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"Signs ..."

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

January 31st

Sunday 3.19pm. At 7.30am this morning, I believed I was being told to focus on the word SIGNS for a topic to write about on my message blog for the coming Tuesday. I’ve mentioned before it can be quite daunting if you haven’t a clue what to choose to write about, which was such another day. When I drew my curtains in the room where I paint facing south over looking a wooded copse of trees in the park, at the hour I’ve mentioned, I witnessed a stunning flame red and orange sky, which was an incredibly beautiful scene. I thought to myself, this is exactly the same colours I like to use in so many of my paintings, but so much more powerful than my colours permit. I then thought, what does this mean on a winters morning, the verse Shepard’s warning with whether good or bad weather is to come this day.

I went on Google as that seems to provide so many answers you might require. You see mentioned Red is a sign for heat, activity, passion, sexuality, anger, love, and joy, and I can’t argue against that. It also suggested it’s a spiritual sign that appears in your life where Red represents that you are about to take action on a new goal or project that you have been putting off for a while.

Well, that turned out to be true, as over ten years ago I made a film for U Tube telling an unusual story of myself with Marilyn Monroe. Now, with my friend Elena, who has been beautifying my Marilyn Monroe pictures in the last few weeks, I believe, I’m being told it’s the right time to write a book on Marilyn. This to me is another sign.

Earlier one morning in the week as I was talking to my friend Elena, I said I would go and make myself a hot drink. While doing so, I clearly heard a message being given to me saying, THERE IS A DIVINE PLAN. That was all I’d been given. I deciphered this message in my mind, that I’m being specifically told to realise, that everything I’m being given to do with Elena, and have been this last eight years, which includes the other lady friends in Banska Bystrica is all part of this divine plan.

What has been reported in the past two days? My son contacted me with this story as I believe he’s on the same page as me with a lot of my theories and philosophies especially with what I tell him. This story many may not be aware of, but I believe it’s the beginning of the time and place to bring about BIG CHANGES on Wall Street and many other financial institutions. A film, of a couple years ago, illustrated the corrupt practises that belong in New York to a few as the film called “The Wolf Of Wall Street,” with Leonardo DiCaprio shows. It was abhorrent to many but clearly showed what occurred in those days, leading to the financial crash. I will try to put into a few words if possible, what was has been seen in the last few days. The financial crash began in New York 2008 on Wall Street, which eventually spread around the world and saw home mortgages collapse in the U.S.A. with thousands of people turned out of their homes onto the streets. Wall Street then clearly showed, how many corrupt businesses operated in taking from the poor to make them rich. GREED WAS KING. World renown investment companies nearly bankrupted the entire world banking system. Some of these companies deceived and miss sold unaffordable fraudulent mortgages schemes to literally hundreds of thousands of mis guided people. The American tax payer bailed out Wall Street debts totalling 700 billion dollars, which eventually finished at 460 billion. Edge funds have operated where they can signal out a company that is not performing well, and by borrowing shares from a broker, then calculating their share price will drop further.

This practise is called shorting, hence, the film called The Big Short clearly showed Michael Burry is a genius who saw into the future, by beating these big investment companies at their own corrupt game. Today Michael Burry has reappeared and made 250 million dollars. This time there has been thousands of small investors following the same path, which has seen large Edge Funds being metaphorically attacked and seen their shares bought at a low price by them to escalate over a thousand times their value. The Edge Funds lose over 70 billion with their unscrupulous investments. To me this is another sign, Why? In 2005 in a vision I was told the banking system would collapse. I gave talks of this in 2006 and other predictions which later occurred. With this present situation to me it says, these small investors may be prepared to lose perhaps a hundred dollars to seek revenge on the notorious Wall Street investors. These Edge Funds prey on companies who might be struggling through no fault of their own. Just like a vulture they descend on the dying body of an animal, but in this world the body is a struggling company. THE IS A SIGN TO ME SAYING, THIS EXPERIENCE COULD MULTIPLY AGAIN AND AGAIN. This could break this rotten corrupt system which would lead to my prophecy, where I was told the banking system with the present financial system must change. There is already a cheer being heard around the world, that Wall Street might take further big hits, to bring down this modern Tower of Babel. No one was ever seen to be prosecuted in the U.S. as these corporate bosses were seen to make millions out of poor people. Where is the morality and justice seen to be done? It just didn’t exist.

