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"The beginning of another Boston tea party ..."

July 19th

3.50pm. My thoughts have been brought to thinking of the American independence that occurred in 1775 when time had been called for change. This period of time had been smouldering for ten years and earlier about discontentment with Britain. When 342 tea chests were destroyed on a ship by patriots, a spark was struck, and this event became famously known as the Boston tea party. I believe, there are smouldering events of a revolt occurring in many areas of the U.K. with a similar discontent. I’m no advocate for revolution, but evolution that means gradual development, something that is showing progression, or advancement. These are signs that are in the air now. A small town called Rochford in Essex are rebelling and rightly so that they see such strong support across all of the U.K. Over the last three years they have seen major banks pull out of this town of 18,000 population and left no where for cash transactions. Banks having been playing their own game of maximising profits by encouraging everyone to use a plastic card currency. Some retail shops like the chain store W.H. Smith refuse to take cash that has consequences for many people, it’s even said it’s illegal that cash is not exceptable for purchasing goods. So, these good people of Rochford are fighting back by opening their own bank. Locals intend to open a shared community bank making it the first sign that people are not happy in how governments have allowed banks and post offices to close leaving thousands in precarious situations.

Rochford in Essex

Another major fault line that must occur with banks is seeing the government having its own bank specifically for funding innovative companies that will create more jobs and more wealth. It’s been seen for years where companies that have potential have struggled with financial backing to take them past the winning post. New thinking appears, when failings are clearly seen. Banks over these past fifteen years have been seen to be acting with miss selling that can be called fraud, and anyone else doing so would have lost their license to operate or be jailed. With 60-70 billion pounds paid, as fines by the banks, who pays for this conduct? The banking customers. This was exactly the environment of discontent that started the Boston tea party and now this small Essex town is creating a similar moment. I’ve mentioned before in previous message blogs I was given to see and told in 2005 the pillars of the banking system will collapse. Now witnessing these last 15 years with how banks have operated and how the public is treated it’s hard to argue against.

Another obnoxious situation that has occurred is turning from a smouldering situation into flames as a major house developer Taylor Wimpey fits perfectly into another prophecy. I made this prophecy in 2006, where I said change must occur to stop large building companies sitting on large tracts of land where they are pushing for planning permission. Then they build homes that are not affordable for so many young people. In Somerset, there is land owned by the Crown Property Estate which has land all over the U.K.on behalf of the Queen. This land was part of an 3,400 acre estate near Taunton, and the property agents were Savills who sold 1,100 acres to Taylor Wimpey for 12 million pounds. This land included what was known in the area as the jewel in the crown of Orchard Portman farm, whose history goes back to the 15th century. When the land was sold it had no planning permission, then within weeks of the sale the property agents Savills began to advise Taylor Wimpey to try and get planning permission. If this was granted, the land would be worth 500 million pounds and homes would be built generating 3 billion pounds in revenue. This land speculation highlights again in 2020 where change is needed. Richard Holden an M.P. and a member of the Public Accounts Committee said, the Crown Estates have screwed up in an epic way how they have handled this as the treasury will not receive a penny if such value was added on. The moral compass is lost yet again in how homes are built on land speculation from profiteering by large building firms. This is where temperatures will be getting higher along with the present situation of the Coronavirus with the U.K. Going deeper into this uncomfortable situation, we have millions of young people aspiring to buy homes against a impossible odds when speculation is allowed to continue in this abhorrent way. Another Boston Tea Party moment will soon erupt. Headlines in the news today shouts £230 BILLION COMMERCIAL PROPERTY CRASH. The office of budget responsibility is predicting that the value of offices and other commercial buildings will fall by 14 percent at the end of the year.

This is all due to so many now working from home as the Prime Minister requested. The consequences now though shows another story as with fewer people travelling into city centres which mean sandwich shops and all other retail shops are suffering through lack of foot fall. If companies are now seeing the benefits for their staff working from home and its saving them high priced office space they will not want to return to what was. Ex- Conservative leader Iain Duncan-Smith said, Failure if we don’t see this economy opening up, and if people are not returning to work back in their offices, buying meals, getting coffee at stations and more, the economy is going to tank. Such thoughts are disturbing, but as I said at the beginning there is worse to come than the virus. This is a conundrum facing everywhere in the world, and again as I’ve said before with so many other people. The world is facing an escalating crisis driven by the virus which is igniting other factors between world leaders. The world looks for this leadership which is not being shown at this time. When you look back at times facing leaders of the statue like Franklin D Roosevelt and Winston Churchill during the Second World War, action had to be taken then, to resolve some of the dire circumstances, they were caught in between different nations. I’ve been emphasising for months in the U.K. that good leadership and good government brings belief and confidence to where we are going. The future must point for all care homes to be brought up to the same high standard and run by government. We cannot still think for those who have more money, they will have better care and a better life in their twilight years. We also have to make the future for the young as they carry the burden of debt and need incentives to find a career they love. It will be them who needs jobs to pay the tax that keeps every country afloat, meaning we have to metaphorically find the fabric that binds and clothes all the population.

I’ve done many things in my life that don’t fit into the convention of what others do. I’ve gone against the normal standards of thinking and acting like others and I’ve only been able to take a different road by having help from people who believed in me. So many decisions of importance are going have to be made, and many are not easy with present circumstances. It’s showed on TV the near empty streets in the main thoroughfare of central London, where all the main West End theatres are. The same situation occurs with all cites which rely on tourism. People have got used to not purchasing goods from shops and carry fear travelling by public transport. Online shopping is growing and has seen many people getting used to home deliveries with food, all changes that are not going to be easy to reverse. Through past crisis, especially through war situations, there have been individuals who take great gambles and follow a path of different thoughts and eventually they bring great changes and prosperity to their country. Such people will appear again, and it’s that time where it says, we are all in it together. Those words though are a shallow joke with the majority of people, as the wealthy live in another world, and repeating myself again from my book New Foundations, The rich shall help the poor and the strong help the weak. Nations will help to build new nations. The gifted will give to those who aspire to self- improvement. Indeed the tide will turn when human kindness will break down every barrier man has constructed. Andrew Carnegie was the richest man in the world but he was known as the man who gave it all away. As a penniless Scot going over to America in 1848, he came with social values rather than religious values. He believed in a society that’s provides opportunities for everyone and not just the super rich. He wrote, THE MAN WHO DIES RICH, DIES DISGRACED.

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