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"The beginning of changes..."

May 26th

4.40 pm. I missed my last message blog for good reasons, as all my family came together in Marlow last weekend. Such occasions of being together in my family are rare, which is wrong, but circumstances of living far apart from one another provides an excuse which cannot be right. I start by saying this, because I believe how nations and particularly those who wield the greatest power could do just that by getting to know each other far better. Perceptions of how we view each other can prove to be totally wrong. This idea of coming together especially when great gulfs of ideology differ from each other, is paramount for bringing about a happier and more peaceful world. Sir Winston Churchill once observed saying, JAW, JAW WAS FAR BETTER THAN WAR, WAR. If we look at the world today it’s hard to disagree with such sentiments.

I’ve just happened to listen to parts of the Dominic Cummings public inquiry who was Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s former chief advisor from 2019 until late 2020. It was extraordinary to hear, and probably an historic occasion which showed how democracy works in the U.K. I cannot think of a man who held a position so close to the centre of power, and boldly spoke out of the chaotic shambles during the coronavirus crisis in the U.K. I believe it’s never happened before in the U.K. where the public could witness the actual replies he made of saying the P.M. was not fit for office. I believe in many countries such a man would have been shot and made to pay for his own bullet. But the U.K. can stand tall, showing how abundantly clear our DEMOCRACY WORKS. He verified every word I’ve being saying these last 18 months in my message blogs. Dominic Cummings spoke of how he believed our nation of LIONS HAVE BEEN LED BY DONKEYS. He said also, Tens of thousands of people needlessly died with the virus through disastrous mistakes being made without any proper plan being put into action.He said Boris Johnson was unfit to lead our great country, and his Health Minister Matt Hancock should have been fired more than twenty times due to lying. He clearly said our system of government was crackers, as there must be a thousand people in the country who had far better leadership credentials than Boris or the previous opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn. He was scathing of every aspect with how this virus has been handled. I cannot see how this present government has any credibility left and can continue to function. He even mentioned Carrie Symonds, Boris’s partner, would present problems to those in government. There was no stone left unturned. Is the storm over? No, it’s just beginning.

Dominic Cummings

There is a greater feeling of hope in the air with the U.K. where June 21st will see all restrictions of lockdown being lifted if their is no great increase with the Indian variant. Crowds will be able to watch sporting events and other large venues, but presently the shambles of communication of what people can do, or not do still continues. The sunshine of optimism will return to some, but a large shadow of despondency will hang over a great many. I’ve mentioned before about my small town retail high street, which is just like every other town in the U.K., where very few people are visiting shops, because it’s easier to purchase goods through Amazon or online cloth companies. The elderly generation now purchase their food from supermarkets by having home deliveries right to their door. Also those with young children would now never go to these supermarkets with children around their feet. Another benefit some men would say is, they don’t now have to trawl the food shelves with their wives pushing a trolley when they could be doing something far better. A retired friend of mine now says, each time they go out they now have time to travel to places for enjoyment. Changes for many, but continuing hardship for far more who have lost their jobs or careers. This is the beginning of changes in lifestyles we may not have imagined a few years ago.

If we follow the news with what occurred a few days ago over the skies of Belarus, we saw a Ryan aircraft forced to land in Minsk showing a young journalist now living in Poland detained with his girl friend. Piracy is being called with flying over Belarus airspace. We have now seen this the young journalist, who is an opposition voice to the President Alexander Lukashenko, sitting bruised before a court getting ready to sentence him. My thoughts went to an incident that started The First World War in Sarajevo in October of 1914, when the driver of the Arch duke Ferdinand’s car drove down the wrong street which saw the Arch Duke and his wife assassinated. Such extremes now with the government of Belarus will inflame further circumstances, where the world will watch a man who fears any opposition against his government.

The conflict with Israel and Palestine is now on hold with a thin peace line, but thankfully there is an American President who says, they will give millions to help the Palestinians rebuild what they have lost and seek a two state solution for each party. This action alone is worthy of when I said previously, A DIVINE INTERVENTION was needed when that dark figure of Trump cast a fear of a Third World War in the Middle East.

I saw a harrowing story, where children in Afghanistan because of the sheer poverty, plus prospects of a civil war, now when the U.S. are leaving, are being taken or sold into slavery in nearby countries. The U.K. give the highest amount of money in government aid to poor countries. A cut back in aid by the U.K. has now placed in jeopardy a charity being able help these children. Celebrities had given help to promote this charity where if one pound was given to help these children, the government would match each pound. Now this help is not there. The U.K. can argue they give more than any other country, but the circumstances that face these children is appalling of what might occur.

Image with children of Afganistan, taken from my big painting called "Children are the Future"

When I created my vision painting in Banska Bystrica during 2010 to 2015 I was was given images of the dire circumstances of children from Afghanistan, sheltering through winters in flimsy tents and worse. Now further years ahead, and children from around the world are faced with wars and famine suffering in conditions we can’t imagine. I started by saying, the rich and poor nations must sit and talk by improving better relationships with one another to solve the injustices and inner equalities that continue to exist. We have to believe, and yes pray that this wind of change will sweep away these dark scenes of children entering a world of suffering and despair. How can this Earth be at peace with their conscience when disturbing scenes of children can be seen daily on our news channels? One family can be enjoying the sunshine holiday in Greece, or Spain and Italy, where another part of their sunshine country sees immigrants washed ashore dead or pleading for sanctuary. Again, I feel a DIVINE INTERVENTION is required for this troubled world.

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