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"Something unexpected can happen anytime ..."

March 3rd

5.40 pm 2021. There is a quote that says this, “It’s not how many times you get knocked down that counts, it’s how many times you get back up.” I’ve mentioned this because I’ve just spent the last few hours writing this blog, then it disappeared. That’s not a good feeling and it’s happened a couple of times in the last two weeks. This is nothing though to what I can hear hundreds of thousands of people saying with their own experiences.

Events with this Coronavirus, it has devastated many lives, with lost loved ones, lost jobs, and more, which I’ve mentioned before. We are all in changing times throughout the whole world, and sometimes this metaphorical river of life, we are all on, can take us in a direction we did not expect. We have to fight against a particular current that might drag us where we don’t want to go. Sometimes this river of life can leave you on a shore you have never seen or been on before, but you are there, and you have to believe all is not lost. Equally, with any changes that occur in your life, you all have choices where to change course or go with your inner feelings. Many may just listen to others and follow them, never thinking, they are right in where they are going. Are we all lost sheep who don’t know where we are to go? Or are we lucky and find a trained sheepdog appears saying “Follow Me,” or is it fate, or providence stepping in. Another famous quote came from Thomas Edison while constructing his light bulb, “I HAVE NOT FAILED, I’VE JUST FOUND 10,000 WAYS THAT WON’T WORK.” Is this just a stubborn man, a man who just wholeheartedly believes in himself, or is it luck? I’d say it’s a bit of each, thrown into the pot of his character of life.

Some people will not and cannot accept defeat. The Duke of Wellington said, after his victory over Napoleon at Waterloo, “BELIEVE ME, NOTHING EXCEPT A BATTLE LOST CAN BE SO MELANCHOLY AS A BATTLE WON.” In this situation, there is no glory of victory after seeing many lives lost. Yet, we all have a battle to face more than once in life as we have to make if we can decisions that feel to be right.

To continue with these analogies this morning, my friend Elena who lives some 1,700 kilometres away from me, told her story of what happened while we were editing a chapter to my association with Marilyn Monroe. She had to go out earlier in the morning to collect a form. She found in the back of her purse 30 euros which surprised her. We’ve all had that unexpected good feeling of finding some money, we didn’t think we had. Her mother had rung saying her brother could call to collect something she could pass on to her as he was taking his son for a health check-up in Elena’s area. She left me for moments as she realised it was her nephew's birthday and having no present. Elena found two big bars of chocolate and found herself handing the 30 euros for his present. Was all this synchronised to what was meant to be? If Elena had not gone earlier to collect a form she would not have found that money that morning in her purse. I tell this story as I’m sure circumstances like this have occurred to each of us. No plans could have been made for this random call as it happened in seconds, and no birthday thoughts were previously there. I’m saying as a quote suggests, “There is always a silver lining behind every dark cloud.” Let’s try to think, but you may not believe as I do, that help can reach us all without us actually knowing in advance.

Problems are presently in every country besides the U.K.s mountain of debt, and lack of direction, with no clear strategy. In the E.U.individual states are having to source their own vaccines following not having previously ordering enough vaccines far earlier. Consequences to this situation some of the 27 states will and are ordering the Sputnik vaccines from Russia. There is hesitancy in ordering off Russia if once you were under their control. But could these vaccines actually start saving lives, and could it also open a metaphorical door that allows Russia, an authoritarian state to do something more? Those opposed to Russia politically are saying, Russia’s help is a glove of help with a steel grip, they cannot yet see but have once felt. In this higher enlightened thinking through circumstances of the E.U.s failure to provide for their Union of 27 States, could something evolve as with Elena’s story, where I believe this higher spiritual power could step in?

Nothing in life is certain but so many times through history the unexpected happens, with a twist you can never imagine. So many dark areas exist in our world. Are we in times when miracles, and divine interventions can occur? Anyone, who knows of the story of Joan of Arc with her experiences at a very young age of 17 to 19 yrs, cannot ignore what she achieved. We have to believe in life events can occur and bring the prospect of a better future. In the U.K., we have seen the shambles created by the present government that cannot be expected to put it right with the mess they created. I believe this higher power will step in providing the leadership that is required now. I also believe with all countries especially the largest and most powerful realise we have to build better foundations, and better relationships with each other now, not continuing down the same old road that would show us walking backwards. With all the problems the world carries, and to each of wanting to see better days, it’s about looking through a new metaphorical window in how view our lives. Our health can improve if we can believe in ourselves blocking out those negative forces that hang about on our present path. The best things again, a quote are free. Let’s believe that dream you still harbour in your mind can provide that special ship that can sail into your life as it will if you look through that love window in your mind. We all are special, we can all help someone at some time, we all came into this life in the same way. So don’t be surprised when something unexpected happens, as it’s my belief we will all have a bigger smile on our faces soon.

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