Tower of Babel

Another big sign reared its head in the past few days, where in Bruxelles the unelected officials in their Commission made a panic decision to place an export licence on any vaccines made in Europe. The Bruxelles commission made their decision too late to place orders for their vaccines, then seeing the U.K. had made their order three months earlier. This decision Bruxelles had made triggered panic, where they said, all vaccines made in the EU must have an export licence. An explosion of rage from Northern Ireland said, they believed this was a hostile act of agression. This action sent a ripple of amazement through the U.K. and to the leaders of all the EU countries. Within 24 hours this order was rescinded as they realised a big mistake had occurred with consequences they couldn´t imagine. At this moment, every country in the world is scrambling and thinking, where to get enough vaccines for their own people. An obvious action and solution to take, as there is a far bigger moral position and decision to be made regarding all countries that are under attack with this threat of death looming. It shouts out loudly that all major economic powers must together pool their resources in making the virus vaccine to be free and available to all poor countries. I’ve said before the world has to make steps on a mountain of changes, and this situation is going to be on going for a long time to come. It’s a fallacy to think we are all vaccinated, and we are alright now. It’s being rightfully said, no one is safe until the whole world is fully vaccinated. This must be the beginning, where slowly at long last countries are having to unite to solve the problems that face all human kind.

Another sign that is occurring, and many are now asking, seeing this man Alexei Navalny who is presently causing consternation to Vladimir Putin and his government. Is he the one who can turn the tide of opinion against the Russian authoritarian government? Thousands of young people this weekend have taken to the streets again in many Russian cities all wanting change and new freedoms to let them expand their hope and talents for a better future. The bravery and conviction of this man is heroic, especially when he knows he could be imprisoned for years along with his supporters and wife. The irony is, as I’ve said before a prophecy was given to me in 2012, while in Banska Bystrica, that five people in power could change the world for the better. One was Vladimir Putin, and as I’ve said before, I tried to physically see him thirteen times, and I knew if I’d been given the chance to speak one to one with him, he could have taken a path that would have seen him in power for years with the support of all his people. A sign then I believed a message from this enlightened spiritual power could have changed the world a lot earlier than what now lies before Russia and the rest of the world.

Alexei Navalny

Another sign of change needs to appear, as I mentioned over twelve months ago, I tried to get this story on the radio and in the news media about the financial crisis affecting the whole of the football leagues in the U.K. Today, another group, including a well known ex professional footballer, an M.P. and other influential names of the football world are trying to over rule the present governing bodies of U.K. football. Bankruptcy many face which as been obvious for years, as the gulf between the wealthy clubs and the lower leagues clubs, go down to all the grass roots of British football. These top wealthy clubs and their players in the Premier league have been receiving ludicrous high salaries for years. None though have come forward as a group and proposed to say, we will give 25 percent of their wages to stop poorer clubs going out of existence. I’ve said before, does it appear that everything must fall before the ever growing wealthy grow even richer each day, while others see theirselves having no future to look forward to.

I could relate a thousand stories of signs that have effected my life, but because of my beliefs I’ve followed what I’ve been given to believe. Each and everyone faces signs every day where decisions could be made, where you can take another path and believe help is given to you.

Today it was announced their are two more vaccines that could be operative in a few months, each expanding with more positive options for the future. Another sign that brings greater hope for the world that human kind has the scientific expertise to challenge and eventually beat this virus. Isn´t it time and a sign that all front line staff in a position facing people in their workday must be the first to be prioritised to be vaccinated? This must surely apply to every country. I or others who would consider theirselves healthy, could step back in any queue and let these deserving people become as their right to be vaccinated immediately. Is it not like the analogy, I’ve used before, where those few life boats on the Titanic did not cater for the 3,300 passengers? The only life boats available, accommodated no more than 1,178 seats for women and children. Many passengers took the noble way by standing back and allowing women and children to be first. Isn´t it time we as a whole world now prioritise how the vaccine is distributed fairly? Eventually the world acting together can create enough vaccines for all. Isn´t this a sign where hope can prevail and all economies can be rebuilt together equally? A sign of new times to come, where we all can now work and help each other.

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