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"SIGNS ... "

November the 3rd. I opened my iPad this morning and on Facebook the first thing I saw was the most beautiful scene showing one of those awesome beautiful biblical skies, with a light of loving sunshine touching a wondrous island in a dream like sea. This was a scene which showed a verse I’d written over three years ago, as we had placed it on our Kompas charity LOVE IS page. These were the words: LOVE IS THE POWER THAT CONTINUES TO KNOW WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR. This casts a thought for everyone who are still looking to find that metaphorical place where all your dreams come true. If you asked the question, “ Have you found this place yet?” I wonder how many hands would go up saying they had found such a place. One could rightly say, this place you seek lies within yourself but needs the company and love of another.

In 1968 I received a vision I’ve mentioned before in Spain, where I saw a menacing black sky showing slowly a white luminous cross emerge from these threatening black clouds. This was synchronised with the exact time of Senator Bobby Kennedys tragic assassination in a hotel in Los Angeles.

Signs can be a foreboding of what may happen, or it can be a sign that forces you to do the right thing at the right time and place.

I was made aware of my first spiritual guide CHIEF JOSEPH in 1996 after reading a book I’d picked up at the airport going on holiday with my children. It was chapter 13, The flight of the Nez Perces, from the book called BURY MY HEART AT WOUNDED KNEE that dramatically changed my life. Ironically it was the same book that inspired Michael Blake who created the story for the film Dances with Wolves. I later realised my guide Joseph had been with me from the day I was born. This story I’m writing eludes to everyone, as there are moments in your life where you see or feel an important change occurring soon in your life.

These are my two paintings of Chief Joseph, I had taken to the USA in

It was said that when the Tsunami occurred in Sumatra and surroundings areas in 2004, animals, cats, dogs and more started barking well before this tragedy happened and began moving to higher grounds. Anyone who has a cat, dog, or horse knows full well that all animals are very sensitive to seeing or feeling something is wrong. They can see and feel signs of danger or actually sensing something will occur in the future too. Signs are given to each of us, but more importantly do we act upon them if they are presented before us? I believe through experience, that signs can be passed through others who inadvertently are not aware they are being used by higher powers as a conduit supplying a message needed to a particular situation. When I say others, in December 1999 a medium told me I would lose everything, then he said, “You will even lose the coat you wear. ” One month later this prophecy came true, financially I lost every penny that would enabled me to build my dream home for our family. I didn’t lose my four daughters though, for this was a sign to change direction from the mother of my children. I then began to paint and was told, “You will have messages to bring through your paintings.” I remember well in early October 2004, just four nights before I was to leave on what I thought was a well planned journey to visit the Wallowa valley, the home to the great Chief Joseph. I was preparing documents for my journey when my youngest daughter of thirteen who was sitting quietly watching said. “You must take the two paintings of Chief Joseph. ” I replied, “I cannot do that they are framed, and I would be afraid they might get damaged. She then said in an authoritative way, “You must take them, as you are going to meet very important people.” I quickly saw this was not my daughter speaking, but the power of spirit talking through her. As a consequence to this message, I took the two canvases rolled up in a special leather tube I had quickly made. Without that message from my daughter my journey could not have happened in the way it did. My book, MY JOURNEY WITH JOSEPH is a testament to the message my daughter was given to say.

Three days before I was to leave in 2011 to follow a vision to Slovakia, I have to believe an action as powerful as lightening struck my barn which I used as studio. There I kept canvases, collections of art books, a forty five foot high tepee, horse saddles and more. My barn went up in an inferno of flames. The barn was in a four acre field, it had a big lock on the door, both police and the fire brigade suspected arson, later I suspected someone was trying to hinder my journey. But a quote suggests this ...There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come, nothing can’t stop you to create something you believe in. As a consequence to this evil act, insurance money saw me being able to stay longer than the year I thought to be there, as this vision took nearly four years to complete the paintings I was given to do. In 2012 with four lady friends in Banska Bystrica I was receiving messages from JOHN PAUL 2nd to go to Rome with a message for the then present Pope Benedict XV1. An invitation was received by post, but came to late to get a flight for that day we were invited for. On the 11th day of February 2013 Pope Benedict announced his resignation, the first papal resignation in 600years. Just a few hours later after Pope Benedict’s resignation two bolts of lightening struck the Basilica in Rome. Why? In my belief great changes had to be made within the Catholic Church, and not one, but more than two.

Banská Bystrica square

Signs of problems occur with each of us, but many signs are there way before we are willing to accept them. Sometimes if they continue to occur, I believe there is an higher power that makes your circumstances change whether you like it or not.

On Friday, November the 1st I received an image via viber showing dark clouds and a powerful flash of lightening. This came from my lady friend E ... who was holidaying with her family in Prague. At first, I couldn’t understand why she had sent this as there was no mention of bad weather. I even sent a message on Friday asking, what was this picture meant to be. I had a reply saying, she had got the image from Instagram. I now have to believe the powers of spirit sent this message through my friend E..., with a warning of what was to happen to me. Twenty four hours later that lightening did strike me with such a vengeful power as I felt great pain. I cannot go into the actual reasons as I know this is an act of someone, who is trying to prevent me making plans to carry out a further vision painting, I have to complete in Banska Bystrica. These actions I talk of can be influenced by a dark negative force, that can be attached to someone’s present circumstances, and they themselves are not aware of where these destructive thoughts are going. Unfortunately, when someone is in perpetula negative energy, they find it almost impossible to see light of energy of others. But wrongly for them, they cannot see a chain reaction of events, that are putting in motion more destructed actions. This picture I received of lightening I have to believe was preordained, for great changes are meant to be in my life. The present consequences will bring about more positive actions on my part, and see me maybe staying far longer than I imagined in Banska Bystrica in Slovakia. A place, I felt many times with its scenery and people to be like in heaven. I cannot ignore the magnetic power, I feel drawn to in Banska Bystrica, where I believe one of the messages I was given in 2012 told of twelve designated portals are to be established in the world. Banska Bystrica was one such place.

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