the facts that confronted them too. Sixty four million people in the world have been diagnosed with this coronavirus, 1.6 million in the U.K. and 13.7 million in the U.S.A.

December 2nd confirmed to me, that this higher power, I’ve spoke of so often which has been with me all my life from a young boy, showed itself yesterday. I’ve told before I’m not in control of such happenings, which in my opinion over the years has performed miracles, predicted future events and could have saved many lives if action could have taken place. Billions of pounds could have been saved to one company and millions to another. This power could have stopped the financial crash and prevented further wars. I’ve said before there are many variations in how this occurs with myself. With messages and visions, I feel there must be a sequence of events taking place, I’m not conscience of. Yesterday and today, I believe such circumstances occurred. I’ve mentioned in a couple of previous message blogs I’ve been given to create three portrait images of Jesus. But I can’t except the word religious being attached to me. I can say though use the word spiritual. As I was painting yesterday, this power compelled me to stop painting and go on my Facebook with no reason given. The first image I saw, was of someone I knew by sight, but not personally. I’d seen casually the image of this person a couple of times in previous days, where I was conscious they were in a distressed state of mind, due to the circumstances they were in. I could feel the pain this person was going through, but now, I was being directed to this person. The latest message I saw from their image instantly made me pick up a pen, and a poem was being dictated as fast as I could write. This lasted for about 20 minutes and I knew this poem was for this person. I immediately typed it out on my iPad and sent it to Elena, my long held friend in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia. I’ve known Elena now for eight years and there is a bigger story to tell another time about Elena. She was one of eleven women, I was originally fated and directed to meet, when my vision took me to Banska Bystrica in 2011.

Through these past six years, together we have cooperated daily, navigating our way to give our charity a greater chance of succeeding in helping disadvantaged children. Like the other ladies, I believe, we were attracted to the same path, as I’ve kept in touch with all of them through these years. Fate is a powerful force, and with Elena’s help we have created twelve books I’ve written and with Elena’s talent, she has edited and illustrated them all. Powerful synchronised occurrences happen regularly between us, and through these years Elena’s spiritual wisdom has increased daily, and I could not have proceeded without her help. She has the sense and talent of an artist, which amazes me, but then it doesn’t, because I have the gift of knowing all the talents of these eleven ladies. For the past six years, when I create my poems, it’s Elena, who presents them on our Love is page on Facebook, choosing all the images. Many of these images she cleverly takes from my original paintings, and she is the one, who has created our website too. With all her ideas, she follows her own feelings. So what happened, when I passed the poem to Elena I’d been given to write yesterday? Well, in the past few weeks she came up with the idea of creating a Poem Gallery on our Kompas website. Yesterday, she showed me an image of a woman from one of my paintings, which she believed belonged to the poem, I´ve just sent her. I was amazed in how she had created this image by further beautifying it with so many beautiful colours and three white doves. You can read the poem connected with this image now in our Poem Gallery too. To believe the actions we have both taken to help this person, I believe again, this is the power I talk of from above. Such power I believe only comes with the intentions and thoughts to do good.

Situations have occurred through my life for a certain reason, just as I believe these ladies I talk of are waiting for this bigger metaphorical door to open. I hope truly this story might reach the person I talk of. I know there is a power we can all touch and it’s there to help everyone, if you can believe. I could say much more, but like what has happened in the last 24 hours, it does not end there. I believe, it’s just the beginning, where this spiritual force will attract and touch many soon. I’m not a bible person, but my youngest daughter, who four times came within seconds of losing her life is now a bible person, because this power is giving her another chance of a better life. In her previous letter she said, this quotet came from Luke 11:33 called “Receiving the light, NO ONE LIGHTS A LAMP THEN HIDES IT OR PUTS IT UNDER A BASKET. We all have this power of being a lamp, that can shine to help others. Fate I believe has brought me to meet these ladies in Banska Bystrica and when we come together, there will be a light that will be seen by many.

PS: I can only believe when I’ve finished what I’m given to do with the three Jesus paintings, they will be passed to Elena, and she will weave the magic she is being given to do

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