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September 30th

Wednesday, 4.26 pm. Well, everyone looks for that good feeling and having listened to the full debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden you finish up saying, Is this real? To see and hear the most obnoxious man on the planet it’s hard to believe this man, Donald Trump, sits in a the most powerful seat in the world, who has the most incongruous uncomfortable character you would want to discuss anything with. It’s frightening to think he’s been in a position of power where he sits next to a nuclear button, and what impression does he leave with other world leaders is beyond my comprehension. The art of diplomacy is a path, he appears never to have walked. To negotiate, he thinks he can crush anyone as though it’s a property deal by giving the ultimatum and impression of A TAKE IT OR LEAVE ATTITUDE. What feeling does this leave with a country of a different culture? Definitely not one you would warm to or want to make friends with. Five weeks to go for the American election and one can only feel that this President will reveal far more of his appalling characteristics, which see greater divides between the population in the U.S.A. In his relationship to the present pandemic and climate change, they don’t appear to be the top of his list.

President Donald Trump

I mentioned in my last blog, a group of U.K. M.P.s we’re trying to bring an amendment before Parliament today to stop so many laws coming into force without Parliament approval. This amendment did not get permission, but later there was a compromise made with the large group of rebellious Conservative M.P.s. There is feeling, there is still rebellion in the air and this particular group of M.P.s. know they hold a power. I also mentioned in the last message blog, the government gave a message to students in lockdown, due to many Covid 19 infections, that they would be unable to go home for Christmas. I said, if the government made a U turn decision again there would be little confidence left. That bold decision that students could not return to their homes for Christmas lasted just 48 hrs. Now they can go home. I said from day one, Who would by a car off Boris and his bunker brigade? If you believed in him, the car you bought probably had excess false mileage and the engine would require more oil than we presently pull out of the North Sea. Yesterday, the Prime Minister could not relate the new rules for the North East area of England, and a Minister on the radio fell into the same hole of not knowing the new regulations for this area. This not knowing answers fired shots across the bow of their boat, which made a bad day for the government. For someone like myself, who’s been interested in politics since I was thirteen years old, the announcement of creating training jobs for skilled people as been the same mantra for the last fifty years. I don’t believe we‘ve had a political leader or party that has not mentioned this idea before and never followed it through, because we’ve never had a long term vision of where we are going.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson

To build houses by a national building company would need thousands of tradesmen with skills which would be on going for a life time with new houses that would be needed and renewed. Our country has never trained enough nurses ever, and we have had to rely on paying premium prices for doctors and nurses to come from other countries. We rely on bricklayers and other trades to come from anywhere in the world as we do with Care workers, and many other manual workers too. Previous governments have always believed, we can rely on employing people from other countries at lower paid wages. Never ever are we putting our own people first? I seem to be repeating many things today, but when a ship is sinking fast I cannot just say nothing. All Care Homes should be under government control, so we have staff trained to a far higher standard with a far better pay reward. The whole structure of funding for higher skills could have seen better ways to train doctors and nurses too, but they could have made it conditional that they would not be allowed to work outside the U.K. for the first five years, unless they reimbursed the government for the cost of their training. Is it morally right if your health fails and you have saved and worked hard all your life, and you have to surrender your home for payment? Then if you haven’t saved you get everything free. There should be one same high standard for everyone just the same as if you have to go in a hospital. The situation with Care Homes is morally wrong in my opinion, that you make money out of someone’s ill health and misfortune.

We keep hearing of football clubs in the lower divisions going into receivership, but we don’t hear from the government say it’s not our priority when the Premier League are paying thousands a week for their players. The richer players should be forced to take a fifty percent cut in their wages and more money should then go to help struggling clubs. Football in all divisions are paying wages they cannot afford, but with having no leadership in the U.K. they are afraid to set moral standards.

For ten years of austerity in the U.K. we had government cuts in finance to every section of services to the community, where we were told there is no money. Everything is now unfolding showing how poorly we have been governed in these past fifty years.

We all see now there is money to create jobs and build houses and better infrastructure if the needs, and times require this, but you have to take everyone forward to make this happen to have a better life for all. We are seeing these established pillars of society begin to wobble and shake, and each day we see further U turns occurring because it’s now reached proportions where our Prime Minister appears to act like King Canute, who tried to reverse the tide. Boris is not, nor his inner circle able to reverse the present public opinion. People will adhere to rules for so long, but when these harsh waves reach your home or business and see no respite or hope of any help, but fall into this money trap civil unrest can occur. People will expect hope and want to feel confidence as they then feel their is a way to fight out of this present position against the virus and an inept government.

The history of U.K. has shown that people do have great resolve to go through hard times, but todays generation are more learned and will not except so many inequalities like their grand parents did. Many former students carry a great burden of debt with outstanding university fees and are finding it impossible to progress with their lives, especially if they have young children and cannot afford the fifty pounds a day for nursery charges. The list is long again of can do’s where imagination was never employed. I listened to P.M.s talk to country this evening and again nothing new, and journalists did not hear the answers to their questions. We heard the same call again we must work together.

We saw today a familiar harrowing story that went viral, showing a family who had lost everything in the Lebanon bombing with no job prospects, but only an approaching civil war. They had a little boy of about three as a film showed him playing earlier in the sea. They spent all their money to get a boat to Cyprus, the journey was long and they were without water for days. The father found himself in a situation where he gave his son some sea water and the poor child died. The parents said, they only wanted him to have a better future. Hope we must have, and believe the tide will turn for the better for all countries.

PS: Early this morning on the 1st of October, news announced the U.K. government in May where they were told repeatedly, there could be great fraud involved in the 38 billion pounds of business loans that were being given out. In fact, the treasury wrote twice to the business minister Alex Sharma telling him of the very high risk they were taking. The business minister replied saying, we are in exceptional times. These are the consequences of someone, who was panicking and could not hold his nerve, which resulted in the government treasury confirming, we have lost billions of pounds. Who is accountable for this scandalous action? We all in the U.K. know the answer. But who will really pay? The taxpayers for the next generation and more, and the public of course, suffering further hardships in the future. Are we now in the process of witnessing a requiem of this dying governing and about to see a great change taking place? History will record this moment of sheer incompetence as a divining point that clearly illustrated this inept government, which equated to all those inept generals, who took charge of our troops in the First World War.

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